A day in the life of China Writers’ Group: here is a typical thread. Now you can appreciate why I am so thankful, honored and humbled to have created it. I learn so much!

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The comments below are from several members of the esteemed China Writers’ Group, which show why it is such a dynamic and informative group. I am so thankful, humbled and honored to have created it several years ago.

The first reply is to an article by Ted Snider. The remaining are replies for another CWG member, who was showing optimism about Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. gaining popular support in the USA’s primary election state, South Carolina.

That hope brought back a lot of memories for me. In 1979-80, I was member of the John Anderson for President Committee. He came to Oklahoma and I got to meet him. I proudly went to the county delegation selection meeting. There, they vote for who goes to the National Democratic Convention, where the Democratic candidate is chosen. The Republicans do the same thing all over the country.

I realized very fast that the fix was in. Jimmy Carter’s gang controlled the voting process and all of Oklahoma’s delegates were Carterites.

RFK, Jr. is in the same predicament. The Biden mafia will control the delegate selection process across the country. In fact, the popular vote doesn’t really enter into it. What counts is the 4,514 convention delegates and who they are pledged to vote for.

These party national conventions are usually rubber-stamp vanity shows. Ironically, 1980 was the last Democratic convention where there was some suspense. Who was the candidate challenging Carter? Why none other than RFK, Jr.’s uncle, Ted Kennedy!

Comment 1

Ted Snider: Why Peace Talks but No Peace

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said (March 21, 2022), “This is a war that is in many ways bigger than Russia; it’s bigger than Ukraine.”

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the Empire will not allow its vassal states to have their own peace. It has made the Russian-Ukraine conflict bigger than a local or regional dispute. It is now an existential struggle between the Empire and Russia, and by doing so, the Empire has signed its own death certificate!

I’m going to say another crazy thing. The only country that can guarantee peace is China, not Israel, Turkey or Belarus. Imagine China telling the warring parties, “If you keep sending arms and training Ukraine soldiers to prolong the war, at some point, China will be forced to supply Russia to maintain strategic balance, and China would not want to wait until it has no choice (like what happened to Russia).”

Peace out, and the Empire falls in any case.

Comment 2

Presidents, even law-makers, do not change the trajectory of America’s warring policy.

Remember the president who received a Piss Nobel just for saying he was for peace?

How many times must a man believe in lies?

When every Dem. was weeping tears of joy, full of hope that salvation was coming, 

I commented that Mr. Obomber was a liar and a snake-oil salesman; 

prepared to be disappointed, I was vilified by one and all (commondreams.org).

I don’t know and I don’t care who RFK is. From the few times I’ve heard him talk, 

he doesn’t strike me as someone who will save America or the world from war.

His interpretation of Israel’s crimes are egregious to the max (Jimmy Dore). 

As president, he will use the same logic for the next war. 

Since the Empire will not negotiate, the Ukraine War will stop when it has to stop.

The Empire (not America) will fall afterward. I await with bated breath.

Comment 3

This is not to say I don’t like or don’t want peace, but let us not depend on murderous, lying, power-hungry, self-serving slave-masters to grant it. 

I know there is a lot of myth about the JFK Camelot and what might have been. I’ll admit I don’t know much about him except people keep saying he was the hero who saved the world from nuclear armaggeddon. I don’t see anyone mentioning that he was the one who brought us to the brink in the first place by deploying nuclear missiles in Turkey and Italy. I tried to Google it but history seemed to have buried that in a black hole. O, the power of myth. Which is to say, if the Soviet Union depended on heroic, peaceful US presidents to save the world from the brink of nuclear war, they’d have to let JFK intimidate them while acting as an American lapdog until a peaceful president like Trump or RFK Jr is elected. Just kidding. Was JFK peaceful? His record didn’t seem to say so. He injected new blood into Vietnam every year he was president and fomented numerous terrorist attacks on Cuba. He continued to train, arm and fund a Tibetan insurgency (with India’s help, leading to the Sino-Indian border War during the Cuban Missile Crisis). He was another student of Sun Tzu and waged covert wars because it was cheaper and safer for the Empire. JFK was neither peaceful nor heroic. He learned that the Empire could not bully the USSR because the Commies could return the favor, in spades. He also knew that America could not afford a nuclear war. That was why we had peace. The rest was JFK rhetoric and Hollywood mythmaking. Geez, I sound cynical!

Ditto for Nixon. When did this lying mass murderer become a peace-loving president? He visited China for the benefit of the Empire. After all, China took its seat at the UN Security Council in 1971. The writing was on the wall. Since the sun was going to rise from the east, the emperor might as well face east and order the sun to rise. Nixon was a Chicom hater. But he had to do what he had to do. He needed to get America out of the Vietnam War and China was his off ramp (China will not provide an off ramp for America’s Ukraine War unless it is accompanied with the breakup of the Empire). China did not wait around for a peaceful American president. The country had to pay a heavy price to let the Empire know that China would not be bullied. Several hundred thousand young Chinese men died in the Korean War. China survived a famine under a relentless embargo by the US and its vassal states. In fact, China provided Vietnam with everything it needed to fight off the US Empire during the famine. Chinese children had to starve so that Vietnamese soldiers could eat and fight.

The murderous Empire and its presidents will stop the wars when it benefits them or when they can no longer fight the wars. As for what the American people want, it’s beside the point, because no one cares except at election time. And after someone is elected, the promises will, as usual, turn out to be lies, and the people’s wishes will be forgotten. The people will return home from the circus, forget about all the excitement, and pin their hopes on the next miscreant, maybe even a convicted criminal or a toilet seat, to become their savior. Very sad!

