West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine puke on Xinjiang and Chinese Muslims is neck-deep across our Pale Blue Dot. Here are 11 articles/videos that pull the plug, including three by Jeff J. Brown.

Fake Uygur ‘genocide’ claims to continue until 2022 Winter Olympics – CGTN

And they call this ‘genocide’? – CGTN

Uygur residents refute accusations of ‘genocide’ in Xinjiang – CGTN

Grayzone: U.S. ‘genocide’ accusation relies on data by right extremist – CGTN

China slams British labeling of ‘genocide’ over its Xinjiang policy – CGTN

What’s behind extremist Adrian Zenz’s report & “genocide” lies? – CGTN

Vocational training center graduates refute ‘genocide’ accusations – CGTN

Politicized genocide claims disrespect real genocide victims – CGTN

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