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Blowback: Exposing Imperial Decline



EARLY WARNING RADARS – These systems don’t even see Ukraine, they see over the curve, 6,000km away to detect ICBMs.

ELENSKY GETS HYSTERIC – Fears Peace Conference will be a flop – it will – increasingly unhinged, goes on EU support tour.

GEORGIA REVOKES VETO – Under extreme pressure from the West, the final vote is taking place today – likely now.

THE TRAGIC MISHAP – Now Netanyahu blames a shard of shrapnel, ‘or something else’ that hit a nearby fuel tank

SHITSHOW IN PACIFIC – US delegation arrives to give Taiwan ‘President’ Lai a funny hat, better weapons than Ukraine.



– 404: Ukraine attacked a Russian nuclear ballistic missile detection radar in Armavir, Krasnodar region ( Ukr. Int – confirmed )

– 404: Ukraine attacked a second such radar in Orsk, Orenburg region – 1,500km from border ( Ukraine intelligence ) 


– RUC: Ukraine hit key element of Russia’s nuclear umbrella –US commissioned a crime, hired a bandit‘ – Rogozin ( RT RU ) 

– RUC: A drone fell near Orsk – no threat to residents, or civilian objects – not a clear rebuttal? ( Ria RU ) 


– 404: Elensky gave his daily video address on Friday, in a rather hysterical manner ( his Telegram ) 

┕ He claimed Putin was powerless without lies, which is why he fears Peace Summit outcomes

– 404: Elensky’s office published an interview with the New York Times on Saturday ( ) 

┝ He claimed that Putin is either ‘unhinged / insane’ to launch a full-scale invasion against Ukraine,

┝ Or he knew he wouldn’t be punished, and had ‘some sort of dialogue with other countries’.

┝ He didn’t want to consider this option because it would mean a ‘game being played behind our backs

┕ And what he calls a ‘complete betrayal’, so it’s probably the first option. 

– 404: Elensky gave an interview to the Kazakh outlet Vlast on Saturday ( Interfax UA )

┝ He said ‘countries like China who ‘talk about respect for territorial integrity’ need to protect Ukraine

┝ He urged Chinese leaders to stop trying to ‘balance’ between Ukraine and Russia 

┕ He claimed that Russian losses in the Kharkov offensive’ were 8 times higher than Ukraine‘s

– 404: Elensky created a new 1 minute video apparently among Kharkov printing house ruins ( his Telegram ) 

He claimed Russia wasat war with the world and all aspects of normal life

┝ He implied the troops in Belgorod region were planning an offensive on Sumy

┝ He pleaded ‘permission to strike those Kremlin troops with Western missiles

┝ He said this weakness is not Ukraine’s but the world’s

┝ The world – for the third year – has ‘not dared to treat terrorists exactly as they deserve’

┕ He pleaded with Joe Biden, and Xi Jinping to attend his Swiss peace summit

– 404: Elensky traveled to Spain and met met Prime Minister Sánchez and King Felipe in Madrid ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ ) 

┝ King Felipe VI assured him that Spain will work to hold ‘Russia accountable for all the crimes committed

┝ He said Russia dropped 3,200 bombs on Ukraine in May at a press conference in Madrid

┝ He rejected Russian participation in Swiss Peace Summit insisting it will ‘block everything’ 

┝ He signed a €1B ‘bilateral’ weapons deal  for Ukraine to be delivered ‘this year’, includes..

┝ The weapons package will contain 12 Patriot missiles and 19 used Leopard 2A4 tanks 

┝ He confirmed he will be visiting Portugal on Tuesday, to talk security and defense cooperation with PM

┕ Added that he will also be visiting Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday to ink security deals, and ‘inspect F-16s’.

