Brett Redmayne-Titley: On the Importance of Tents.

“… we see the brutal repression that we have not seen in the [US] universities…The trutyh is that this unprecedented brutal repression…expresses at state of panic for the western system in general.”- Bashar al-Assad.

As University campuses across America attempt to re-educate their students that Genocide is intellectually “acceptable,” these university presidents and administrations have a problem: No matter how hard these Zionist-inflicted champions of re-education try, their students will not be convinced to rip out from their minds the page containing the definition of the word “Genocide” contained in the dictionaries of every campus library in America.

Duplicitous college presidents nationally cannot mandate that the students sacrifice the scholarship of their minds and fail to bear witness to 35,000 arbitrarily slaughtered Palestinians. University administrators will not magically make those of correct conscience-nor the students– go away.

I’m currently searching for my tent. Enough is enough. For I have seen the power of the tent… and the people who occupy them, before. Just down the road at LA City Hall too long ago the outraged citizens of Los Angeles brought our tents and made a stand against “the System” and “the 99%.”

We won!


Zionists make no excuses and take no prisoners when the calls come from Tel Aviv. So, the war for the student’s minds– may be coming to the largest public University system in America: the University of California.

Thuggery of the highest order allowed for an Anti-Fa-Esq rabble to enter and assault the peaceful encampment set up by the non-violent UCLA student protesters who are demanding a cease-fire to Genocide. Despite this expected attack by hired pro-Israeli rabble trying to create an incident, neither the UCLA campus police nor the notoriously brutal LA City police came to the protester’s rescue for more than an hour.


This is of course a rhetorical question for those just awakening to the real threat to the mind and the morals of Americans.

And students.


I’m having Friday night drinks with a friend who is affiliated with senior administration at the UC. He’s one of my many acquaintances at one of the northern campuses’.For obvious reasons, his name and campus affiliation cannot be mentioned, but suffice as to say, that he supports non-violent University free speech for students. He also still defines the ongoing barbarity in Gaza as currently listed by Oxford’s and Webster’s.

Many of his peers do as well.

His phone beeps with an incoming text- again– a regular occurrence when we meet as he has a great passion for his work and his students. I notice today he is snatching up the phone with a pronounced urgency. I already suspect why.

The tents are coming.

“Oh, yeah! It’s the tents. They’re coming. The SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) is going to set up tents. Many of the other campuses already have them. Our students are keeping the location secret and the time. They’re coming!” but he took a sip and smiled like a benevolent king cherishing the wayward ways of his subjects.

The confrontations allowed by University presidents of dual-loyalty nationwide (Educational Zionism) are, unlike UCLA, legal because they are private institutions on private University property. The University of California, its ten separate Universities across the state, 296,000 students and 227,000 faculty and staff all exist under state/public charter and funding and reside on public property. Here the Zionist “War For Your Mind,” can not so easily be substituted at the whim of corporate-backed university presidents.

Or, so one might have thought… before UCLA.


                       Student Protests: Sparks For the Fire of Humanity.

At this juncture, much to the chagrin of America’s ’60s and 70’s hippie hypocrites who so quickly turned into Reganites after stocking their drawers with Grateful Dead tee-shirts to remain “cool,” we must look back to the real passion that, during that time also fought against, then, a military and political War for Your Mind” upon the proper conscience of America.

A fight the students took from the universities and forced into the minds of Main Street America.

In the “IKE” generation of the aftermath of America’s purported “Victory” in World War II and the resultant US worldwide military and political dominance via the Marshall Plan, America’s march against its new enemy, Russia began. This indoctrination was bolstered at the same time by a period of real American affluence, as was so well documented in the book, “The Greatest Generation,” by veteran NBC newscaster Tom Brokaw.

This affluence created the benefit of dramatically increasing university-level education for many more Americans than ever before, such as the State College and Community College systems. Before Lyndon Johnson took office with a focus on grade school education, funding had been substantially increased for higher education including legacy institutions, and provided access to student loans and grants as never before. Johnson rode his “Great Society” on the backs of bucking and screaming Republicans and Democrats alike. He succeeded because, as I documented in an article at the start of the 2020 campaign, “The Most Important Political Question…No One Ever Asks,” Johnson, then,  had- and weilded- a power no president has had since Nixon: “Political Capital.”

