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“Germany is not a nuclear power and Taurus is its strongest weapon system. Scholz cannot allow it to leave the country”

“He will destroy everything. He will kill a lot of people There will be a lot of blood. We speak of hundreds of thousands.”

“Our partners have certain weapons that we need to survive. I just don’t understand why we don’t get these weapons “

“They have their lobbies everywhere: in the United States, EU countries, in Britain, in Latin America, in Africa”

“If the deal is that we just give up our territories, and that’s the idea behind it, then it’s a very primitive idea”

“Yes, we have a plan for a counter-offensive. But weapons are also needed for this. Also from the USA”

“Yes, Russia has more people, more weapons. But the united West has modern weapons systems”

“Above all, we need the air defense systems. First of all, we have to be able to defend ourselves.”

“Russia had succeeded in warping ‘the information field’ of the world.”

Elensky, Bild interview


“Very soon, the only topic for any international meeting on Ukraine will be the unconditional surrender of the Kiev regime. I advise everyone to prepare for this in advance.” – Vasily Nabenzya, UN


“We did not want to leave social institutions, hospitals and so on without power supply. But after a series of strikes on our energy facilities, we were forced to respond” – Putin to Lukashenko on strikes on Ukraine energy


– 404: Russian attacks on Ukraine stoke fears army near breaking point – most fragile, threat of collapse – officials ( Bloomberg )

– 404: Ukraine’s circuses, TV channels recognized as ‘critically important’, able to defer military service ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– 404: Kharkov again experiencing power outages after Russia hit region at least 10x in latest mass attack ( NVo Ukraine )

– 404: How American drones failed to turn the tide in Ukraine – glitchy and expensive, buying Chinese instead ( WSJ )

– 404: Ukraine moves on mobilization as troop numbers raise alarm – draft legislation – ‘we lack people’ ( Bloomberg )

– 404: With recruits dwindling, Ukraine is urged to mobilize women – Israel-style conscription necessary ( Times UK )

– 404: Ukraine’s parliament passes a controversial law to boost much-needed conscripts as war drags on ( AP )

– 404: Thermal power plant in Kiev region completely destroyed following Russia‘s missile attack ( Kyiv Post )

– 404: In Ukraine, the war of attrition depletes resources – risk of defeat without aid, men ( Le Figaro FR )

– 404: Can Ukraine find new soldiers without decimating a whole generation? ( NYT Infographic )

– 404: Disobedience Spree? Azov militants refuse to defend Chasov Yar – Report ( Sputnik RU )

– 404: Meet the Ukrainian amputees returning to the front to resist Russian advance ( Reuters )

– 404: Ukraine‘s parliament adopts bill on mobilization of convicts in first reading ( Online UA )

– 404: Ukraine to exempt clowns from mobilization for ‘critical importance’ ( Al Jazeera QT )

– 404: Russian drone attack leaves 200,000 without power in Kharkov ( Independent UK )

– 404: ‘Waiting for my time to come’Ukraine’s new draft law unsettles the young ( NYT )

– 404: Trypillia thermal power plant utterly destroyed in Russian attack ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Russian airstrikes destroy Kiev power plant, damage other stations ( Reuters )


– RUC: UK-trained Ukrainian commandos carry out attack on Tendra Spit in Black Sea – captured member – FSB ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Russia’s army is now 15% bigger than when it invaded Ukraine, says US general – Cavoli ( Business Insider )

– RUC: Russian troops wipe out Ukrainian depot with 32 howitzers, 2 UAV assembly workshops – videos ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Russia hammers Ukrainian fuel and energy sites in retaliatory strike – top brass ( Tass RU )


– 404: Switzerland plans to budget $5.5 billion to help Ukraine‘s economic recovery – $486 b reconstruction ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– 404: Elensky arrives in Lithuania to attend Three Seas Summit, announces signing of another security agreement ( Kyiv Post )

– 404: Ukraine war ceasefire may require accepting a partition – John Mueller – econ. / political benefit ( Responsible Statecraft )

– 404: Lithuania ready to disassemble retired thermal power plants to aid Ukraine‘s energy systems ( Ukro World Congress )

– 404: Leaders of the Free World – US abandoned leadership, new Entente Cordiale to fill the vacuum ( Kyiv Post Opinion )

– 404: Kremlin plans to accuse SBU chief Malyuk of orchestrating Crocus City Hall attack, sources say ( Kyiv Post )

– 404: Elensky blasts Scholz’s reason for not sending German Taurus missiles – to defend Germany ( Politico EU )

– 404: Russia’s ‘prestigious’ long-range missiles suffering major problems: UK – Kh-101 Kinzhal ( Newsweek )

– 404: Elensky: If Trump‘s plan to stop war is to give up our territory, then it is primitive ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– 404: Elensky warns Russia has penetrated US politics, invites Trump to Ukraine ( Politico US Exclusive )