The Afghan War lasted twenty years. Biden did not leave because he was peaceful. How long the Ukraine War will last does not depend on Americans electing RFK Jr or Trump, and you can take that to the bank.

I’m sorry to sound like a killjoy and damn cynical SOB. But if I repeat what everyone says, then I’d be normal. I’m too old and have seen too much to be normal.

Comment 4

RFKJr is a disaster. He is flexible as water, bending for the Israeli MIC. RFKJr has no backbone.

He has lost credibility.

The naïve people voting for him will be cheated.

Comment 5

If someone is credibly against the proxy war in Ukraine to bring down China’s ally, Russia, and against American Empire, as well as being a solid environmentalist, then he needs to be seriously considered.  Those are existential questions which supersede all others.

I have to note that RFK Jr has been accused of both anti-semitism and pro-Zionism in hit pieces coming from msm and progressive media.  Quite an achievement.  (I would say that he is pro-Zionist as is every other major candidate.  So that does not distinguish him.)

Comment 6

We agreed on Obama, I see.

It was clear what he stood for.

And it is not easy for a President to change a lot.

BUT he can take us back from the brink as JFK did (with lots of prompting from Stevenson and Krushchev) and as Nixon did with his double detente with Russia and China and as Nixon did again with the ABM treaty and as Reagan did with the INF treaty.  

So can RFKJr do with the proxy war in Ukraine against China’s ally, Russia.  Popular sentiment against the proxy war is growing – no thanks to the left liberal antiwar movement.  And so RFKJr  can give expression to that sentiment and can rely on it to end the war.  If RFKJr did that, it would be an enormous step IMO.  It would give both Russia and China more breathing space to develop and would weaken the fear of the US in many places in the world.

The msm fears and hates him for that.

Comment 7

I agree with X on this.   I commend his insight and courage to tell the ugly truth.  Anybody who places hope on American politicians is bound to be disappointed.  Their only interests are to get elected.  Once they were elected they do not care any more except getting reelected. 

I studied Kennedy in graduate school, and even translated a book called American presidents into Chinese, which included Kennedy.   I am shocked by American love for him.  What did he do for America and for the world?  The whole Cuban Missile crisis was made by him.  Krutcheve deployed missiles in Cuba in retaliation for Kennedy’s decision to deploy its missiles in Turkey.  The Russian objective was very simple: force Americans to take its missiles away from the border of the Soviet Unions.  Nobody wanted a nuclear confrontation.  That is suicidal.   Kennedy backed off and did what Krutcheve wanted him to do but without telling the world so.  

Kennedy simply said:” countrymen do not ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country,” which made the whole country excited.  I simply do not see anything he did was that amazing in his short tenure in the white house. 

If you want to peace, you have to fight for it in your own way.  Do not expect any politicians to deliver to you.

Comment 8

Agree with you Y.

Also with X. He’s saying it straightforward with the right tone.

I’m so sick and tired of ALL western party politics. It’s a Kabuki show. ALL western politicians are actors.

I have lost my confidence in elections, they’re completely useless.

It is naïve and a waste of time to hope for an “alternative” candidate or party. As soon as they’re elected, they’re cooked, bribed and threatened into a puppet of the oligarchy.

Comment 9

I think we should be looking at the US without trying to find ‘small good things’ from any candidate. Recent history tells us that that is a hopeless strategy.

I’d like to add the Tucker Carlson interview with Douglas Macgregor. They speak about Ukraine of course but this is not all. It is the sequence here of consistent war with the world that is important. Macgregor makes it clear. This horror show of the west needs to be broken and built up again – if they are able. Otherwise they must fall into a dark corner because there is no way that they will be allowed to suck their wealth out of the rest of the world with financial shenanigans and war and color revolutions and selecting leaders for other countries and surreptitiously manage others as they wish and for their profit.

This video is a good discussion, as it touches on the existential issues despite the topic seemingly being Ukraine.

Comment 10

I am a big fan of McGregor on the war in Ukraine.

He was a serious candidate for one of Trump’s national security advisors but Trump once again listened to the closeted and not so closeted neocons for that choice.

McGregor has appeared on many online sites discussing the proxy war and has done so consistently.  He is now an anti-interventionist at least on Ukraine and many other areas like Niger.  

He is a traditional conservative with libertarian leanings.

Comment 11

It is not news to me that JFK was a big fat fake who pushed us farther into Vietnam.  But at least he followed Krushchev’s lead and averted nuclear Armageddon.  Avoiding Omnicide is not a high bar but many in the ruling elite today might not be able to achieve even that.

RFKJr is not going to bring an end to capitalism but he may well end the Ukraine war, curb the Empire and seek a win-win cooperation with China.

I am sorry but survival comes before socialism.

And the main contradiction of the moment is between the Global South led by China and the US hegemon.  Kennedy might allow us to make small gains in the right direction on that one.  And maybe not.  We do not know until we try.

And debunking RFKJr is not a brave thing to do – it is all the rage in Dem Party circles and among Dem Party sympathetic “progressives” as well as the msm.

Comment 12

His anti-China stance has also moderated … but why I gave that specific video is that it discusses existential issues – which you never hear in the US. 

I am live blogging on the BRICS Summit now, and let me say something, the era of hegemony is coming to and end.  And, Xi Jinping just said it again .. and the other interesting thing that he says is that China is ready to move forwad to a joint security dialogue – and if we rip that out of ‘leader-speak’, we will find that what he is saying is that at least the BRICS countries will be defending themselves.  He also said that we will be moving to a expanding peace architecture – without struggle for hegemony.

It is time that we look to the RoW and let the US struggle and fall on its own account.  

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