America, way back then, had money for its society. But, that was a long, long time ago.

However, in the late sixties, all that generational build-up of kinetic educational energy of conscience collided with that same generation’s mental affliction that favors war and US domination. Then, three things happened that brought that chemical cocktail of conscience, morality, and war together into the streets of America: Vietnam, the draft and…body bags!

58,220 body bags.

Johnson said after his presidency that his greatest mistake was retaining Robert McNamara as US Secretary of Defense after the Kennedy presidency. A man who repeatedly swayed Johnson to escalation rather than de-escalation in America’s genocide against the North Vietnamese Army- the people. It cost him his presidency.

And America? It lost the last president who actually used his presidential power and his accumulated political capital for the benefit of real American interests, not always interventionism.

Today as we see worldwide there are virtually no politicians who have a political voting track record, or guts, that show any primary concern for their voters’ interests. As Palestine is further destroyed by the hour, no American congresspersons will, so much as utter the word, “ceasefire!”

Need we ask why?

Ultimately, Johnson’s war would boil into the streets of America. Will the student protests to stop Genocide follow suit? Morally, they must.

When the 70’s news media did finally shift allegiance, this brought the reality- the genocide– of war nightly into the living rooms of those already grieving from the recent loss of a son. Or, those anxiously wringing their hands while watching the KIA list scroll down to the bottom at the end of the nightly news and praying not to see their surname beforehand.

Indeed. The mind of America had changed from war… to peace. The US media had transitioned from pro-war to Anti-war. Make no mistake about this history. Without the student riots in mind, America would not have changed to a demand for peace.


But let us fast forward a short decade as a nuclear build-up, both the Soviet and the US next offered the moral world only one terminal political choice: Mutually Assured Destruction (MADD)

Yes, again madness, a mental affliction was being forced upon civilization by a small legion of corrupt alleged nationalists who had sold their souls and their public to Armageddon, rather than peace, for the sake of a side deal. But, again, it was the students of world universities who first thrust this awareness- this horror– into the minds of mainstream “Truth Speak.”  It was the imputes of the world student community that set the spark aflame to the world’s conscience. This ultimate majority- the First Rule of Democracy– again forced a change of the political mind worldwide. This outrage affected Detente, START, CDBT, SORT and the myriad of nuclear restrictions ratified to temporarily assuage the public’s fears.

The conscience of man had prevailed.


Just thirty years on, and at this point in advanced history, almost all of those hard-won nuclear regulations and restrictions have been canceled, if not completely ignored, by, not Russia, but the US Congress at the behest of its military factions and corporations. (Military Zionism)

However, the quest for freedom worldwide was to, in the interim, be replete with a new symbol of the public’s mental resistance to the national re-education of their politicians:

The tent.

The Arab Spring in Egypt of 2010 under Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi, sprung to life from similar necessity, only to be brutally put down as America again overturned a certified democratic election and a demand by the public for domestic change away from foreign/US entanglements by their politicians.

The tents were up. The call was out. The people were, again, winning!

Make no mistake. Those tents may have been razed by another US-backed authoritarian president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, but the mind, the quest, the demand, for freedom remains as it was first struck by the students- then the people- and their tents.

I have been to Egypt. The people of the street hate el-Sisi. They have not forgotten his crackdown. They have not changed their minds. They know his day will come.

And el-Sisi has not forgotten those tents.

Within days of the huge protests in Turkey of 2013, I walked the ancient coarsely gray cobble stoned streets of Istanbul slowly crossing Galata Bridge and winding gradually ever uphill past Galata Tower to Taksim Square. It is a massive, drab, all-concrete rotunda and, as video of the protests confirmed, held more than 250,000 Turkish protesters and… thousands of tents.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a man who sees Gulanists in his sleep and has purged them- and democracy- repeatedly from his ranks, yes, he too brutally put down the protests, incarcerated the protesters and summarily executed a few more for show.

