Ben Tóth’s updated talking point outline is suitable for printing and using in your discussions.

I’ve already printed out my copy. Watch the show he co-hosted this week,

Blowback: Exposing Imperial Decline



CROCUS EXPANDS – Arrests in Russia, Tajikistan, Türkiye, Russia officially accuses Ukraine and probes US, Elensky in Bucha.

HAVANA SYNDROME – It’s back, it’s ‘tied’ to the Russian GRU ( General Staff ) and big bad Vlad. Surprise!

ROUGH SLEEPING – Europe is out of cash, fears being dropped by US, while people steal statues, sleep in streets.

ISRAEL WENT TOO FAR? – Killing aid workers in Syria and Lebanon, bombing Iranian consulate in Damascus, destroying Shifa.


‘Give us the weapons to stop the Russian attacks, or Ukraine will escalate its counterattacks on Russia’s airfields, energy facilities and other strategic targets’  – Elensky with David Ignatius


‘Undaunted by US hesitancy, the ‘Macron Doctrine’ would equip Ukraine with an armada capable of striking the Kremlin at its most vulnerable spot’

‘What Ukraine really needs to turn the tide in its favor are 150-200 aircraft comprising entire squadrons of Mirages from France, Typhoons from the UK, Gripens from Sweden. These aircraft are able to integrate the “Storm Shadow” and “Scalp” systems much more efficiently and no restrictions should be placed on their range.’

‘That’s how we envision the Macron Doctrine being put into practice. The air armada would immediately instate a de facto no-fly zone over Ukraine and then quickly drive out the entire Russian alignment of forces from Crimea. The Ukrainian flag flying over Sevastopol would then signify Russia’s defeat along with the death, at least political, of the bloodsucker in the Kremlin.’


– 404: Something’s wrong with the sanctions. Russian oligarchs are even richer since the beginning of the year ( NVo Ukraine )

– 404: Putin may be weeks away from a breakthrough in Ukraine but the West is asleep – summer defeat ( Standard UK )

– 404: Russian missiles strike underground gas storage site in Ukraine – that aids shipments to Europe ( upstream )

– 404: Elensky carries out major Reshuffle in inner circle – make office more ‘efficient‘ – Sergiy Shefir ( Kyiv Post )

– 404: Ukraine turned into Afghan drug lords paradise under Western watch – centered in Odessa ( Sputnik RU )

– 404: Russia knocks out 80% of Ukraine’s largest private power company generating capacities ( Nvo Ukraine )

– 404: Troop-starved Ukrainian brigades turn to marketing to attract recruits – conscription dysfunctional ( NYT )

– 404: Almost the entire critical energy infrastructure of Terekhov was destroyed in Kharkov ( NVo Ukraine )

– 404: Salaries, benefits and promotions: Ukraine’s army brigades compete to recruit soldiers ( El País ES )

– 404: Putin’s railway through occupied Ukraine ‘almost complete’, says Kiev’s spy chief  ( Telegraph UK )

– 404: Russia‘s new railway in occupied territories may pose serious problem – Budanov ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Olodymyr Elensky fires more aides following devastating Russian drone strikes ( Express UK )

– 404: Naftogaz CEO: Ukraine ‘has to become an energy-independent state’ ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– 404: Russia‘s new air offensive leaves Ukraine facing humanitarian disaster ( Atlantic Council )

– 404: World Bank issues Ukraine bankruptcy warning – ‘catastrophic’ state of finances ( RT RU )

– 404: Ukrainian ambassador: No one in Brazil wants to talk about war – Melnyk ( Ukrinform )

– 404: Russian assault piles pressure on fragile Ukrainian defensive line in the east ( CNN )

– 404: Russia’s stocked up Kalibr missiles for new attacks: Budanov ( Kyiv Post )

– 404: Barrage of Russian attacks aims to cut Ukraine‘s lights ( BBC )


– RUC: Russian Defense Ministry announces the destruction of another Abrams in the air defense zone ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Russia intercepts explosive ‘icons’ – Ukr > Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lit, Lat > Russia ( RT RU )

– RUC: Lavrov dismisses Elensky’s peace plan, says those pushing it are ‘not serious’ ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– RUC: Russia‘s first-ever mass Ground Drone attack heralds ‘further robotization of warfare’ ( Sputnik RU )

– RUC: Several injured in drone attack in Russia’s Tatarstan – Elabuga and Nizhnekamsk ( RT RU )

– RUC: Kiev has lost more than 80,000 troops since January – Russian MoD – Shoigu ( RT RU )