– 404: Elensky traveled to Belgium and met met Prime Minister DeCroo and King Felipe in Madrid ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ ) 

┝  He secured another €977 million in Belgian military aid this year, and signed another bilateral security deal

┝ The ten year deal includes a supply of 30 F-16 fighter jets – by 2028 – ‘the first of which will appear this year’

┝ He said Putin will give a standing ovation if Biden ignores Peace Summit’ at a Press Conference

┕ Visited a the Melsbroek NATO airbase – near Brussels –  to take photos with representatives and F-16 jets.


– 404: Ukraine started freeing prisoners to join the military – 350 ‘serve for the possibility of parole‘ – JM Denys Maliushka ( NYT ) 

– 404: Depleted but not defeatedUkraine’s frontline brigade fighting to the last man – Assault Brigade, Chasov Yar ( Times UK ) 

– 404: Russian offensive into Kharkov Oblast is stretching Ukrainian defenses – forcing to deploy reserves ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ ) 

– 404: Aiming to mobilize thousands, Ukraine is digitizing its military – needs to assess available manpower ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– 404: Russia is claimed by Ukraine to have bombed a hardware superstore in Kharkov – tons of secondary explosions ( NYT ) 

– 404: German intelligence agencies suggested that Ukraine will face large territorial losses this year ( Welt DE > Ukro Pravda ) 

– 404: French instructors to visit Ukrainian training centers ‘soon’ – documents signed – Syrski after calling Lecornu ( Reuters ) 

– 404:They send our people to their deaths– a civilian-to-Ukrainian soldier survives for three hours at the front ( Tények HU ) 

– 404: Western fighters in Ukraine getting killed because they assumed war would be easyUS veteran ( Business Insider ) 

– 404: Ukraine‘s General Staff is to be reduced by 60% – with some personnel to be sent to combat units ( Ukro Pravda ) 

– 404: ‘Thousands’ of troops mass on Ukraine‘s border in Belgorod – satellite imagery – ‘fix and draw’ operations ( ISW )

– 404: Ukraine war maps reveal Russian advances along the whole front line – Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov ( ISW )

– 404: Outgunned and short on shells – inside a Ukrainian front-line artillery unit – embedded video story ( WSJ )

– 404: ‘Everyone will fight’Ukrainian men weigh their options as new draft law comes into effect ( CNN ) 


– 404: Ukraine’s drone companies face death, migration, or global acquisition – defense spending squeeze ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– 404: How Kiev foiled a plot by rogue colonels to assassinate spy chief Budanov – James Bond fantasy ( Times UK Exclusive ) 

– 404: Case opened against the command of the 125th brigade for leaving their positions in the Kharkov region ( Ukro Pravda ) 

– 404: Demonstration fortification in Kharkov Oblast used for officials to take photos – investigative committee ( NVo Ukraine ) 

– 404: Ukraine in talks with EU to maximize electricity imports – Energy minister German Galuschenko ( Reuters ) 

– 404: Ukraine says its own ‘careless’ troops may be behind Russian gains – an inquiry will examine ( Newsweek ) 

– 404: Next year we have an uncovered need from 12 to 15 billion dollars – FM Serhiy Marchenko ( Ukro Pravda ) 


– 404: Ukraine is pleased with G-7 asset plan progress, finance minister Serhiy Marchenko ( Bloomberg ) 


– USC: European banks in Russia face anawful lot of riskUS to strengthen secondary sanctions on them – Yellen ( Euractiv )

– USC: US & allies move to tap frozen Russian funds despite Kremlin threats – ‘close to securing EU supportYellen ( WaPo ) 

– USC: Yellen wants G7wall of opposition to China‘s ‘excess industrial capacity’ – she said at Italy FM summit ( Reuters )  

– USC: A $50B USEU deal for Ukraine is in sight – use frozen Russian assets to secure an enormous loan ( Politico EU ) 

– USC: China ‘slammed’ in G-7 show of unity threatening trade escalation – ensure ‘level playing field’ ( Bloomberg ) 


– EUK: Europe still unsure over US plan on Russian assets – fear they are ‘on the hook for $50B loan ( Politico EU ) 

– EUK: G-7 finance chiefs also press China to cutindustrial subsidies– implement global tax deal ( FT UK ) 