Again, that spark created and those tents erected by his people will forever be on Edogan’s mind. As I documented this in my article, Ergogan’s Turkey: When Knives Cut Both Ways.” That spark remains.

The disaster for Edogan’s AKP party last month in Turkish local elections shows this ongoing mental smouldering.

And Ergogan now knows, what all politicians of dual loyalty must be forced to know by way of the law of the First Rule:

WE… are coming for you!


Meanwhile, back in the land of the exceptional, in 2011 president and constitutional scholar, Barrack Obama, America’s Nubian president in blackface, was getting similarly worried. His campaign promise of “Hope” and “Change” had been so quickly proven to be no more politically effective than “Coke” or “Pepsi.” It took just 100 days for that thin veneer to vanish leaving the voter already with a salty bile at the back of the tongue and well aware of another presidential post-election betrayal.

I documented this consumate betrayal in, “Clinton v Obama: A Continued Crisis of Leadership.”

So, the tents arrived. And we arrived. And we occupied. And we organized.

As exemplified in a multi-part live report from the grounds of Los Angeles City Hall on a freezing but cloudless late November day, night and dawn- in 2011: WE won! We showed the vital importance, and then the predictable victory of: “The First Rule of Democracy.” That morning… We won!

A taste oh so sweet!

And all too temporary.


I wrote more about Occupy than any other journalist in America: Because I was there.

I was at the LA Camp and Zuccati Park, New York. I spent two weeks freezing in the February cold of McPherson Park in DC and killed a lot of time at Freedom Plaza, too. From my tent I wrote many articles that championed Occupy and debunked the media distortions designed to demonize Occupy from the minds of mainstream America.

The camps had become the cause celeb and the central gathering places for a new national mental focal point: that there was indeed something very wrong with “the System.” The system that the 99% had already rigged against us all.

In one article, “Sunday in the Park With Occupy” I documented the marvelous kinetic energy of a mental revolution that arrived at the parks each Sabbath. People I interviewed came from as far as several hundred miles to bring clothes, food, cigarettes and goodwill to the Occupiers. And to talk. To discuss. To learn. To understand… that system. The one we were fighting every day- for them- in the parks across America.

People were hungry for leadership and for a new system. Occupy offered both.

The authoritarian attacks on peaceful student protesters at UCLA by the ministers of Educational Zionism show themselves daily once again. This happens because the students today have not yet witnessed, nor understood, as in 2011, “The First Rule of Democracy:” It is a public force repeatedly all-powerful throughout history. It can be brutally put down but it cannot be vanquished.

Scribbling by the minute a multipart series, as the world read the words live and on-scene, I witnessed this victory of the First Rule with my own eyes, on the single most important morning of my career as a journalist.[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

That force, that democracy, it won that day… a freezing cold November morning in 2011 when 7000 rabid democracy-bitten Americans sent 1700 of the meanest, nastiest police that THEY could gather to surround LA City Hall on all sides two deep and beyond. That incredible moment-that cheer!-  when those cops, that black mass of mace, clubs, face shields and hate, all that thuggery, in unison, took the one, the most important step in modern democratic history, that single step….


It was the last success of non-violent American democracy.


                                        The “Constant of Conscience.”

But what is most important within this saga is to understand why, so far, these national encampment protests today against Israeli genocide in Gaza are not allowed to be successful.

If one accepts the premise that the conscience of man is a constant and that those morals cannot be arbitrarily redefined by those of far lesser values, then that spark provided by the students today will not be put out by Zionist duplicity. It will not be put out because Genocide cannot be redefined. Nor excused. The university example set by the students and offered to a secretly sympathetic public will soon massage the conscience of Main Street America as it has done before. Because Genocide, War Crimes and Ethnic Cleansing will always be Crimes against Humanity and The Conscience of Man.

Moreover, if that conscience- via the First Rule– has previously put a stop to the political and public acceptance of one war, and cast out that same mental affliction to stop nuclear Armageddon, why would Zionist Genocide now be provided an exception by these students? The students and their tents…will not!

The students and their tents are a metaphor- a visual symbol- exposing Zionism’s worldwide attempted permission of Genocide for all to see.