– RUC: Car bomb kills pro-Russian official in occupied Ukraine – Lugansk ( Telegraph UK )


– 404: Russians will be able to launch a large-scale offensive in one operational direction – West Donetsk – ISW ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Germany increases Gepard A/D ammunition supply to Ukraine amid intensified Russian attacks – Bild ( NVo Ukraine )

– 404 : After the ‘elections’ Putin began active preparations for confrontation with EUUSNATO – GUR ( NVo Ukraine )

– 404: ‘Hull is inspirational’: Mariupol academics look to Yorkshire as they plan for rebuilding of city ( Guardian UK )

– 404: Ukrainian retreat looms without US support, ATACMS are ‘the answer,’ says Elensky ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– 404: Ukraine’s AI-enabled drones are trying to disrupt Russia’s energy industry. So far, it’s working ( CNN )

– 404: Kiev was and remains a target for Putin’ – Klitschko warns of another offensive ( Tagesspiegel DE )

– 404: La Grandeur de la France – extraordinary copium about Macron Doctrine’ ( Kyiv Post Opinion )

– 404: Elensky: ‘We are trying to find some way not to retreat’  David Ignatius ( WaPo Opinion )

– 404: Must read study on Russian Propaganda techniques published by ISW ( Kyiv Post )

– 404: How the west is betraying Ukraine and Itself – Anders Åslund ( Kyiv Post Opinion )

– 404: Ukraine’s election day dawned with no vote and little appetite for one ( CNN )

– 404: The LGBTQ+ lives caught in the grip of wartime Russia ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– 404: Kuleba to attend Hague conference on tribunal for Russia ( NVo Ukraine )

– 404: At least $10 billion needed to rebuild Kharkov, mayor says ( NVo Ukraine )


– USC: Giving ATACMS to Ukraine no longer as risky, says Joint Chiefs chairman – Charles Brown ( Defense One )

– USC: US House to consider Ukraine aid bill in April – Mike Turner – close to greenlighting ATACMS ( Tass RU )

– USC: Johnson says Ukraine aid will come up ‘right after’ recess and will include some ‘innovations’ ( The Hill )

– USC: Johnson outlines plan for Ukraine aid – House could act within weeks – frozen assets, or loan ( NYT )

– USC: Johnson says vote on Ukraine aid will be held ‘right after’ Easter recess. ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– USC: Ukraine faces retreat without US aid, Zelensky says – in appeal to Congress ( CNN )

– USC: Johnson eyes Russian assets in Ukraine funding fight ( Politico US )


– 404: Ukraine calls Russian claims of “Ukrainian terrorism” brazen on anniversary of Bucha‘s liberation ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Ambassadors honor victims of Russian terror in Bucha – US, Italy, Germany, Japan on social media ( Ukrinform )

– 404: Ukrainian police: Many still missing, Bucha civilian death toll not final two years on ( Euromaidan Press )

– 404: Elensky in Bucha: Russia made hatred its ideology to initiate such acts of aggression ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Ukrainian police identify over 100 Russian soldiers who committed war crimes in Bucha ( Kyiv Post )

– 404: Bucha becomes synonymous with hope and rebirth – First Lady Olena Zelenska ( Ukrinform )

– 404: Elensky commemorates 2nd anniversary of liberation of Bucha ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– 404: Ukraine targets RT chief with criminal probe – SBU, Margarita Simonyan ( RT RU )

– 404: Moscow shooting aftermath: Repressions, racism, terror ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– 404: Elensky honors victims of Russian terror in Bucha – not Crocus ( Kyiv Post )


– USC: Washington’s best response to the ISIS-K attack may be no response – don’t expand counterterrorism ( Carnegie )

– USC: Iran alerted Russia to security threat before Moscow attack – three sources familiar ( Reuters Exclusive )

– USC: ISIS-K could slip through US border and carry out Moscow-style attack, US official warns ( NYP )

– USC: Russia told Ukraine to arrest its security chief and extradite him ( Business Insider )

– USC: How ISIS has Europe and the US in its sights after deadly Moscow attack ( CNN )

– USC: ISIS-K attack in Moscow draws fears of plots in USEurope ( The Hill )

– EUK: Russia demands extradition of Ukraine security chief and others for ‘terrorism’ ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: Foreign diplomats in Russia pay tribute to Crocus City Hall victims ( Euronews )

– EUK: Russians back Putin in blaming Ukraine for concert hall terror attack ( FT UK )


– RUC: Terrorists detained in Dagestan supplied money and weapons to the Crocus attackers – 12 arrests ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Moscow demands that Kiev surrender terrorism suspects – including spy chief Vasily Malyuk ( RT RU )

