Franklin Roosevelt was assassinated by the British, just like Abraham Lincoln.

It must be in one of my books, since I’ve written about this and its not on my website.

Swedish-born Roald Dahl is widely considered to be the role model for James Bond. He was the UK’s presidential liaison, had unfettered access to FDR, the White House and Congress. A perfect psychopath MI6 agent, he was dashing, daring, debonaire, and bedded every (powerful) WDC wife he could get his hands on, plus many more, usually succeeding. He was a terrible writer, thus MI6 created a ghost team of 10-12 authors to pen all his children’s books, as a popular, seductive, literary cover. The one time Dahl insisted on publishing an essay/short story on his very own, everybody couldn’t stop laughing at how amateurish it was. MI6 made sure it was the last time.

FDR on a number of public occasions and more still, privately with Churchill and Co., stated bluntly that the British empire had to go after WWII. For Britain, like Lincoln, FDR was the enemy. It appears FDR was poisoned, slowly at first and then given the fatal dose by a White House aide, whom Dahl had compromised. Like many poison victims, FDR’s body was bloated, slate grey, his eyes bugged out, he had lock jaw and was stiff as a board. That’s why he was buried and gone in less than 72 hours.

Another reason to kill him was that the deep state had gotten socialist Henry Wallace replaced as Veep, so spineless, simpleton Truman could be the perfect dupe to create the CIA, NSA, NSC, Joint Chiefs of Staff, CDC, BW Fort Detrick, A-bomb Japan, betray Stalin, join the UK in the anti-communist-socialist Cold War, including the genocide in Korea, and much more.

Truman was the Perfect Deep State Stooge. FDR had other, more worldly plans and was the enemy.


Other writers lend their research,

The British–probably instigated by Churchill–did it. And went on to do the same to Stalin. Britannia delenda est.

Was Roosevelt Poisoned by Churchill?

By: Yankophobe

New Theory Claims Founder of America’s Modern Nation State was Bumped Off by British Rival
Roosevelt was being slowly poisoned with arsenic and then dispatched with a single dose of rat poison containing Thallium by British agents operating inside the White House

The founder of the US’ modern nation state Franklin D. Roosevelt died after being poisoned by his fierce political rival and enemy British PM Winston Churchill, one theory sensationally claims.

While Roosevelt was already in poor health, paralyzed from waist down, crippled by an attack of polio, Winston Churchill may have been slowly poisoning him for a lengthy period of time and then finished him off through his many agents in the State Department and even in the White House itself – after a bitter feud between the two Western leaders relating to the post-war fate of the British Empire which FDR aimed to dismantle.

Roosevelt, who ostensibly supported Churchill in his fight against Germany, in actual fact was as much or even more interested in fighting the British Empire. He wanted to make sure that there would be no return to the British colonial system after the war.

While the majority of the American and British political elites at the time were only too well aware of a bitter dispute between the two leaders, a different history has been supplanted since: a mass of lies and half-truths about a so-called “special relationship” between Britain and the United States, based on common ideals, supposedly supported by both Churchill and Roosevelt, and intended to last into the next millennium. This rewriting of history began almost immediately with FDR’s unnatural death in April 1945, and has continued to this day.

Although himself coming from a privileged Anglo-centric background, Roosevelt developed later in life very different views on Britain, and these views placed him firmly within a faction of American patriots, whose interests were opposed to British imperialism and Britain’s minions in the American financial and political establishment, centered around the Wall Street investment bankers, such as the Morgans, and in the State Department.

At that time already emerging as a spokesman for the British supremacists and imperialists was one Winston Churchill, a conservative politician, the archetypical “Colonel Blimp”. Churchill, who had an American mother, nevertheless hated everything American and especially the American people.

Churchill had planted scores of agents in the American government who liaised with him through the British ambassador, Lord Halifax, who on more than one occasion openly called Roosevelt a “liar” and “no friend of the British”.

Churchill had a very good reason to be fearful.

Behind Churchill’s back, Roosevelt discussed his anti-colonial strategy with Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov when the latter visited Washington in late 1942. He told Molotov that he felt that after the war it was going to be necessary to take colonial possessions away from Britain, “for their own protection”. Molotov gave him to understand that he was certain that Stalin would agree to these ideas, as he was favorable to other American proposals for the postwar world.

Churchill, meanwhile, was initially prepared to stall. FDR suffered from serious heart problems and hypertension, although his own physicians thought that he could survive through a fourth term. By late 1944, Churchill was in receipt of a secret briefing on the President’s health by Churchill’s personal physician Lord Moran: Roosevelt had only several months to live, at worst, perhaps a year. However, Churchill could not just wait for Roosevelt to die as he loathed uncertainty.

It was at this juncture that the British decided to move and thus had a direct hand in the President’s death according to the new theory. First, Churchill attempted to cause strain and to wear our Roosevelt through his insistence on two summits in Canada during the height of the campaign, and his delay of the proposed summit with Stalin until it required a precarious, 12,000-mile mid-winter trip to Yalta. When this plan didn’t work, Churchill took matters in his own hands altogether.

It is alleged that, on Churchill’s orders, FDR’s wife, Eleanor Roosevelt (who was a Lesbian and was recruited and blackmailed into obedience by the British) had fed him his morning porridge laced with rat poison (containing Thallium). Before that British agents had been trying to cause as much pain and suffering to Roosevelt as possible and to undermine his health and to impede his faculties by feeding him small doses of arsenic over a prolonged period of time – their preferred method of dealing with powerful foreign leaders, with whom they were not openly at war but whom they had reason to fear.

On April 12, 1945 Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States, patriot, and enemy of the British Empire, died of poisoning at the hands of the British whilst the official cause of death was craftily put down to “a cerebral hemorrhage”. Almost immediately, British agents moved to obliterate Roosevelt’s anti-British anti-Imperialist policies and his postwar plans whilst shamelessly and cynically laying down the foundations for the myth of a “special relationship”.

Extra-Havanna fuer Churchill — one fat cigar for Churchill to suck on

Winston Churchill, he murdered Franklin D. Roosevelt…. and some 23 million other people


2 Responses to “Franklin Roosevelt was assassinated by the British, just like Abraham Lincoln.

  • paul edwards
    2 weeks ago

    This is all pure nonsense.

    • Paul,

      History shows that US presidents who defy the City of London/Wall Street/MIC have targets on their backs,

      Andrew Jackson
      Zackary Taylor
      Abraham Lincoln
      James Garfield
      William McKinley
      William Howard Taft
      Teddy Roosevelt
      Franklin Roosevelt
      John Kennedy
      Richard Nixon
      Ronald Reagan

      All have one common trait: they opposed the banksters and/or the generals.


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