Q&A for a college student working on their thesis

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Students from around the world contact me to answer questions to help them on their theses, class surveys, etc. Here are one student’s questions and my short answers,

  1. Sustainable development is touted by many as way to help tackle the climate crisis. Is sustainable development a contradiction? Do you believe that development can be sustainable?

Sustainable development is an oxymoron in capitalist societies. It is only possible in communist-socialist countries.

  1. The urgency of climate crisis has led some to argue for degrowth, a cutting back of consumption and development. Do you believe there is an alternative method of tackling climate change than this one?

Communist-socialist China is showing that you can have your eco-cake and thriving economy at the same time.

  1. The urgency for needed development is most felt in the emerging economies of the global south. Therefore, when it comes to the impact of development on the environment, do these countries carry the same responsibilities as wealthy countries in the global north?

No, they don’t, but if they choose to run their economies and societies along capitalist lines, they are still going to have the same contradictions.

4. What geopolitical realities do you believe are preventing a stronger international push for sustainable development?

Capitalism says that profits are supreme to people and their environment. Since 75% of humanity is under this system, this is why Planet Earth is in crisis.

5. What country, if any, do you feel has made considerable progress towards achieving a more sustainable development process?



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