– RUC: Investigators find evidence of Ukrainian trail in recent terror attacks – Foreign Ministry ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Moscow’s demands conveyed to Ukraine spell out pre-litigation claims – Zakharova ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Russian investigators to probe US for terror – complaint credibly enough for enquiry ( RT RU )

– RUC: Kiev trying to find justification to murder me – RT head Margarita Simonyan ( RT RU )

– RUC: Nine detained in Tajikistan in relation to Moscow concert hall attack ( Al Jazeera QT )

– RUC: US seeking to distort facts about Moscow terror attack – intelligence report ( RT RU )

– RUC: Russia weighs tighter migrant worker rules after Moscow attack ( Bloomberg )


“We consider this aggression to have violated all diplomatic norms and international treaties” – Iran FM Abdollahian


– ISR: Isolated abroad, torn apart at homeIsrael to face future it dreads: a Palestinian state – Tisdall ( Guardian UK Opinion )

– ISR: Released hostage Maya Regev: Every female Gaza captive has endured some form of sexual harassment ( TO Israel )

– ISR: Israel didn’t give US answers it was seeking on Rafah operation during video conference, source says ( TO Israel )

– ISR: Netanyahu: Whole world is ganging up on us. It’s a combination of ignorance and antisemitism ( TO Israel )

– ISR: Law allowing government to temporarily shut down Al Jazeera in Israel passed by Knesset ( TO Israel )

– ISR: Nobel Prize laureate: Israel must reoccupy Gaza Strip – Yisrael (Robert) Aumann ( JPost )

– ISR: Ultra-orthodox draft exemption sharpens threat against Netanyahu government ( FT UK )

– ISR: Israel‘s parliament approves law allowing closure of hostile media in country ( Tass RU )

– ISR: Netanyahu faces Israel coalition crisis over drafting ultra-Orthodox Jews ( Politico EU )

– ISR: Hostage’s daughter: Anti-government protesters aren’t families of hostages ( JPost )

– ISR: Green light for Rafah offensive as calls grow for Netanyahu to resign ( Times UK )

– ISR: Netanyahu cows to move civilians from Rafah, then smash Hamas ( Bloomberg )

– ISR: Police arrest sister of Hamas leader Haniyeh in southern Israel raid ( TO Israel )

– ISR: Eilat naval base damaged by drone apparently launched from Iraq ( TO Israel )

– ISR: Israelis hold biggest rally against Netanyahu since start of Gaza war ( FT UK )

– ISR: Netanyahu has successful hernia surgery at Jerusalem hospital ( TO Israel )

– ISR: Israel protests call for release of hostages and Netanyahu’s removal ( CNN )

– ISR: Israel agrees to take US concerns into account in Rafah operation ( Jpost )

– ISR: Israel sees largest anti-government protest since war began ( Euronews )

– ISR: Israel reports aerial attack on EilatIraqi militia claims launch ( Reuters )

– ISR: Netanyahu revives moves to shut Al Jazeera in Israel ( Rté IE )

– ISR: Israel warns Ireland over calls to break trade links ( Rté IE )


– GAZ: Residents describe ‘total destruction’ as Israel withdraws from al-Shifa hospital in Gaza ( Guardian UK )

– GAZ: IDF ends Shifa Hospital raid, says it killed 200 terror operatives, arrested 500 more ( TO Israel )

– GAZ: ‘Total destruction’ reported at Gaza‘s largest hospital complex after IDF withdraws ( Sky UK )

– GAZ: Aid group says Israeli strike kills 7 of its workers in Gaza, including foreigners ( AP )

– GAZ: World Central Kitchen pauses Gaza operations after 7 workers killed ( NYT )

– GAZ: Al-Shifa hospital in ruins as Israel returns to root out Hamas ( Times UK )

– GAZ: Foreign aid workers killed in Israeli strike, Gaza officials say ( CNN )


– ISR: The Israeli army has raised its alert for a possible Iranian response to the Damascus attack ( Ynet IS )

– ISR: Israeli strike in southern Lebanon hit car carrying UN observers – security sources ( TO Israel )

– ISR: Strategic blow: Alleged Israeli airstrike takes out Iranian general in Damascus ( JPost )

– ISR: IDF opens investigation after Palestinian media says five aid workers killed ( JPost )


– WEA: Three UN observers and a translator wounded in south Lebanon, peacekeeping mission says ( Reuters )

– WEA: Car bomb kills seven at crowded market in Syrian town near Turkish border ( Al Jazeera QT )