– 404: EU top diplomat says Russia should withdraw from Zaporozhia Nuclear Power Plant ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Russia wants to recruit 400,000 troops under contract in 2024 – British intelligence ( UkraNews )

– 404: Putin is weakened – now, let’s bring him to his knees – Jason Jay Smart ( Kyiv Post Opinion )

– 404: Ukrainian parliament ratifies updated CanadaUkraine free trade deal ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– 404: Lithuania promises Soviet spare parts to Ukraine amid energy grid barrage ( Politico EU )

– 404: Next Ukrainian counteroffensive will be more successfulElensky says ( NVo Ukraine )

– 404: Russian dictator Putin names SSU chief Malyuk one of his enemies ( Online UA )

– 404: SBU fighters destroy six enemy air defense systems in past week ( Ukrinform )

– 404: Russia lost over 800 vehicles in Ukraine in past week: Kiev ( Newsweek )


– 404: ‘Don’t turn a blind eye’ – Elensky pleads for more air defense after latest RU mass missile attack ( NVo Ukraine )

– 404: Elensky after overnight Russian attack: Air defense needed, not lengthy discussions ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Elensky at Delphi Economic Forum: Ukraine needs air defenses, fighter jets, artillery ( Ukrinform )

– 404: What Ukraine received in recent batch of military aid from Germany – 6,000 shells ( NVo Ukraine )

– 404: Ukraine critically needs more air defense systems – Kharkov devastated ( Defense Blog )

– 404: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba demands more Patriot air defenses ( WaPo )


– EUK: Baerbock calls for Patriots for Ukraine, fears of Russian bombardment of Kharkov to the ground ( Euromaidan Press )

– EUK: Borrell: European armies have 100 Patriot batteries, but still cannot provide seven of them to Ukraine ( Ukrinform )

– EUK: EU top diplomat Borrell criticizes Western powers for lack of support for Ukrainian air defense ( NVo Ukraine )

– EUK: Stoltenberg has said Ukraine “simply cannot wait” for more air defenses ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: Ukraine ‘simply cannot wait’ for Air Defenses, says NATO chief Stoltenberg ( Kyiv Post )

– EUK: Germany run out of Patriot stocks for Ukraine – Foreign Minister Baerbock ( UkraNews )

– EUK: Russia wants to ‘bomb Kharkov to the ground’ Germany‘s Baerbock says ( DPA DE )


– USC: US to sell to Ukraine $138 million in HAWK air defense upgrades – maintenance systems ( Reuters )

– USC: How companies plan to ramp up production of Patriot missiles – 550/yr by 2027 ( Defense News )

– USC: US sends seized Iranian weapons to Ukraine – Centcom – rifles, RPGs, ammunition ( Reuters )

– USC: How Patriot proved itself in Ukraine and secured a fresh future ( Defense News )


– 404: Russia weeks away from having 10:1 advantage in artillery over UkraineUS general warns – Cavoli ( NVo Ukraine )

– 404: Elensky tells CNN the US needs to send aid to avoid Putin from starting WWIII ( CNN )

– 404: Ukraine to face destruction if US aid is not passed, warns Elensky ( NVo Ukraine )

– 404: Biden urges house vote on Ukraine aid as Republican chief stalls ( Kyiv Post )

– 404: Ukraine ‘will lose the war’ if US fails to approve aid, says Elensky ( CNN )


– EUK: UK’Cameron says US aid to Ukraine is investment in security – fails to meet with Johnson ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Blinken and Cameron urge Congress to approve aid for Ukraine, calling it critical for world security ( AP )

– EUK: Putin seizing Kiev would be more catastrophic than Vietnam war, says Boris Johnson ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Cameron’s Mar-a-Lago lobbying may not be enough to reach the new Republican party ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: Aid to Ukraine strengthens US hand with Russia and ChinaUK’s top diplomat tells Trump ( WaPo )

– EUK: UK’s top diplomat talked to Trump about strengthening Ukraine, weakening Putin ( WaPo )

– EUK: Even Cameron must now bend the knee to Trump – Freddy Gray ( Telegraph UK Opinion )

– EUK: Biden’s top foreign policy official ‘canceled Cameron meeting’ – Sullivan ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: David Cameron says Ukraine aid is in US interest after meeting Donald Trump ( FT UK )

– EUK: David Cameron seemingly fails in bid to persuade Trump on Ukraine aid ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: Cameron warns US politicians against ‘appeasement’ of Putin’s Russia ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: European diplomats in DC scramble to gain access to Trump allies for insights ( CNN )

– EUK: Cameron denied meeting with US speaker in blow to Ukraine aid push ( Times UK )


– USC: US general warns time running out for Ukraine without US aid – Cavoli, supreme allied commander in Europe ( Reuters )

– USC: US’s moment of truth – Republicans’ stark choice: help Elensky or pay fealty to Trump – Edward Luce ( FT UK Opinion )

– USC: US Congress reconvenes as Ukraine aid remains stalled – rebellion within ranks won’t support Ukraine ( DW DE )