– EUK: G-7 Ministers cite ‘progress’ but no done deal on Russian assets for Ukraine ( Kyiv Post ) 


– USC: Are Russia and North Korea planning an ‘October surprise’ that aids Trump? – ‘possibly at the uring of Putin( NBC )

– USC: Biden needs Ukraine to start winning again – as much as Ukraine needs BidenMichael McFaul ( Substack )

– USC: Elensky is relying on his TV charisma but a photo-op no longer has the currency it once had in US ( Sky UK ) 

– USC: Russia is flooding Europe with disinformation – the US elections are next – Lee Hockstader ( WaPo ☄ ) 

– USC: Biden reaffirms no US troops for Ukraine – West Point graduation speech ( Kyiv Post ) 


– EUK: British parentscould be fined if children refuse to do National Service’ – court prosecutions not ruled out ( Telegraph UK ) 

– EUK: Ukraine can still recover with bolder western support – right now it’s on the ropesTimothy G. Ash ( Guardian UK ☄ ) 

– EUK: Sunak vows to reintroduce UK national service in first major campaign policy – to help forster ‘national spirit’ ( FT UK ) 


– EUK: Ukraine has right to defend itselfSwedish DM Pal Johns – strikes Russia with Western weapons ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– EUK: Italy opposes Stoltenberg on using Western weapons against targets in Russia – Deputy PM Matteo Salvini ( Euractiv ) 

– EUK: NATO wants to free Ukraine to strike hard inside RussiaJens Stolenberg rules should be eased ( Economist UK )

– EUK: NATO chief’s remarks on Ukraine strikes spark tensions in Italy recant, apologize or resign Salvini ( Decode39 IT) 

– EUK: NATO allies seek clarity on Stoltenberg’s €100B 5-year plan for Ukraine ( Politico EU ) 

– EUK: NATO’s Stoltenberg fears funding run dry without ‘binding commitment’ ( Politico EU )


– EUK: Baltic officials could send troops to Ukraine without waiting for NATO if Russia scores a breakthrough ( Business Insider )

– EUK: Sending Estonian soldiers to Ukraine, even if they suffer, will not lead to NATO war with Russia – Kallas ( Postimees ES )

– EUK: Six NATO nations plandrone wallto protect against Russian aggressionPoland, Norway, Finland, Baltics3 ( FT UK ) 

– EUK: Polish FM Sikorski says US will strike Russian troops in Ukraine if Russia uses nuclear weapons ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– EUK: Kaja Kallas in SwedenPutin wanted to prevent me from becoming Secretary General of NATO ( Defli EE ) 

– EUK: Polish FM SikorskiPoland to limit movement of Russian diplomats – due tohybrid war on EU ( Reuters ) 

– EUK: Polish FM Sikorski calls for long-term rearmament of Europe – exclusive interview ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: Polish FM Sikorski accuses Russia of trying to influence the EU elections ( Euronews )


– EUK: EU aims to salvage Ukraine peace conference – ‘face-saving outcome’SaudiRussian meeting autumn ( Bloomberg ) 

– EUK: German officer gave up secrets to Russia ‘to prevent nuclear war’ – envelopes over consulate walls ( Telegraph UK ) 

– EUK: Macron, Scholz plan joint push to boost European air defense ‘historic decisions’ needed ( Bloomberg Exclusive ) 

– EUK: EU wants to follow up peace summit with conference with Russia in autumn, sources say ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– EUK: The exiled Russian station waging war on Putin’s propaganda – TV Rain / Dozhd in Amsterdam ( Times UK ) 


– LAT: Argentina to join coalition for the return of kidnapped Ukrainian children – after UA delegation visit ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )


– EUK: Viktor Orbán holds up Ukraine arms funding from frozen Russian assets – proposal to fast-track $2b weapons ( FT UK ) 

– EUK: EU ministers fume as ‘outrageous Hungary yet again blocks military aid for UkraineLandsbergis leads ( Politico EU ) 