– WEA: IRGC commander among dead after Israeli strike on Iran consulate in Syria ( Guardian UK )

– WEA: Iran says Israel bombed its embassy in Syria, killing a top commander ( Guardian UK )

– WEA: Israel kills Iranian commander with strike on consulate in Damascus ( Times UK )

– WEA: At least 7 killed, 30 injured in car bomb at north Syria market ( Al Mayadeen LB )

– WEA: SyriaIran blame Israel for attack killing Iranian general in Damascus ( WSJ )

– WEA: Syria: Israeli air strike destroys Iranian consulate in Damascus ( Euronews )

– WEA: Eight killed by car bomb in northern Syria, war monitor says ( Guardian UK )


– WEA: Saudi Arabia’s Israel-strategy up-ended by anger over Gaza war – between popular support and US pressure ( FT UK )

– WEA: Poland condemns ‘disregard for international humanitarian law’ – Polish volunteer killed in aid group strike  ( TO Israel )

– WEA: Saudi Arabia condemns Israel‘s attack on Iran‘s Embassy – violation of international diplomatic laws ( Document )

– WEA: Abdollahian: Washington must be held accountable for Israeli aggression on Iranian consulate ( SANA SY )

– WEA: Iran says it will decide on ‘punishment against the aggressor’ after Damascus strike ( TO Israel )

– WEA: Spain will recognize an independent Palestinian state by July, PM tells press ( TO Israel )

– WEA: Japan lifts funding suspension to Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA ( TO Israel )

– WEA: Iran to give decisive response to Zionist regime: Envoy ( IRNA IR )


– USC: Majority in US now disapprove of Israeli action in Gaza – approval dropped from 50% to 36% since November ( Gallup )

– USC: US and Israel’s ‘unprecedented’ Intelligence Sharing draws criticism ( WSJ Exclusive )  

– EUK: UK government lawyers say Israel is breaking international law, claims top Tory in leaked recording ( Guardian  UK )

– EUK: Israel alone? Allies’ fears grow over conduct – and legality – of war in Gaza ( Guardian UK )


– UN: UN concerned about Israeli strike on Iranian embassy in Syria, official says – spokesman Stephane Dujarric ( Tass RU )

– UN: United Nations secretary general condemns explosion that injured UN observers in southern Lebanon ( Guardian UK )

– UN: Lebanon to lodge complaint with UN Security Council against Israeli attack on UN peacekeepers ( Andalou TR )

– UN: UN Security Council meeting on Israeli strike to take place on April 2 – Russian mission ( Tass RU )

– UN: Russia condemns Israeli attack on Iranian consulate, requests UNSC meeting on strike ( Jpost )


– USC: Repub. congressman suggests dropping nuclear bombs on Gaza and ending humanitarian aid – Tim Walberg ( SCMP )  

– USC: US signs off on more bombs, warplanes for Israel – 2,000 pound bombs and other weapons ( WaPo )

– USC: US tells Iran it “had no involvement” in Israel strike – notified last minute, not green-lit  ( Axios )

– USC: US congressman calls for ‘Hiroshima and Nagasaki’ solution in Gaza and Ukraine ( RT RU )

– USC: White House’s Sullivan traveling to Saudi Arabia for talks with Crown Prince ( Jpost )

– USC: US weighs selling new fighter jets, missiles and guidance kits to Israel ( Politico US )

– USC: US urges Israel to investigate after Gaza airstrike kills seven aid workers ( FT UK )

– USC: India’s silicon valley faces a water crisis that software cannot solve ( WaPo )

– USC: The Taliban’s ‘gender apartheid’ is unprecedented ( WaPo Opinion )

– USC: IMF confirms increasing Egypt’s bailout loan to $8 billion ( AP )


– WEA: Opposition’s local elections win shows voters are unhappy with Erdoğan’s government, experts say ( AP )

– WEA: ‘Anti-Israel talk was for political reasons’Türkiye looking to improve relations with Israel ( Jpost )

– WEA: Turkiye’s opposition party sweeps to local elections victory in snub to Erdoğan ( Guardian UK )

– WEA: Ekrem Imamoğlu, the Istanbul mayor and rising secular rival to Erdoğan ( Guardian UK )

– WEA: Election reverses show Erdoğan is more vulnerable than he thinks ( FT UK )

– WEA: Winning city halls, Turkish opposition strikes blow to Erdoğan ( WaPo )

– WEA: Erdoğan Nemesis emerges as top rival after Istanbul win ( Bloomberg )


– AFR: Chocolate prices to keep rising as West Africa‘s cocoa crisis deepens – Iv. Coast, Ghana catastrophic harvest ( Reuters )