– USC: Ukraine will be outgunned by Russia 10 to 1 in weeks without US help, top Europe general says – Cavoli ( AP )

– USC: Austin says US support for Ukraine remains resolute even as security aid remains stalled in Congress ( CNN )

– USC: What we lose if we let Putin win – Dan Coats – time for America to do what we all know is right ( NYT Opinion )

– USC: Top democrat says Johnson in ‘good position’ to remain Speaker if he stages Ukraine vote ( The Hill )

– USC: General warns House on Ukraine: ‘The side that can’t shoot back loses’ – Cavoli ( WaPo )

– USC: Ukraine aid vital to national, global security, Austin says ( DOD official )


– ASO: Japan knows the Ukraine stakes – Tokyo knows Russian victory may encourage Chinese imperialism ( WSJ Editorial )

– ASO: Japanese Prime Minister Kishida to appeal to Congress to resume aid to Ukraine ( rbc Ukraine )

– ASO: Support from ‘indispensable’ US vital for Ukraine‘s survivalJapan PM tells Congress ( Reuters )

– ASO: Kishida to appeal to US Congress for renewed Ukraine aid on Thursday ( Euronews )

– ASO: Japanese prime minister Kishida to discuss Ukraine, security with Biden ( WaPo )

– ASO: Kishida reiterates strong support for Ukraine at meeting with Biden ( Ukrinform )


– EUK: Switzerland to host Ukraine peace summit on June 15-16 – Russia rejects, ‘no guarantee’ it will succeed ( Reuters )

– EUK: Switzerland to host ‘high-level’ Ukraine peace summit in mid-June, says Russia will not attend ( France 24 )

– EUK: Switzerland will host a Ukraine peace conference in June and hopes Russia can join one day ( AP )

– EUK: Russia won’t attend Swiss conference on Ukraine – top Swiss diplomat Ignazio Cassis ( Tass RU )

– EUK: Switzerland could bring back 2022 peace plan in meeting on Ukraine in Bern ( Tass RU )

– EUK: Switzerland to host Ukraine peace conference in June, without Russia ( Euractiv )


– RUC: Russia skips Swiss-held Ukraine conference as Bern asserts ‘no Peace possible without Moscow’ ( Sputnik RU )

– RUC: Negotiations on Ukraine make no sense without Russia – Kremlin spokesman Peskov ( Tass RU )


– EUK: Protests begin in Georgia against Russian law’ – rift between Georgia and EU over ‘foreign agent‘ bill ( Politico EU )

– EUK: EU Ambassador: Foreign agents law would make positive EC assessment ‘very difficult’ ( Civil Georgia )

– EUK: Georgia’s EU bid is being sabotaged by its own government, Brussels fears ( Politico EU )

– EUK: EU envoy to Georgia says foreign agent bill ‘incompatible’ with bloc’s values ( Reuters )

– EUK: Russian-style ‘foreign agents’ bill in Georgia just made a comeback ( Euronews )


– EUK: Yerevan says ArmenianAzerbaijani border guards trade shots – statement ( Tass RU )


– EUK: Transnistria’s leader Krasnoselsky warns escalation of tensions leads to war ( Tass RU )

– EUK: Moldova’s president faces protests as new pro-Russia front opens ( Bloomberg )


– EUK: Expect Russia to do ‘whatever possible’ to reassert influence in Bulgaria, outgoing PM warns – Denkov  ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Corruption and Russian meddling go hand in hand, says Bulgarian PM ( FT UK )


– EUK: context: fears grow that Aleksander Vucic is planning an invasion aided by his ally Vladimir Putin


– 404: GUR on  Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant drone strike: Russia often resorts to false-flag attacks ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: EU top diplomat says Russia should withdraw from Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Drone explosion at ZNPP marks Russia‘s latest provocation ( Ukraine World Congress )

– 404: Russia imitates another attack on ZNPP using FPV-drones ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Borrell: Russia should withdraw from ZNPP territory ( Ukrinform )


– EUK: UN nuclear watchdog’s board sets emergency meeting after Zaporozhia attacks ( Reuters )

– EUK: Zaporozhia nuclear plant targeted by drones for third day ( Guardian UK )


– RUC: Russian forces strike Ukrainian brigade shelling Energodar, Zaporozhye NPP – Vladimir Rogov ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Russia calls for a discussion on the attacks in Zaporozhye at the UN Security Council ( Agenzia Nova IT )

– RUC: Attack on ZNPP training center indicates readiness for new attacks on plant – Rafael Grossi ( Tass RU )

– RUC: UN Security Council to hold talks on Ukrainian attacks on Zaporozhye nuclear plant ( Sputnik RU )

– RUC: Russia urges West to admit Ukraine carried out Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant attacks ( Sputnik RU )

– RUC: Russia to raise issue of attack on ZNPP at UNSC meeting on Ukraine – Nabenzya ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Russia requests emergency IAEA board meeting over Zaporozhye attacks ( China Daily )