– EUK: Hungary seeks to ‘redefine’ its NATO membership over Ukraine – they are planning for war, we want peace ( FT UK ) 

– EUK:It has gone very far EU countries voice exasperation over Hungary‘s vetoes on Ukraine aid ( Euronews )

– EUK: Hungarysystematicallyobstructing support for UkraineLithuanian FM Landsbergis ( Telegraph UK ) 

– EUK: Frustrated EU ministers urge Hungary to stop blocking military aid to Ukraine ( Reuters ) 

– EUK: EU countries vent anger at Hungary’s blockages of Ukraine aid decisions ( Euractiv ) 

– EUK: EU Nations fume over Hungary’s vetoes of Ukraine weapons aid ( Bloomberg ) 

( context : named diplomats : Lithuania, Latvia and Belgium as well as Borrell )


– USC: US pressures Georgia government to ditch ‘foreign agent’ law – two bills to ‘persuade’ Georgian government ( Euronews ) 

– USC: US announces travel ban for Georgian Dream politicians behind ‘foreign agent’ law ( Politico EU ) 


– EUK: Georgia set to approve ‘foreign agents’ law amid growing Western backlash – US sanctions, EU warnings ( Politico EU ) 

– EUK: Georgia‘s President Salome Zourabichvili is the last line of defense against the Russian law ( LeMonde FR )


– WEA: ‘Certain friends and foes’ want Georgia to send troops to Ukraine – Parliament leader Papuashvili ( RT RU ) 

– WEA: Georgian parliament committee rejects president’s Russian law veto – full vote on Tuesday ( Euronews ) 


– USC: Optimistic about the war in Ukraine, Putin unleashes a purge at home – high-level corruption arrests ( NYT )


– EUK:Putin’s patience snapped’ – Insiders marvel at Russia’s military purge – tackling corruption aggressively ( Guardian UK ) 


– RUC: Russia to answer with mirror measures if its assets in West illegally used – Finance minister Anton Siluanov ( Tass RU )  

– RUC: Plane of Ukraine‘s former pro-Russian president – Yanukovych – arrives in Belarus, as leaders meet ( Ukro Pravda )

– RUC: Russia to build Central Asia’s first nuclear power plant in UzbekistanUzbek president meeting Putin ( Reuters ) 

– RUC: Kremlin sees controversy between NATO’s call to attack Russia, non-involvement in conflict – Peskov ( Tass RU ) 

– RUC: NATO is already in direct confrontation – warlike rhetoric, falling into ‘wartime ecstasy’ – Dmitry Peskov ( RT RU ) 

– RUC: Ukraine peace summit is another scam invented by the US State Department  – Maria Zakharova ( RT RU ) 

– RUC: Those invited to alleged peace summit should be aware of Stoltenberg urge – Maria Zakharova ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Stoltenberg does not have the authority to lobby for strikes with Western arms – Sergei Lavrov ( RT RU ) 

– RUC: Russia invites Taliban to St. Petersburg International Economic Forum – Foreign Ministry ( Tass RU ) 

– RUC: Support for Russia’s oldest liberal party – Yabloko – falls to 0% – public opinion survey ( RT RU ) 

– RUC: Putin is aware that Ukraine‘s presidency has expired –it is not an idle question ( Tass RU ) 

– RUC: Putin arrives in neighboring Belarus for a two-day visit with a key ally ( AP ) 



– PAL: Israel condemned for bombing Rafah camp as civilians burnt alivein Tel-al-Sultan neighborhood ( Telegraph UK ) 

– PAL: Fighting rages in Gaza despite ICJ ruling Israel offensive must stop – Israel airstrikes Rafah ( Euronews ) 

– PAL: Nothing justifies what we have witnessed here‘ – the doctors returning home from Gaza ( Guardian UK ) 

– PAL: Charred bodies and flames –  A doctor said the majority of the victims are women and children ( NYT ) 

