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Greetings to all my sub stack subscribers, friends, new readers and those who enjoy my on-scene reporting.

It’s been a while.

During my hiatus, I, and perhaps you, have had an epiphany that WE, the sane, the rational, the intelligent and the reasonable, now endure within a populist stupidity propagated by a worldwide theatre of journalistic lies, endemic media propaganda, agendized disinformation and government mandated ignorance.

Worse.  WE, whose minds- and conscience– demand an informed/developed opinion, are surrounded by a growing majority that embraces, instead, this willful ignorance. Strangely, they demand that their irrational mind is … better.

As I now re-enter the fray- after many months post-Ukraine- I do so with this societal malady in mind.

First, let me thank the many of you who took the time to contact me during my recent hiatus. As “MIKE FROM MONTANA” reminded me so succinctly…

                “Where the fuck have you gone, Man? There must be    

                          something for you to write about?!”


                                   From 2020 to 2024: Election Redux?

Truth be told, 2022 was a banner year for my on-scene reporting and writings reaching a worldwide audience.

As my readers well know, I came back out of mothballs to go to Ukraine. I had walked away from writing in disgust after authoring, in 2020, a multi-part series that reported factually on the seven state machinations of a very “fiddled with” 2020 presidential election.

I was one of the very few journalists whose publishers/editors had the balls to present my bombshell reporting to a public increasingly looking for details immediately after election night. At the time I was utterly excoriated.

Today?  Vindicated.

With the 2024 presidential already developing a nasty acrid bile-like taste to the back of my tongue, and with the DNC emboldened after repeating their election manipulations in the 2022 mid-term (see: Arizona) my interest in this upcoming episode of the macabre spectacle of American Monocracy is far too much to ignore.

But first, a short review of my 2020 reporting may be of interest as necessary prelude.

The election series began, along with my interest, after the Monday night massacre of democracy that saw all the DNC candidates for president, except Sanders, implicated in rigging the Iowa caucus on Monday Feb 3, 2020. This was some serious fiddling and on the opening night of the new 2020 campaign. [LINK] Of course, this prelude to Nov 6 was ignored by MSM as a “computer glitch.”

 With funny business afoot, and Biden running his campaign in absentia, I authored an expose on the US Electoral College and how it really worked and might be used. Further, I anticipated that this election would be brought before the State and Federal Electoral Colleges for certification, but under popular voter duress.

As shown, the Electoral College is, and was- or could have been- on Jan 6, 2023, a very powerful tool of Democracy in a political system that routinely acts as a Monocracy. Again, I was excoriated. And right.

Next came my reporting the Hunter Biden laptop revelations that, if not for the most massive and collective US media conspiracy to defraud the American voter of this knowledge two weeks before the election, would have certainly blown the Biden campaign out of the water. [LINK]

It would have also given every US elector in the Electoral Colleges a very sound reason for refusing to cast their personal electoral ballot for Biden. Had the laptop story been given the coverage, then, that it is getting today, would the protests on Jan 6 have been viewed very differently by much larger swath of outraged American voters?


“Conspiracy theorist,” was the nicest accusation that came my way for that one. Even my favorite editor told me very directly that he personally had “Zero,” interest in 2020 elect fraud coverage. But he published my series out of respect for the quality of reporting past and present. Due to the almost universal censorship, including alternative media, my articles were picked up internationally and were all some of the most read of my career. [LINK] [LINK]

In the same article I was also one of the very first journalists to release links to the huge dossier of information alleging a direct link of “The BIG Guy,” to his son’s payola scheme in China. Why it took two-and-a-half years for this treasonous connection to get public/congressional attention is, of course, a rhetorical question.

Next I examined the Dominion voting machines and showed how they were, and had been, susceptible to fraud.

For the record: the Fox News settlement with Dominion was no more than a necessary ploy within the overall election fraud and a needed pabulum for the willfully ignorant. Just applying a normal procedural litigation standard there were many problems with Fox settling so easily, willingly and quickly.

Until I see proof that the purported $787.5 million settlement check actually cleared to Dominions off-shore bank account, this MSM insult only further highlights the cover-up.

Next I authored an expose on how the seven key states in play during the vote count had used Covid-19 as a rationale to unconstitutionally- per state law- issue, without request, mail-in ballots to all. Of course, subsequently I reported on the ballot dumping, robo-signings, verification problems, ballot machine programming problems and missing personal and video surveillance of the ballot tabulations. [LINK]

In total, this was fuckery of the highest order. All ignored by MSM, until recently.

Finally, as the whole mess predictably was thrust before SCOTUS again my reporting and observations were substantially correct, but with one historic exception: Despite Justice Alito issuing emergency rulings in Pennsylvania with strong wording very favorable to the Trump campaign, in the end the full US Supreme Court failed to provide a ruling at all, and punted.[LINK]

Reports have it that Chief Justice Roberts did scream at his colleagues that if they ruled otherwise the nation would reel into violence.

However, again the majority of the willfully ignorant refused to look beyond their singular daily news offering.  The media’s mandate of ignorance about questioning the validity of the 2020 election, was all too easily accepted by majority of voter as being  …better!

              “Where are Woodward and Bernstein when we need them.”

Next, I endured in silence the greatest scam in human history- Covid-19.