– RUC: Russia says Ukraine struck nuclear plant again, Kiev denies the attack ( Reuters )


“Nearly 60 members of my family have already become martyrs, there is no difference between them and other Palestinians”

Ismail Hanniyeh, Politburo leader, Hamas


– ISR: Israel threatens to seek US pushback over Türkiye export restrictions – FM Israel Katz ( Andalou TR )

– ISR: Israel kills 3 sons of Hamas chief Haniyeh in Gaza strike, says they were terrorists ( TO Israel )

– ISR: Israel threatens to bomb nuke sites as Iran backs down from direct attack – report ( TO Israel )

– ISR: Terminally ill Palestinian prisoner dies after 38 years in Israeli custody – Walid Daqqa ( CNN )

– ISR: Netanyahu hints at retaliation if Iran attacks, as CENTCOM chief lands in Israel ( TO Israel )

– ISR: Netanyahu vows to ‘harm anyone’ who attacks Israel as Iran strike looms ( Telegraph UK )

– ISR: Israel announces new Operation against Hamas, after killing top leader’s sons ( NYT )

– ISR: Netanyahu not consulted on killing of Haniyeh‘s sons, Israeli media say ( Reuters )

– ISR: Netanyahu says Israel preparing for scenarios in other areas than Gaza ( Reuters )

– ISR: Hamas laid a Genocide Trap for Israel – Carolina Landsmann ( Haaretz Opinion )

– ISR: Saying what can’t be said: Israel has been defeated – a total defeat ( Haaretz )


– USC: US has told Iran it was not involved in Damascus attack, White House says – Jean-Pierre ( Reuters )

– USC: US has seen no evidence that Israel has committed genocide, Austin says ( Politico US )

– USC: Blinken asks ChinaTürkiye, Saudis to dissuade Iran from attacking Israel ( TO Israel )

– USC: Iran smuggles arms to West Bank, officials say, to foment unrest with Israel ( NYT )

– USC: Biden says US support for Israel ironclad’ as Iran threats increase ( FT UK )

– USC: With nuclear deal in tatters, Iran edges close to weapons capability ( WaPo )

– USC: US warns of ‘imminent’ attack on Israel from Iran or its proxies ( Times UK )

– USC: Biden says Netanyahu‘s approach to war in Gaza is a ‘mistake’ ( Reuters )

– USC: US seeking to deter Iran from strike on Israel, officials say ( Guardian UK )


– EUK: We must attack Iran if it strikes Israel – ‘strategic ineptitude’ by the US and Britain – Richard Kemp ( Telegraph Opinion )

– EUK: EU must suspend ties with Israel to prevent crimes of genocide in Gaza – UN rapporteur ( Euronews )

– EUK: Germany to give Holocaust survivors in Israel an extra $238 each because of Gaza war ( Haaretz )

– EUK: Germany’s Lufthansa halts flights to Tehran amid concerns of Iranian attack on Israel ( TO Israel )

– EUK: Sunak faces cabinet revolt if he quits ECHR – Council on Human Rights ( Times UK )

– EUK: German FM urges Iranian counterpart to exercise ‘maximum restraint’ ( TO Israel )

– EUK: UK position on selling arms to Israel is unchanged, Cameron says ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Iran’s threats to strike Israel ‘unacceptable’, says Sunak ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Eurovision calls out harassment of artists over Israel’s participation ( Euronews )


– GAZ: ‘Tell us where our children are?’ First bodies exhumed from mass graves at Shifa Hospital after Israeli siege ( CNN )

– GAZ: Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh says 3 of his sons were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza ( AP )

– GAZ: Hamas leader repeats Gaza ceasefire call after sons and grandchildren killed ( Guardian UK )

– GAZ: Famine has begun in Northern GazaUS official says – Samantha Power, USAID ( NYT )

– GAZ: Hamas leader Haniyeh says 3 of his sons killed in Israeli airstrike in Gaza ( Euronews )

– GAZ: An Israeli airstrike in Gaza kills 3 sons and 4 grandchildren of Hamas’ top leader ( AP )

– GAZ: Gazans live on memories of past Eid festivals as war ruins special day ( Reuters )


– UN: The world court will rule on Germany’s support for Israel. That shows how geopolitics has changed ( Guardian UK )

– UN: Germany defends support for Israel in UN court against accusations of ‘facilitating genocide’ in Gaza ( CNN )

– UN: Germany denies aiding ‘genocide’ in Gaza, says Israeli security at ‘core’ of foreign policy ( France 24 )

– UN: Had UN condemned Israel, there’d be no need for retaliation  Iran ( RT RU )


– RUC: Russia warns against travel to Middle East amid fears of Iranian attack on Israel ( Guardian UK )

– RUC: Russia and Germany urge restraint as Iranian threat puts Middle East on edge ( Reuters )

– RUC: Russia again deplores Israeli attack on Iranian consulate in Syria  Peskov ( IRNA IR )