Zionism is petrified of allowing this worldwide epiphany to fester. Because of the “constant of conscience”, it is inevitable.

Metaphors- like tents- light fires!

Of the mind.


But Occupy went down, too. I was there in LA the following Tuesday when the First Rule was turned on its head and 3500 cops attacked just 1500 protesters. It was really fucking ugly.  But we had blacked their eye that Sunday. All those cops, and those who sent them, they knew it.

But far more importantly, WE knew it!


The call for help to defend the park at LA City Hall had continued to go out all day that Sunday before and heed that call to defend the park they did. Every walk of life, ethnicity, race, color and creed descended on the park. As I stood high above it all on the City Hall steps chatting with the security guys, I looked down on that incredible throng of kinetic democracy as it grew all day by the hour. As night fell the cops had a problem… the First Rule was in motion, literally undulating across every corner of the park among the tents to within inches of the surrounding cops’ faces.

The cops, 1700 plus, standing on the street completely ringed the entire four sides of the City Hall grounds two lines deep and five to six feet apart each… ready. There they stood, for hours as the Occupiers, literally inches from their face shields, did what was not allowed… resist.

As we looked down from the City Hall steps, I handed half my tuna fish sandwich to one of the security guys who said in summation,” Just one step by those cops and it’s gonna be a full-blown riot.”

He was absolutely fucking right.

But this was the path to our victory that day and the cops saw it. The politicians saw it. The city council members saw it. And the world saw it. 7000 rabid but non-violent protesters who would not go away. They were now standing and they were linking arms? Making one huge unbreakable non-violent human chain? Protecting the camp. Protection of the protesters.

And, protecting an idea, oh so easily understood by the world that was watching.

We were more than those cops, much less the politicians who sent them, could deal with. It was the First Rule. Returned, once more, by popular demand.

What we had done, and what the student movements across America must understand and do again, is that we, the peaceful, the non-violent, the passionate, and the moral exist in numbers that far exceeded the type of minds that arrived en mass to change our minds that day, and today. Then, we forced them- the cops- to create an international incident that they could not politically afford to win. As the bullhorns screamed across the park, “Stay peaceful! The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching!”

It was true.                                                                                                        

In the dewy sparkle of that crystal blue early LA morning, as I strolled extra slowly past so many of those same cops while heading along the back streets to find my car, I looked every one of them that I passed in the eye. They did not blink. Their eyes said it all…

WE… had… won.


Occupy got a two-month reprieve at the remaining East Coast camps that I visited and stayed at. The camps across the nation were communicating and all were working on first drafts of a national Occupy political charter that would next offer up candidates for office. We were less than a month from a proposed Occupy convention for that purpose.

And that’s when America’s last attempt at a third party was torn to pieces like a Gaza hospital.

Like so many other protests, the Hoovervilles and Occupy camps were destroyed by a government under threat from its public for damn good reasons. Because they were a powerful undeniable symbol of a problem thus set before the public for all to see.

Back at the UC, as expected, the agents provocateur are accepting their commission again and attempting to entice the students into violence in order to de-legitimize them. UC administrators are concerned because of the past track record of some of the “Non-affiliate” groups (such as the Black Panthers who arrived at the San Diego campus Saturday afternoon) are mixing with the “affiliate” students. Groups like the Panthers have in past appearances suddenly shown a mercenary’s duplicity in allegiance and suddenly turned violent or merely disappeared at perfect time.

This is because many of these non-affiliate groups are indeed mercenaries. They are unabashedly pre-trained and paid before they arrive at the encampments by groups who do not necessarily share the views of the students. One such is WESPAC.

Under the banner of “Another World is Possible,” WESPAC funds various revolutionary far-left/anti-Western groups,and receives donations in part from Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and George Soros’s Open Society.

If one follows the money, it is not likely that this group and it minions are pro-Palestine. What they must be exposed as is agitators who have come to dilute, if not demonize, the true message of the students regarding Genocide.

While the Black Panthers have so far ringed the UCSD camp in order to provide security and no incidents have so far been reported, Zionist non-affiliated organizations in San Diego have gone to social media to demand a reaction and close the camp and are arriving-they say- on Sunday.