– AFR: Belgium’s renowned chocolatiers grapple with soaring cocoa prices – 3/4 for Africa, half from Ivory Coast ( Politico EU )

– AFR: ‘No decision’ on fate of US forces’ presence in Niger, Pentagon says – Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder ( Al Mayadeen LB )

– AFR: US says it has not received a formal request by Niger junta to leave military bases ( ABC )

– AFR: Wet weather and disease hit African cocoa farmers, push up prices ( Africa News )

– AFR: Hunger stalks war-ravaged Sudan as aid is blocked and looted ( WaPo )

– AFR: Extreme drought in southern Africa leaves millions hungry ( AP )


‘The reality is that every NATO member state already has military personnel in Ukraine, such as military attaches or people who go to Ukraine from time to time’ – Pevkur


‘It would be great if we could procure everything. Currently, there is more of a lack of money than of shells’  Pevkur


‘In recent decades, European leaders had taken it for granted that the US would come to the continent’s rescue in case of a military threat but that will no longer happen’.

‘The US will focus on Asia, and then Europe. We will be totally alone’ – Papperger, CEO of Rheinmetall


– EUK: NATO will not defend France if Russian military attacks French soldiers in Ukraine: Germany ( Eurasia Times )

– EUK: This is the way the West ends – Ukraine’s humiliation and Gaza’s shame > estrangement of West ( Asia Times )

– EUK: European soldiers to not fight in trenches in Ukraine – top Estonian defense official Hanno Pevkur ( Tass RU )

– EUK: Russia’s sanction-proofed economy is helping it avoid a defeat in Ukraine ( Politico EU Opinion )

– EUK: German experts: international law allows ground troops in Ukraine ( Dpa DE )

– EUK: Europe’s new energy risk: Trading Russia for America ( Politico EU )

– USC: A Polish general – Adam Marczak – dies deep in Ukraine – Stephen Bryen ( Asia Times )


– EUK: FM Christian Lindner on Russia‘s war of aggression : Putin wants power over us to control our way of life ( Spiegel DE )

– EUK: German FM Lindner: Everyone tired of supporting Ukraine should think about consequences for Europe ( Ukro Pravda )

– EUK: In Kiev, Anne Hidalgo says Russian Belarusian athletes are not welcome at the Paris Games 2024 ( Le Monde FR )

– EUK: Our Baltic states are on Europe’s new frontlineNATO Britain must step up – Viljar Rubi, Est. amb. ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Prepare for Putin pivot to invade us, say Baltic states – darkest memories of occupation under Stalin ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: MEP Viola von Cramon ( German Green ) wobbliness of some EU heads of states makes Putin stronger ( Rbc UA )

– EUK: Putin is waiting for Washington to go silent – recreate sphere of influence in Europe – Gideon Rachman ( FT UK )

– EUK: France wants China to send ‘clear message’ to Russia over Ukraine war – Serjourne meets Wang Yi ( Euractiv )

– EUK: Putin manipulates what Germans read and think – fake news has an impact – Study worries Pistorius ( Bild DE )

– EUK: Ukraine’s fresh existential threat – from the polling booths of the EP elections – the ‘hard-right’ ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Hawkish Macron finds favor in NATO’s frontline states – rebuilding ties with vow to defeat Russia ( FT UK )

– EUK: We need Interpol more than ever, says British candidate for top job – stop Russia and China ( Times UK )

– EUK: Putin the autocrat comes of age – Attack was not a wake-up call – Eva Hartog ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Poland launches inquiry into previous government’s spyware use – Pegasus ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: Pro-Russia oligarch accused of running influence operation in EU – Medvedchuk ( FT UK )

– EUK: EU bans Russian-controlled Southwind air carrier from flying in its skies ( Ukro Pravda )

– EUK: Russian disinformation on Ukraine has grown in scale and skill, warns Berlin ( FT UK )

– EUK: France expects ‘clear messages’ from China to Russia over Ukraine war ( France 24 )

– EUK: France says it expects China to send ‘very clear messages’ to Russia ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: ‘Not exactly SAS standard’: The English traitors fighting for Putin ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: POLITICO Confidential: Dictators pose unique threat to journalism ( Politico EU )

– EUK: It feels like 1939, says Poland’s prime minister – Welt am Sonntag ( Times UK )

– EUK: ‘Havana syndrome’ possibly linked to Russian intelligence ( Euronews )

– EUK: Polish PM Tusk warns Europe has entered ‘pre-war era’ ( Euractiv )