– RUC: Russia strongly condemns Israeli attack on Iranian consulate in Syria ( Xinhua CN )


– WEA: Hezbollah leader sends condolences to Hamas chief Haniyeh on martyrdom of his sons, grandchildren ( PressTV IR )

– WEA: Opening trade war, Türkiye imposes restrictions on Israel until Gaza ceasefire ( TO Israel )


– LAT: Nicaragua closes embassy in Berlin after suing Germany over Gaza genocide ( PressTV IR )


– USC: Report: US must enhance critical minerals strategy in Africa – cobalt, graphite, manganese ( VOA / CIA )

– USC: US must boost Africa ties to focus on critical minerals – USIP report ( Africanews )


– AFR: Sunak welcomes Kagame to No 10 as Rwanda scheme hits fresh snags – lack housing and airlines ( Guardian UK )

– AFR: Thirty years after the genocide, Rwanda‘s president blames the international community ( Le Monde FR )

– AFR: Cocoa’s surge Is drawing Africa’s farmers back to the bean – $10K / ton, plant more ( Bloomberg )


“China and Russia have the right to carry out normal cooperation. Such cooperation should not come under external interference or constraint. China will not accept the accusations and pressure.”

Mao Ning, Chinese FM Spokeswoman


– USC: Hail to the minilateral chiefs BidenKishida and Marcos – building NATO 2.0, improving NATO 1.0 ( Bloomberg Opinion )

– USC: Israel and Ukraine dominate Biden’s life. China gets its moment this week – military, economic and space ( Politico US )

– USC: China tensions at center of Biden’s summit with KishidaMarcos – maritime security ‘clear message’ ( Bloomberg )

– USC: US seeks to isolate China with help of allies, Rahm Emanuel says – former ambassador to Japan ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Kishida urges US executives to boost tech investments in Japan – bolster domestic chip-making ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Japan’s Kishida warns world at ‘historic turning point’ as he touts US alliance ahead of Biden summit ( CNN )

– USC: How the US Steel takeover became about Biden and swing states – $14b takeover in jeopardy ( Bloomberg )

– USC: BidenKishida summit aims for deeper, more regionally integrated US-Japan security ties ( VOA / CIA )

– USC: Japan’s Kishida invokes ‘Star Trek’ as he and Biden toast USJapan relations at state dinner ( AP )

– USC: Cherry blossoms, steak and Paul Simon: the Bidens put on a show for Japan’s PM ( Guardian UK )

– USC: Trump‘s ‘love’ affair with Kim looms over USJapan Summit – John Bolton LOL ( WSJ Opinion )

– USC: KishidaJapan ready to step up as US ‘global partner’ at Biden summit ( Nikkei JP Spotlight )

– USC: Kishida kicks off state visit to US, with allies set for ‘historic’ defense upgrade ( Japan Times )

– USC: US defense commitments to Japan and Philippines remain ‘ironclad – Biden says ( CNN )

– USC: Kishida‘s US state visit may be a turning point in the nation’s foreign policy ( Japan Times )

– USC: Biden to honor PM Kishida, reflect on Japan‘s growing clout on international stage ( AP )

– USC: Bidens roll out the diplomatic – and literal – red carpet for Japan leader’s visit ( CNN )

– USC: To counter China’s rising power, Biden looks to strengthen ties with Japan ( NYT )

– USC: US vows ironclad defense of Philippines military in South China Sea ( FT UK )

– USC: Biden aims to project united front against China at White House Summit ( NYT )

– USC: USJapan to announce military cooperation, joint NASA lunar mission ( WaPo )

– USC: Senators urge White House to investigate Nippon Steel ties to China ( FT UK )

– USC: DOJ opens formal investigation of US Steel takeover ( Politico US Exclusive )

– USC: Japan could be America’s new Special Relationship ( Bloomberg Editorial )

– USC: New Zealand aims to boost US ties amid global instability ( Reuters )


– RUC: China‘s diplomacy characterized as balance and inclusiveness, contrast to US-led bloc confrontation ( Global Times CN )

– RUC: Russia slams US joint drills with JapanAustraliaPhilippines as global NATO expansion – Zakharova ( Sputnik RU )

– RUC: Kishida starts visit to US with alarming military ambition – ‘troublemaker alliance’ ( Global Times CN )

– RUC: USJapan slammed as ‘real threats to regional peace’ with ‘Cold War mentality’ ( Global Times CN )

– RUC: ‘Relying on US to contain China‘ brings illusions and dangers to Japan ( Global Times CN Editorial )


– USC: Putin and Xi’s Unholy Alliance – Why West won’t be able to drive a wedge between Russia and China ( Foreign Affairs )

– USC: China’s Xi to host former Taiwan president in Beijing, in rare meeting echoing ‘bygone era of warmer ties’ ( CNN )

– USC: US says China spurning farm exports may have political slant – ‘retaliation’, ‘signal’  Tom Vilsack ( Bloomberg )