– PAL: Egypt and Israel investigate border ‘shooting incident’ in Rafah area – details remain murky ( WaPo ) 

– PAL: ‘Dozens’ killed as tents catch fireafter Israeli strike on Rafah – IDF investigates – wow ( Times UK ) 

– PAL: Access to aid in Gaza was dire – now it’s worse – operations are at risk of shutting down ( NYT ) 

– PAL: Egypt’s security officer killed during a shooting incident near the Rafah border crossing ( NYT ) 

– PAL: Eyewitnesses describe horrific scenes after Israeli strike on Rafah camp ( WaPo ) 

– PAL: Deadly fire spreads despair, grief among Gazans after Israeli strike ( Reuters ) 


– ISR: Israel blames deadly fire on shard of shrapnel – or something else that hit a fuel tank 100m away ( Telegraph UK ) 

– ISR: Bank of Israel forgoes rate cut, warns on war budget, inflation – war already costing $16 billion ( Bloomberg ) 

– ISR: Israel intensifies Rafah attacks, defying Court of Justice ruling – strikes throughout Gaza ( Politico EU ) 

– ISR: World Court’s order on Rafah does not rule out entire offensive, Israeli official says ( Reuters ) 

– ISR:Tragic mishapNetanyahu acknowledges deadly Israeli strike on Rafah ( Euronews ) 

– ISR: Netanyahu calls civilian deaths in Israeli strike in Rafah a tragic accident ( NYT ) 


– EUK: Call to prosecute Netanyahu for war crimes exposes the west’s moral doublethink – Simon Tisdall ( Guardian UK ☄ ) 

– EUK: EU and Israel in war of words as ties nosedive ahead of Spain, Ireland, Norway recognizing Palestinian state ( AP ) 

– EUK: Three European countries to recognize Palestine on Tuesday – Ireland, Norway, Spain ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: EU considering Israel sanctions unless Rafah attacks stop – Irish FM Micheál Martin ( Telegraph UK ) 

– EUK: EU foreign chief says Israel must respect UN court, control settler violence in the West Bank ( AP ) 

– EUK: EU foreign policy chiefhorrified by Rafah attack as Macron says he is outraged ( Guardian UK ) 

– EUK: No longer justifiable European leaders condemn Israel’s strike on refugee camp ( Politico EU ) 

– EUK: Israel’s actions are incompatible with international law says Germany’s Habeck ( Politico EU ) 


– UN: UN ME envoy condemns Israeli strike on Rafahurges Israel to conduct thorough and transparent’ inves. ( Guardian UK ) 

– UN: UN chieftrusts Israel will comply with ICJ order to halt Rafah assault – Israeli officials ignore him ( WaPo ) 

– UN: UN Security Council to hold emergency meeting on IDF strike at Rafah on May 28 ( Tass RU ) 

– UN: UN court order demanding Israel to halt Gaza offensive further isolates US position ( AP ) 


– USC: Pentagon says none of aid sent via US pier in Gaza has been delivered to broader Palestinian population ( CNN ) 

– USC: Israel’s borrowing spree reaches Palm Beach as US municipalities pile in – governments enthusiastic ( FT UK ) 

– USC: US urges Israel totake every precautionto protect civilians after ‘devastating’ Rafah strike ( Guardian UK )

– USC: US silent as global condemnation of Israel’s Rafah offensive grows – maintains invasion is ‘limited ( WaPo )

– USC: Visiting southern Israel, Nikki Haley blames Iran, Russia and China for October 7 ( Times of Israel )

– USC: Trump told donors he will crush pro-Palestinian protests, deport demonstrators ( WaPo ) 


– PAL: $320 million US pier collapses in Gaza, drifts to Ashdod – videos ( Al Mayadeen LB ) 

– PAL: Biden‘s $320m Gaza pier has detached & drifted onto Israeli beach ( ZeroHedge ) 


– USC: Biden administration presses allies – Britain, Francenot to confront Iran on nuclear program ( WSJ Exclusive ) 