– USC: Putin’s new front in the Ukraine war is in the Balkans – spreading ‘propaganda’ on Kosovo & NATO ( Bloomberg )

– USC: This US state is not covered by the NATO treaty. Some experts say that needs to change – Hawaii ( CNN )

– USC: My father was assassinated in RussiaPutin wants rid of everybody – Zhanna Nemtsova ( Newsweek )

– USC: ‘Havana syndrome’ linked to Russian unit, media investigation suggests – 60 minutes ( Guardian UK )

– USC: The push for Western leaders to declare Vladimir Putin ‘illegitimate’ – USUKPoland ( ABC AU )

– USC: Havana Syndrome linked to Russian military agency GRU, investigation indicates ( Politico US )

– USC: Russia seeking to impose its laws on NATO States in post-soviet space – ISW ( Newsweek )

– USC: Havana Syndrome mystery solved? Putin spies tied to US diplomat ‘attacks’ ( Newsweek )

– USC: Anti-Kremlin hackers avenge Navalny‘s death – prisoner database ( CNN Exclusive )

– USC: A Russian defector’s killing raises specter of hit squads – Maksim Kuzinov ( NYT )

– USC: US hasn’t taken Havana Syndrome seriously – John Bolton ( Newsweek )

– USC: Authoritarians threaten journalists around the globe ( WSJ )


– RUC: Why Russia wants a BRICS grain exchange – and what it means for the world – secure BRICS, hit West ( SCMP CN )

– RUC: White House: US intelligence does not believe that the Russia is behind “Havana syndrome” – Karine JP ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Russian Foreign Ministry announces elaboration on removal of Taliban from terrorist organization list ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Zakharova warned the mayor of Paris that goods from France may not be welcome in Russia ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Putin instructs cabinet to ensure Russia’s entering top four of largest economies by 2030 ( Tass RU )

– RUC: RussiaNATO relations worse than during Cold War – Konstantin Gavrilov, Moscow ( RT RU )

– RUC: Russia plans to cut April seaborne Diesel exports to 5-Month Low ( Bloomberg )

– RUC: Serbian president says will look at visiting BRICS summit in Kazan ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Russian grain chief says BRICS exchange idea gaining traction ( Reuters )


– USC: China set to become the world’s largest air force, top US military official warns – Admiral John Aquilino ( Eurasia Times )

– USC: New Air Force combat wings could deploy in 2 years – major shakeup to prepare for war with China ( Defense One )

– USC: US to put new visa limits on Hong Kong officials after Article 23 national security law passage ( SCMP CN )

– USC: China‘s hypocrisy on trade – complaining about US protectionism while protecting own economy ( FT UK )

– USC: China on track to be ready to invade Taiwan by 2027, US commander says – Aquilino ( Japan Times )

– USC: Preparing for a China war, the US Marines are retooling how they’ll fight – ‘Island hopping’ ( WaPo )

– USC: Yellen sounds alarm on China ‘global domination’ industrial push – distort prices ( Bloomberg )

– USC: US Defense response to IndoPacific security threat too slow – Aquilino ( WSJ Opinion )

– USC: A glut of cheap Chinese goods is flooding the world and stoking trade tensions ( CNN )

– USC: USEurope alarmed at China’s dominance of clean energy technologies ( WaPo )

– USC: Bidenomics is making China Angry. That’s OK – Paul Krugman ( NYT Opinion )

– USC: Taiwan’s Indigenous tribes could hold the key to its independence ( Politico US )

– USC: China’s advancing efforts to influence the US election raise alarms ( NYT )


– EUK: Labour’s dangerous net zero plans leave UK at China’s mercy – Claire Coutinho ( Telegraph UK Opinion )

– EUK: How can the EU support the Philippines in the South China Sea dispute? ( DW DE )

– EUK: China has a license to spy: it’s time to revoke it – Edward Lucas ( Times UK )


– RUC: China issues travel advisory to citizens visiting US, warning  ‘unwarranted interrogations and harassment’ ( SCMP CN )

– RUC: China urges Europe to continue supporting free trade as French FM Stéphane Séjourné visits ( SCMP CN )

– RUC: China-made vehicles will comprise a quarter of Europe‘s EV sales this year, study shows ( CNBC )

– RUC: China to import more from France, foreign minister says amid European autos probe ( Reuters )

– RUC: China lifts penalties on Australian wine after more than three devastating years ( CNN )

– RUC: China topples US as SouthEast Asia’s favored partner, survey shows ( Bloomberg )

– RUC: China‘s brighter-than-expected industry indicators buoy recovery hopes ( Nikkei JP )