– USC: No substitute for Victory – America’s competition with China must be won, not managed ( Foreign Affairs )

– USC: US Coast Guard says boardings of Chinese fishing vessels in South Pacific legal ( Reuters )

– USC: Fitch downgrades China‘s sovereign credit outlook, citing economic uncertainties ( WSJ )

– USC: Fitch cuts China credit outlook to negative on ‘uncertain economic prospects’ ( FT UK )

– USC: Taiwan intent on beefing up ‘interoperability’ with US: Navy chief ( Focus Taiwan CN )

– USC: Taiwan’s Navy leaders seek cooperation with US at annual exposition ( VOA / CIA )

– USC: US warns it will hold China accountable if Russia gains in Ukraine ( Japan Times )

– USC: Goldman boosts China’s growth outlook on manufacturing ( Bloomberg )

– USC: On board a B-52 bomber mission to China’s doorstep ( CNN Exclusive )

– USC: Xi leverages former Taiwanese president to send signal to US ( WSJ )


– EUK: Vestager – EU Competition Commissioner – pitches new ‘systematic’ defense of European clean technologies ( Euractiv )

– EUK: Eurozone finance chiefs fear trade jitters could get in the way of EU competitiveness plans – China ( Euractiv )

– EUK: How does the EU protect businesses from unfair trading practices? ‘artificially low prices’ ( Euronews )

– EUK: EU‘s von der Leyen echoes Yellen‘s calls for tough stance on Chinese overcapacity ( CNBC )

– EUK: China and Taiwan are destined for ‘reunification’ – Xi tells former president ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: EU pushes to curb China’s green tech market lead – wind turbines this time ( Politico EU )

– EUK: The EU is investigating Chinese wind turbine makers over cheap competition ( Forbes )

– EUK: Industrial metal prices jump as investors bet on rising China demand ( FT UK )

– EUK: EU launches probe into Chinese wind turbines – state subsidies ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Japan could become ‘friend’ of AUKUS pact to counter China ( Times UK )


– RUC: President Xi meets Taiwan’s Ma Ying-jeou in historic first, 9 years after landmark Singapore handshake ( SCMP CN )

– RUC: Filipino fishermen show no interest in govt-initiated ‘militia’ plan, call for peace and friendship ( GT CN Exclusive )

– RUC: Harassing Chinese students and scholars shows US’ disequilibrium and insecurity ( GT CN OPinion )

– RUC: China sanctions two US defense companies and says they support arms sales to Taiwan ( AP )

– RUC: China refutes Fitch’s credit outlook cut – profound bias and methodological flaws ( GT CN )

– RUC: China shakes wheat market with canceled shipments from USAustralia ( Nikkei JP )

– RUC: China‘s EV export boom fuels surge in demand for new car-carrying ships ( Reuters )

– RUC: China says EU subsidy probes interfere with ChinaEurope cooperation ( Reuters )

– RUC: China hits back at US ‘pressuring’ over ties with Russia – Mao Ning ( Newsweek )

– RUC: Putin to make official visit to China in 2024 – Russian Foreign Ministry ( Tass RU )

– RUC: China is not to blame for the snail’s pace of US EV progress ( SCMP Opinion )

– RUC: Bound by NATO, Europe has to fight US wars ( Global Times CN Opinion )

– RUC: China cancels another batch of US wheat export shipments ( Bloomberg )

– RUC: China‘s Xi says nobody can stop ‘family reunion’ with Taiwan ( Reuters )

– RUC: China tells US it won’t be bullied on Russia – Mao Ning ( RT RU )


– ASO: President Yoon Suk Yeol of South Korea, a key US ally, is at a crossroads after a stinging election loss ( NYT )

– ASO: South Korea’s prime minister and top presidential officials offer to resign after election defeat ( AP )

– ASO: South Korea opposition wins landslide midterm vote in resounding blow to President Yoon ( CNN )

– ASO: We’re now the US‘ puppet state, and a boiling frog – Rigoberto D. Tiglao ( Manila Times Opinion )

– ASO: China seen as security threat by over 90% of Japanese, new survey shows ( SCMP CN )

– ASO: Vietnamese tycoon sentenced to death in $10bn fraud case ( Times UK )



– USC: Everyone wants to seize Russia’s money. It’s a terrible idea – accountability crisis – Christopher Caldwell ( NYT Opinion )

– USC: 90% of Russian air force intact, top US Commander debunks Kiev’s claims of massive Losses – Cavoli ( Eurasia Times )

– USC: Where is America’s ‘rules-based order’ now? – lost all credibility at UN –  Spencer Ackerman ( NYT Opinion )

– USC: The US and its allies face a $10 Trillion reckoning in the race to rearm ( Bloomberg Feature )


– EUK: Nato needs less backslapping and more realism – Edward Lucas ( Times UK Opinion )


– USC: Biden to prevent Americans from using Russian-made software over national security concern – Kaspersky ( CNN )