I did so after my horror at witnessing so many people that I had thought were also  sane, rational and reasonable, instead so willingly casting aside the real science presented by Nobel prize winning clinicians, world renowned health scientists and the very creators of the MRNA tests and vaccines themselves. For three years this stupidity reigned, favoring the charlatans of main stream media and their experts lurking behind the side show. Facts were trumped by the media’s “settled science” and the fools who blindly believed it.This worldwide ignorance saluted this retardation as being … better.

I found this willful ignorance abhorrent and divorced my body and my mind from this malignant disease, more accurately called: Stupidity. For more than two years I stayed just barely ahead of the draconian and scientifically fraudulent restrictions so arbitrarily imposed on others due to “science.” Like the Polar bear I don’t do particularly well in captivity, so I continually escaped; going from the USA to the UK to Amsterdam to Curacao to the USA to Aruba to Columbia.

 So, me and my liberty substantially remained intact while great journalists like Naomi Klein, Mike Whitney, Colin Todhunter, Joseph Mercola and too few others so valiantly took up the torch and documented the global lie featured as Covid-19.

Like yours truly, they met a similar fate of outrage for their bold reporting and for factually breaking the MSM narrative with excellent reporting. And, today, they have also been completely vindicated.

My colleague in these pages, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts recently bemoaned, “Where are Woodward and Bernstein when we need them.”

Oh, we are here, Mr. Roberts!

And, for obvious reasons, none of us work for the Washington Post.

2022 brought a new American borne horror. Western media lies now morphed into a subsequently more heinous genocidal lie: The Ukraine war.

With the very real threat of thermo-nuclear seemingly being forced on an innocent world via American and British allegiance to war and hegemony rather than diplomacy, and the MSM allegiance to revisionist history regarding the matter, there was only one thing for a GOOD journalist to do…

Get your ass to Ukraine!  [LINK]

As many of you, and those just discovering my writings, are aware of, on-scene reporting is my specialty. Why? Because in a world of what should be Black and White or Right vs. Wrong reporting, western controlled media and its allegiance to THE BIG LIE, forces the average mind to consider only every shade of grey.

WE are told that this grey is… better!

 Thankfully, those western media lies were again first penetrated by the very few journalists who quickly got to Ukraine and who still ascribe to the true tenets of old-school journalism. On-scene reporting provides the facts only found by being there. Reporting that is undeniable.  A wedge, a knife point, a quill’s nib thus thrust directly into the frontal lobes of those who prefer proffered ignorance and legitimized stupidity.

The readership of my multi-part 2022 Ukraine coverage was worldwide and a much needed injection of facts for the world public regarding the on-the-ground realities and the accurate past history and ulterior motives of the perimeter countries involved.[LINK] [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] [LINK]

 On-scene reporting proved that, once again main stream and alternative media was lying to the public about- at least- the neo-Nazi  sympathies of the Ukrainian Gov’t  and its military factions.

Today, few journalists would have the hypocrisy as to deny this connection. However, eighteen months ago, almost all of them did.


So, here we are. A new presidential election is upon us and both the incumbent and the front runner are looking at some quality time in the Big House. The RNC and the DNC are both like a virgin in a whorehouse: Not sure which wrong door to open next, while desperately praying for a way out. Trump v Biden? Again?

WTF America?

Considering the outcome of my 2020 reporting, 2024 will a wild ride I won’t miss.

Of one thing, however, you can be assured: nothing that comes from the 2024 election will be …better.

So, as I again emerge out of mothballs, I now do so with an additional purpose: To call YOU, the reader, to action. To take up the fight against this mandated and growing stupidity that is destroying- on demand- our world cultures, intellect, debate, knowledge, civility and humanity.

The West and its Great Reset abhors any allegiance to these proper human conditions. You already know this.

YOU have been silent for far too long!

                                                 The Next Chapter(s).

Moving forward, I will now begin writing a more or a less weekly column with a focus on the election run-up. This will augment my work on more detailed reporting and my usual lengthy articles. I hope my work will encourage you to join my fight to properly use education as Nelson Mandela intended it.

 There is war all around us. But, it is not the war for territory. It is NOT the war for unlimited profits. It is not the war for information. Nay!


As I said in conclusion to my speech at London on Nov 7, 2022,

“ You are all, because you have chosen to be here tonight, you… are… all …now… leaders!

“Take courage! The world needs leaders now more than ever!”

“For, it is stupidity- the stupidity of others- that is destroying our world.

“Ladies and gentlemen… I say to you now… Get-up! Stand-up! Do not be silenced! Challenge stupidity with your own courage and with hard facts.

“Before it is too late…..

“it… is …Time!!”                          

There is only one truth: truth based on proven facts. All facts, by definition, must always make themselves available to intelligent examination of their ongoing validity, i.e.  Open debate encouraging informed opinion via education.  All else is utter ignorance. Willful ignorance that ignores factual discussion is: stupidity.

The results of ignorance and stupidity cannot ever believed to be… better.

In the dramatic and horrifying final scene of the All-Star film version of Orwell’s  book, “1984,” Winston Smith is being tortured by O’Brien. Smith’s crime…

“Thought Crime.”

Winston Smith, wracked with pain and under inquisition must learn to think correctly. To adjust his mind. To conform.

To think…better!

                                 LINK: (Four Minute Clip- Enjoy!)

 What say you now, dear reader, to … “better.”

                                        (Your comments welcome)

                                                         -THE END-

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