The administration is torn between the UC Regents, the president and the chancellor’s pressure to close the camps and the rights of the students to free speech and protest. So far the students, who are only in this matter subject to the UC Student Code of Conduct protocols, are not violating any criminal codes with their encampment, merely school codes only subsequently enforceable- potentially- at a university discipline hearing. This could potentially mean suspension.

But, with hundreds- perhaps thousands- of student violations pending, for the UC to prosecute the students quickly and in the face of massive student sympathy will be a daunting task indeed.

With Israel now redefining the term, “ceasefire” by calling for peace but demanding permission to raze Rafah to the ground regardless, should Netanyahu continue his crusade against all things Amalek and bomb Rafah the world and the students will explode.

But at the University of California rather than a solution based on a call for Israeli “peace,” the landed gentry above it all insist on “eviction.”

Of the students’ minds.


America’s marmalade Messiah, showed his true colors when, as expected he also cast the First Amendment to the winds. Said Trump,

                   “This is a radical left revolution taking place in our country.”


Of course, the media provocateurs are now also demonizing the students with false charges akin to beheading babies and raping their captives with broomsticks. This Zionist media is now re-branding the students with the only universal definition that the American dullard is already well-trained to react to immediately in a lather.


As of this week’s UCLA drubbing, we the moral, the conscious and the outraged who still detest genocide are suddenly… Marxists!


So, education- the kind based on provable facts- has come into a clash with the mental minority who have no better than Zionist media epithets for their “opinion” to offer as a tepid counter to the charge of Genocide in Gaza.


No. No No! We are all, each and every one of us, certainly not Marxists.

WE… are… Moralists!


What is important to remember at this juncture when educational Zionism meets modern morality is that, unlike Black Lives Matter which was doomed by its own hypocrisy, in the examples of Vietnam, MADD, and the quests for freedom in Egypt, Turkey and the Occupy camps those popular uprisings, then, for a return to normal culture were not a counter to the mind of that culture, but a restoration of it.

Similarly, today what the moral man sees applied to the Gaza Genocide is Zionism’s control over politicians. He witnesses, also, the full media’s totalitarian embrace of Genocide. Despite this, a man’s mind will not be changed. The protests will increase and the minions of the Chosen will react as we see in UCLA, etc., al, but they will not prevail in their War for Your Mind. Nor that of the students.

They cannot, for it is we, in the tents at the camps- and soon in the streets- who will put the Genie of Zionism back in its bottle…and then smash it to pieces in the crusher of public opinion.

                                       “The Whole World is Watching!”

Yes. The whole world is watching the genocide in Gaza. Will the students bring the world into the streets to stop it, when their politicians will not?

But, for the moment camps at other universities remain intact with some campus administrations doing their best to supervise what is anticipated to be continued paid-for traveling mayhem coming to a peaceful protest on their campus soon.

But will the UC camps at Berkeley, Davis, Merced, Riverside, San Bernardino, Irvine, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Santa Cruz take the warning at UCLA lightly?

Will they learn the lessons of LA City Hall, the importance of the tents and The First Rule? The lesson we all taught those cops at LA City Hall too long ago:

You bring 50 Cops… WE bring 500!

You bring 200 Cops… WE bring 2000!

You bring 1700 Cops… as you did that day in November… and we bring 7000! Seven thousand! We made those cops take that first all-important step backwards.

The First Rule of Democracy: There will always be more of US, than of THEM.

The world once again must follow the rational and moral example of the students who remind us to correctly define Genocide without exception. We must become universal in our mandate to force Zionism, for the very first time, to take… one … step …


And, as soon as we do, next… we go for the politicians!

                                                    -THE END-

About the Author: Brett Redmayne-Titley has spent the last twelve years travelling to and documenting the “Sorrows of Empire.” He has authored over 200 articles all of which have been published and often republished and translated by news agencies worldwide. An archive of his published work can be found at  He can be contacted for interviews or comments at live-on-scene ((@))

The author’s new book, “THERE!” is just out. 18 chapters of the best in old-style on-scene reporting from hot-spots around the world. Please support my work by purchasing a copy from Amazon Books.

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