– USC: US Commander in Europe says Russia is a ‘chronic threat’ to World – Cavoli ( DOD press release )

– USC: Elon Musk says West attempts to influence X, not Russia ( Al Mayadeen LB )


– EUK: ‘We support increased role for NATO in providing security related assistance to Ukraine – Swedish FM ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: The pro-Putin far right is on the march across Europe – and it could spell tragedy for Ukraine ( Guardian UK Opinion )

– EUK: Britain must send troops to Ukraine or risk becoming a ‘lost nation’ if Macron intervenes – Glen Grant ( Express UK )

– EUK: European Union is working on the 14th package of sanctions against Russia – VP Vladis Dombrivskis ( Tass RU )

– EUK: NATO is about security – not dollars and cents – Ivo Daalder, fmr. US ambassador to NATO ( Politico EU Opinion )

– EUK: Russia’s GPS meddling in the Baltic Sea demands NATO action, Sweden’s naval chief says ( Defense One )

– EUK: Let Ukraine strike military targets in Russia with Western weapons – Brady Africk ( Telegraph UK  Opinion )

– EUK: EU Parliament fines MEP accused of spying for Russia – Latvian lawmaker Tatjana Ždanoka ( Politico EU )

– EUK: European states sign pledge to protect North Sea infrastructure – Bel, Ned, Ger, Nor, UK, Den ( Reuters )

– EUK: Negotiations on 14th package of EU sanctions against Russia “becoming more difficult” ( Tass RU )

– EUK: ‘Russia must not prevail’ – EU tells the world in draft document sent to IMF and G20 ( Politico EU )

– EUK: NATO to establish new HQ in Mikkeli, southern Finland – 140 km from Russia ( NVo Ukraine )


– RUC: Macron ‘playing with fire’ by bringing up military intervention in Ukraine – diplomat Alexey Polishchuk ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Russian movie theaters are openly stealing Western films, and going unpunished ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– RUC: Russia‘s FSB says British special forces operating in Ukraine – no comment from Britain ( Reuters )

– RUC: Nord Stream Irony: European nations form pact to ‘protect’ North Seas infrastructure ( Sputnik RU )

– RUC: Olympic Charter to be the basis for 2024 BRICS, World Friendship Games – Lavrov ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Russia is considering the possibility of creating a BRICS grain exchange ( Oreanda RU )

– RUC: Russia and China to start dialogue on creation of Eurasian security ( Al Mayadeen LB )

– RUC: Russia seizes assets of agricultural firm AgroTerra – 650,000 acres ( Reuters )

– RUC: Russia to assess EU diplomatic requests case by case – Lavrov ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Russia takes control of agricultural holding backed by US firm ( Bloomberg )

– RUC: Russian banks’ profits could beat 2023 record – central bank ( RT RU )


– USC: ‘We are out of time’: Air Force secretary warns China‘s military catching up as US bungles budgets ( Stars and Stripes )

– USC: AI-operated fighter jet will fly Air Force secretary in a test of military’s future drone warplanes – F-16 ( AP )

– USC: US Navy warship commander mocked for holding rifle with scope mounted backward ( NYP )

– USC: In the ArcticAmerican commandos game out a great-power war – RussiaChina ( WaPo )

– USC: US Air Force reports lower B-21 costs after negotiations with Northrop ( Defense News )

– USC: US Navy secretary points to foreign shipyards’ practices to fix delays ( Defense News )

– USC: US Navy grappling with another Ford-class supercarrier delay ( Business Insider )


– EUK: In first, France’s aircraft carrier to deploy under NATO command – Charles de Gaulll to Mediterranean ( Defense News )

– EUK: European Union‘s only nuclear-powered Navy Is getting ready for war – r. adm. Jaques Mallard ( Newsweek )

– EUK: France prepares for naval warfare against an enemy that ‘wants to destroy us’ – Mallard ( Politico EU )

– EUK: British Royal Navy recruits no longer need to prove that they can swim ( Telegraph UK )


– RUC: China and Russia strengthen military ties in face of ‘bullying’ West ( Times UK )

– RUC: Inside Poseidon, Russia’s autonomous nuclear torpedo ( WSJ )


– USC: John Bolton says he will write in Dick Cheney instead of voting for Biden ( Guardian UK )

– USC: Stubborn inflation rains on Biden‘s good-news parade ( Politico US )

– USC: Resurgent inflation looms over Biden’s White House bid ( FT UK )

– USC: Why inflation is Biden’s most stubborn political problem ( WSJ )


– EUK: Strikes on Russian refineries are ‘legitimate’ self-defense on Ukraine’s part – Stoltenberg w. Stubb ( NVo Ukraine )

– EUK: EU Parliament approves option allowing members to block Russian LNG imports ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– EUK: More Russian LNG being exported to Europe than Asia – half of all exports, China 21% ( OilPrice )

– EUK: France talks tough on Ukraine while gobbling up more Russian gas ( Politico EU )

– EUK: European gas prices soar as Russian retribution puts Kiev in the dark ( OilPrice )

