Manufacturing, industry and infrastructure vs. military expenditures. China chooses butter, the West chooses guns. Can’t have both.


In real, productive economy terms, China surpassed the US back in 2008 – not including all the paper wealth generated by the financial, insurance and the exorbitant medical industry. China not only produces more stuff than the US, but the next seven members combined.

China has 60% of the world’s electric cars, 70% of its high speed rail, 60% of its metros and 95% of its electric buses. A people can do these things when their country is not trying to exploit the rest of the planet and humanity, like the West is doing, and which it successfully did for 500 years. That is all coming to an end.

One only has to look at the steady decline of the West in the last generation to see that what worked for 500 years, imperial colonialism is now in crash mode. Nearly a thousand military bases around the world, yet large portions of Western populations can’t heat their homes, cut back on meals, skip medical treatment and are being driven into poverty and homelessness.

Guns or butter.

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