– USC: US expected to lift ban on sale of offensive weapons to Saudi Arabiaseeks to improve relations ( FT UK ) 


– EUK: French court finds three Syrian officials guilty of crimes against humanity‘Assad officials’ in absentia ( Guardian UK ) 

– EUK: The EU’s pathetic crocodile tears for Iranian hangman – appeasingmurderous mullahs to reopen trade ( Politico EU ) 



– USC: US assures Europe – We’ll keep sending you gas, we promise Biden pausing LNG projects rattled them ( Politico EU ) 

– USC: Xi’s China EV dream came true – 10 years on, walls are going up – strength a source of pain for US, EU ( Bloomberg ) 

– USC: How China pulled so far ahead on Industrial Policy – US/EU trying to catch up – China using all levers of govt. ( NYT ) 

– USC: The United States used to have a cachet in Chinanot anymoreculture and ideas ‘wane’ in China ( WaPo ) 

– USC: America is getting ready for space warfare – Pentagon officials open up – against China, Russia ( WSJ ) 

– USC: Anxious democrats want Biden to show more empathy on the Economy – care about inflation ( WSJ ) 

– USC: Biden doesn’t want you buying an EV from China – citing US jobs and ‘national security’ ( NYT ) 


– EUK: EU wants spies on university campuses to fight Chinese tech espionage – ‘secure work vs foreign influence’ ( Politico EU ) 

– EUK: Porsche tries to reassure Chinese dealers as EV sales fall – local brands surge, dealers talk compensation ( Bloomberg ) 

– EUK: French cognac makers – don’t sacrifice us in EU-China trade war – being held hostage to EU trade probe ( Politico EU ) 

– EUK: America breaks global rules as it defends the free world – intl.order clearly in declineGideon Rachman ( FT UK ☄ ) 

– EUK: Next UK government faces hardest fiscal challenge in 70 years – raise tax, cut spending or huge debt ( Bloomberg ) 


– RUC: China raises $47bn for chip industry in drive for self-sufficiency – largest fund to date – toolmakers for industry ( FT UK )

– RUC: China’s ‘Kim Kardashian’ banned in crackdown on online influencers flaunting their wealth ( Telegraph UK ) 


– USC: Taiwan to get better, newer weapons than Ukraine – despite China‘s warnings – Senator Michael McCaul ( RT RU ) 

– USC: US lawmakers visit Taiwan and vow support in face of Chinese military drills – promise to stand by Lai ( NYT ) 

– ASO: US deeply concerned over China military drills in Taiwan Strait, State Department statement says ( Reuters )

– USC: US sees Chinese ‘provocations’ in military drills around Taiwan – Pentagon voices confidence ( Bloomberg ) 

– USC: US lawmakers ‘bipartisan delegation’ ignore China warning, meet with Taiwan’s new leader ( WaPo ) 


– EUK: In restive New Caledonia, Macron sees Pacific power and influence – against China becoming ‘hegemonic ( Reuters ) 


– ASO: America’s new island fighters are preparing for conflict – a stone’s throw from Taiwan – we ‘flew out with them’ ( WSJ ) 

– ASO: Taiwan in political turmoil as China steps up military intimidation – Parliament seeks to curb Lai‘s power ( FT UK ) 

– ASO: China, Japan and South Korea hold regional summit overshadowed by US – first time since 2019 ( NYT ) 

– ASO: China hails ‘new beginning’ at summit with Japan and South Korea – revive free trade talks ( FT UK ) 


APPENDIX : Videoclips

– Stoltenberg gymnastics:

– Landsbergis gone insane:

– Kaja Kallas’s A, B and C:

– Elensky please come :


☄ = Opinion piece

USC = United States + Canada

RUC = Russia + China

EUK = Europe + United Kingdom | 404 = Ukraine

WEA = West Asia, formerly Middle East | ISR = Israel | PAL = Palestine

ASO = Australia + Oceania

AFR = Africa

LAT = Latin America

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