– EUK: EU Parliament approves legal option to block Russian LNG imports ( Reuters )

– EUK: Europe is set to continue to rely on Russian LNG in short term ( S&P Global )


– USC: US criticizes Ukraine’s strikes on Russian refineries,  fears rising global fuel prices ( Ukraine Business News )

– USC: US slams strikes on Russia oil refineries as risk to oil markets – Austin and ‘knock-on effects’ ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Why another drawdown of America’s oil reserve could happen – SPR has 17 days supply ( Forbes )

– USC: AustinUkraine‘s attacks on Russian oil could threaten global energy market ( Kyiv ‘Independent )

– USC: US defense secretary warns Ukraine over strikes on Russian oil refineries ( Euromaidan Press )

– USC: Kiev’s strikes at Russian oil refineries may affect global energy situation – Pentagon ( Tass RU )

– USC: Oil prices hold near five-month highs after Israel threatens to strike Iran if attacked ( CNBC )

– USC: Biden admin cancels plan to refill emergency oil reserve amid high prices ( Fox Business )

– USC: Lloyd Austin advises Ukraine to attack other targets instead of oil refineries ( Rbc UA )

– USC: How and why Biden destroyed the Strategic Petroleum Reserve ( National Review )

– USC: Higher gas and rents keep US inflation elevated, likely delaying Fed rate cuts ( AP )

– USC: The odds of $100 oil are rising as supply shocks convulse the market ( Bloomberg )

– USC: US Defense Secretary criticizes Kiev’s strike on Russian oil refineries ( Kyiv Post )

– USC: Russia attacks Ukraine bas storage sites, driving prices higher ( Bloomberg )


– RUC: Russian oil flows are sidestepping sanctions and trading above the G-7 price cap all over the world ( Business Insider )

– RUC: Russia’s crude is trading at $15 above the Price Cap – $75 instead of G7’s $60 ‘cap’ ( OilPrice )

– RUC: Russian Oil Is once again trading far above the G-7’s Price Cap everywhere ( Bloomberg )

– RUC: OPEC sees robust summer oil demand, economic upside potential ( Reuters )

– RUC: Russia‘s revenue jumps in first quarter amid rising oil prices ( Bloomberg )


– USC: With inflation back up, the long-predicted storm clouds in the economy may actually be forming ( CNN )

– USC: US airlines, unions urge Biden administration not to approve more China flights ( Reuters Exclusive )

– USC: Goldman says it’s time to take Tech profits and invest elsewhere ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Fed’s rate-cut confidence wobbles as elevated inflation persists ( Reuters )

– USC: Global economy faces decade of weak growth, warns IMF chief ( FT UK )

– USC: America’s chip renaissance needs workers – Greg Ip ( WSJ Opinion )


– EUK: This ‘war economy’ coined by Macron has yet to see the light of day – resources don’t match commitment ( Le Monde FR )

– EUK: MacronLe Maire feud flares up amid France’s fiscal woes – drastic spending cuts ( Politico EU )

– EUK: This will hurt: France braces for budget cuts – credit rating at risk, downfall of Macron ( Reuters )

– EUK: Biggest North Sea oil find in decades to be drilled for first time – 500m barrels ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Europe’s share of global exports is shrinking – 13.7% down from 16.3% in 2016 ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Rats and cockroaches among thousands of pests found at English hospitals ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: France bracing for cyberattacks during Summer Olympics – talking with Washington ( NYT )

– EUK: Pensions on agenda as government looks for cost savings in April ( Helsinki Times FN )

– EUK: VW cuts price of EV and combustion engine cars to boost deliveries to China ( FT UK )

– EUK: ‘Alarming’ bacteria levels found in Seine River, where Olympians will swim ( WaPo )

– EUK: Lloyds Bank axes risk staff after executives complain they are a ‘blockers’ ( FT UK )

– EUK: Volkswagen electric car sales plunge as Europe returns to petrol ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Businessman ‘kidnapped from golf course for $15m bitcoin ransom’ ( Times UK )

– EUK: France ‘hiding poverty’ in ‘social cleansing’ for Paris Olympics ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Danger of a ratings hit turns up the budget pressure for Macron ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Europe’s farmers are in revolt and the far right is trying to make hay ( WaPo )

PERIPHERY – Latin America

– LAT: Mexico calls on World Court to suspend Ecuador pending embassy raid apology ( Reuters )

– LAT: Ecuador’s former vice president hospitalized days after arrest in Mexican embassy ( CNN )

– LAT: Argentina caught between US and China in battle over Beijing space base ( Times UK )


APPENDIX : Videoclips

Cameron in US :

US Japan same :

Kishida Arlington :

Nabenzya UN:


USC = United States + Canada

EUK = Europe + United Kingdom | 404 = Ukraine

WEA = West Asia, formerly Middle East | ISR = Israel

ASO = Asia + Oceania

AFR = Africa

LAT = Latin America

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