– RUC: China‘s influence in the synthetic diamond industry shines globally ( CGTN CN )

– RUC: China’s factory activity reading jumps to highest level in a year ( Bloomberg )

– RUC: China‘s March factory activity expands for first time in six months ( Reuters )

– RUC: Scapegoating China won’t resolve US economic woes ( Global Times CN )

– RUC: China‘s industrial profits return to growth as conditions stabilize ( Reuters )

– RUC: China industrial upswing Is latest sign of economic recovery ( Bloomberg )

– RUC: China‘s logistics sector registers growth in first two months ( Xinhua CN )

– RUC: ChinaFrance cooperation to set example for EU ( Global Times CN )

– RUC: Tesla rival BYD’s sales jump as EV competition heats up ( WSJ )

– RUC: Xiaomi SU7 sold out for 2024 within 24 hours ( China Daily CN )


– EUK: Cameron ‘losing focus’ on Hamas threat to Israel, Lord Pannick says – ‘no choice but to continue war’ ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: ‘We’re not just facing a threat to Jews in north London – this is the shutting down of democracy’ ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Europe’s policies to combat antisemitism have failed the ‘real world’ test ( Politico EU Opinion )

– EUK: Glasgow University rector’s victory ‘could make Jewish students feel less safe’ ( Times UK )

– EUK: Suella Braverman accuses UK of ‘backsliding’ on support for Israel ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: German bank freezes account of Jewish peace group ( EUObserver )


– EUK: France to send Ukraine A-D missiles, armored vehicles – 30 Ms and ‘old but operational’ AVs ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– EUK: Rheinmetall chief urges Europe to build defense tech champions – Amin Papperger says US not coming ( FT UK )

– EUK: Funding shortage persists for Czech initiative on ammunition purchase for Ukraine – Estonian MoD Ukro Pravda )

– EUK: ‘Economic costs very high’ – Lindner declines conscription citing cost during labor shortage ( Tagesspiegel DE )

– EUK: France to provide new missiles, used armored vehicles to Ukraine, defense minister says ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Will Germany really bring back conscription? – Baltics, and Poland pushing for the draft ( Times UK )

– EUK: France to send Ukraine decommissioned military equipment – Sébastien Lecornu ( NVo Ukraine )

– EUK: Meet the dogs of war: Britain‘s latest weapon to keep Putin on his toes are huskies ( Mail UK )

– EUK: Taurus missiles have ceased to be  produced due to a lack of orders – Spiegel ( RBC UA )

– EUK: Space is the new ‘Wild West’ The EU is dying to step in and regulate it ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Von der Leyen’s Defence Union dream won’t come easy – or cheap ( Euronews )

– EUK: British Army drones a ‘disaster’ and unable to fly in bad weather ( Times UK )


– USC: Sentinel flight test delayed more than 2 years – ICBM program faces massive cost overrun and delays ( Defense One )

– USC: US, JapanPhilippines plan joint South China Sea naval patrols – Washington summit next month ( Politico US )

– USC: USAF Wishlist: $3.5 Billion for Exercises, Construction Projects, Spare Parts ( Air & Space Forces Magazine )

– USC: US Navy overspent almost $400 million to support the Kiev regime – press release ( Izvestia RU )

– USC: Western armed forces facing a recruitment crisis – US, UK, Aus, Jap, Ger, Fra, Ned ( Reuters )

– USC: Pentagon efforts to address pilot shortage have not produced results ( Military COM )

– USC: The US Air Force wants a diverse officer corps. It’s not working ( Reuters )


– RUC: US recruits Japan for joint patrols with the Philippines to further destabilize region, threaten China ( Global Times CN )

– RUC: World’s largest air force: China set to replace the US – top official – Admiral John C Aquilino ( Eurasia Times )

– RUC: Manila escalates South China Sea row as it continues trick of ‘playing victim’ ( Global Times CN )

– RUC: Calmness and rationality are what Manila needs most right now ( Global Times CN Editorial )

– RUC: China increases J-20 stealth fighter jet production – 100 a year ( Defense Blog )


– EUK: Why is the German economy so weak? – The industry lives in the past, decline has consequences ( El País ES Opinion )

– EUK: EU policies jeopardize food independence, say 50% in poll – farms shut down – high price of rearing chicken ( Euronews )

– EUK: UK faces prospect of hosepipe ban despite wettest winter on record – failure to build reservoirs ( Times UK )

– EUK: UK strikes energy deal with firm linked to Putin‘s gas exports – Total Energies £8 billion ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Migrant transfers from Paris ahead of Olympics anger local mayors – Orleans mayor  ( France 24 )

