Seek Truth From Facts Foundation Directors

Christopher Paddon, MS, MA

Following 25 years in design engineering, product development for international companies, two patents, teaching college courses in Industrial Design, Product Modeling, Engineering Prototype Construction and Renewable Energy and Conservation Technologies, Christopher raises goats and gardens; he designs, builds and maintains appropriate technology systems, buildings and equipment on the homestead that houses Titanic Lifeboat Academy (TLA) and is TLA's web designer and webmaster.

James Bradley

James Bradley is the New York Times number one best-selling author of Flags of Our Fathers, FLYBOYS, The Imperial Cruise and The China Mirage. More at

Jeff J. Brown

Jeff J. Brown is author of The China Trilogy, blogs and podcasts at China Rising Radio Sinoland, is the producer of China Tech News Flash!, is a co-founder and the curator of the Bioweapon Truth Commission Global Online Library, and is the founder of Seek Truth From Facts Foundation.


Quan Le

Went to medical school in Montreal.
Specialization in psychiatry.
20 years of practice in hospital settings.
In private practice since 2017.
Geopolitical analyst.
Enthusiast amateur for philosophy especially epistemology and the philosophy of the Mind (East & West), World History, Literature and the Arts.
Advisor & lecturer for
Rising Tide Foundation.

Thomas Powell

Thomas Powell was a powerful motivator to create the Bioweapon Truth Commission and is one if its co-founders. He has written a number of articles on bioweapon use and is publishing a book, The Secret Ugly: The Hidden History of US Germ Warfare in the Korean War.