– EUK: We can’t afford a taboo on assisted dying – not a bad thing – Matthew Parris ( Times UK Opinion )

– EUK: European Commission failing farmers on cheap imports, says key Macron ally ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: EU and US continue to cooperate on AI, including genAI – unreleased draft statement ( Euractiv )

– EUK: ‘Disturbing’Rough sleepers and migrants removed from Paris ahead of Olympics ( Euronews )

– EUK: Europe’s boomtowns warn that far-right anti-immigration policies will stunt growth ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Does the European Union have the resources to match its ambitions? – Not really ( Euronews )

– EUK: Calvin Klein Owner PVH Tumbles 20% on warning of Europe weakness ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Germans celebrate new cannabis laws as jails race to free offenders ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Your morning coffee is costing a third more. This is why it’s so expensive ( Times UK )

– EUK: France’s fiscal woes cast a long shadow over Macron’s EU ambitions ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Mayor accuses Paris of bussing migrants to Orleans before Olympics ( Times UK )

– EUK: Belgium’s renowned chocolatiers grapple with soaring cocoa prices ( Politico EU )

– EUK: UK Ministers facing revolt over plans to criminalize rough sleeping ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Housing crisis, packed hospitals and food lines: even in Canada? ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: European prosecutors take over Belgian probe into Pfizergate ( Politico EU )

– EUK: NHS told to cut spending on doctors and nurses to save £4.5bn ( Times UK )

– EUK: UK house price surprise fall puts brakes on market recovery ( FT UK )

– EUK: 6ft, 70kg and stolen – the rise of British statue theft ( Times UK )

– EUK: French unions threaten strikes during Paris Olympics ( FT UK )


– USC: The American dream is an easy sell for German factories – Europe‘s response is all stick, no carrot ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Baltimore Key Bridge collapse a national economic catastrophe, Maryland‘s governor says ( Politico US )

– USC: A million simulations, one verdict for US economy: Debt danger ahead – 88% unsustainable ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Biden’s $7.5 billion investment in EV charging has only produced 7 stations in two years ( WaPo )

– USC: US scientists are leaving academia. That’s bad news for drug companies ( CNN )

– USC: Secrets of the Squatter Hunter: he’ll reclaim your home for $5,000 ( Times UK )

– USC: Gold jumps to record as favored fed inflation gauge stokes rally ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Tesla Has Wall Street worried about how many cars it just sold ( Bloomberg )

– USC: US Manufacturing Activity expands for first time since 2022 ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Ships have become supersized since Baltimore bridge was built ( WSJ )

– USC: For terminal patients, dying in California may get easier ( Politico US )

– USC: 39,000 lost jobs undercut Biden’s manufacturing wins ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Syphilis: an age-old disease stalking modern America ( FT UK )

– USC: 1 in every 13 bridges in America is in ‘poor’ condition ( CNN )


– USC: The Trump camp assails Biden for declaring March 31, Easter Sunday, as Transgender Day of Visibility ( AP )

– USC: Ex-Trump adviser says former president ‘hasn’t got the brains’ for dictatorship – Bolton ( Guardian UK )

– USC: Companies rush to issue bonds to forestall market volatility ahead of US election ( FT UK )

– USC: Young voters are more concerned with the Economy. That’s bad for Biden ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Biden campaign to bring in massive $25M haul at star-packed fundraiser ( Politico US )

– USC: Feeble, desperate, mentally unfitBiden changes tack to mock Trump ( Guardian UK )

– USC: Rank-and-file union members back campaign to ditch Biden over Gaza ( Guardian UK )

– USC: Sunday marks both Easter and the Transgender Day of Visibility ( Politico US )

– USC: Top Biden officials to donors: We can win over Haley voters ( Politico US )

– USC: Trump’s Call for Israel to ‘finish up’ war alarms some on the right ( NYT )

– USC: Biden roasts Trump as ‘old and out of shape’ at fundraiser ( Times UK )


– EUK: ‘We take rule of law seriously’ Tusk says as he meets von der Leyen to unlock EU funds ( Euronews )

– EUK: 40% of Europeans say EU’s impact on COVID pandemic was positive – poll ( Euronews )

– EUK: Meet the young upstart plotting to take down Orbán – Péter Magyar leaks ( Times UK )

– EUK: EU Commission Vice-President urges celebrities to mobilize young voters ( Euronews )

– EUK: We could crowdfund a progressive Europe for the people, by the people ( Euronews )  

– EUK: Angry farmers are reshaping Europe – not only food system but politics ( NYT )

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