Netanyahu, Zionism, Old Testament Beliefs Fatal to Humanity and Peaceful Evolution. By: Jerome Irwin

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When this one reflects upon his life as a human being and some of its key benchmarks, from a humanist perspective, and then compares and contrasts it with his recollections as a writer concerned about the key geo-political benchmarks in the violent life of the world, and where the meaningful parallels of each intersect, he quickly realizes how much of an impact modern violent Zionism has had on them both, in more ways than one.

After 2,000 years of exile from the Land of Judea, those Jews who now call themselves Zionists, following the radical, revolutionary teachings of Theodor Herzl, the ‘Father of Political Zionism’, and breached birth, in 1948, of the modern ‘State of Israel’; continues unabated. Its militant, illegal confiscation of the holy lands of Palestine and displacement of the Palestinians, continues to press forward their intent to, once and for all, banish, and exterminate, if need be, as they themselves once were, the Palestinian peoples from their ancient homelands.

Rightly or wrongly, after enduring, for centuries, the racist, hostile, humiliating slings and arrows from Europe’s racist Western nations and peoples surrounding the Holy Lands, the revolutionary zealots among the Zionists, for eighty years and counting, have continued to press forward one of the most brutal and indiscriminate crimes-against-humanity in the annals of human history. The actions being taken by Zionist Israel’s President Benjamin Netanyahu, his Zionist followers and Israel’s IDF military forces continue unabated against not only innocent Palestinians, and now innocent Lebanese, but whatever other ‘innocents’ throughout the world, and America in particular, who dare to get in their way Every people, nation and race on earth are considered ‘fair game’ in the Zionist’s intent to realize their messianic goals, to the point, if need be, of an apocalyptic world war of utter destruction and devastation for the human race. Now, it’s yet another assertion of the old shibboleth: My Way or the Highway!

Whatever attacks thus far have been made in the defense of innocent Palestinians against the brutalities of the Zionists, by those brave ones who call themselves ‘Hamas’ and ‘Hezbollah’, or whatever other freedom fighter names they’ve chosen to take, don’t warrant Zionist Israel and their dictatorial leader, Benjamin Netanyahu’s, violent version of the mad racist dog Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany’s ‘Final Solution’ and extermination of the Jews. The ‘Final Solution’ for Palestinians won’t ever work out any more for the megalomaniacal Netanyahu and the Zionists desire to create a pure racist Jewish State of Israel than it did for the German Nazi’s. The parallels between what is happening to the Palestinians now, when compared to what happened to World Jewry under Nazism, continues to be as frightening as it is chilling to the human soul, spirit and higher purpose of life itself.

Yet the peculiar obsession of Netanyahu and madness of his Zionist followers ‘Old Testament’ biblical plans for either the extermination or banishment of the Palestinian peoples, as a whole, to the Sinai and Negev deserts, or whatever unknown destinations beyond, continue to receive the full support of Western World leaders like, U.S. President Joe Biden, PM Justin Trudeau and so many others; underwritten by the financial support of the always greedy merchants of war, Corporate Wall Street’s moguls, international newspapers of note, and their collective unquenchable lust for ever more money, power and control over humanity’s minds and the earth’s natural resources.

All the: blood-lusting against innocent, helpless Palestinian men, women, children and infants in Gaza continues to feed into and coalesce around a deadly fatal mixof a never-ending,ever-threatening, ‘Apocalyptic World War’; seemingly the only way forward for the human race, at this point, especially when one takes into account the only possible answer in the future for Palestinians and Israeli’s alike would appear to be the One State Solution; which is, of course, an anathema to the Zionists absolutely-rigid religious fantasy of a Pure Zionist Apartheid State for themselves; and, ostensibly, their Fundamentalist Christian allies, who are eager to prepare themselves for the fantasy of one day becoming raptured up into Heaven from Jerusalem, at the appointed prophesized ‘end times’ of the world; there to reside with God for the rest of eternity. Thus, the Zionists aren’t remotely prepared or willing to go through the hell-hole slog of existence, as a budding multi-cultural nation where all its citizenry, regardless of race, religion or creed are considered equals; like what America has had to go through since its own tumultuous birth and continuing evolution to do the same, and not faired very well. That is now the conundrum of the world’s future continuance.

As a result, the bizarre beliefs and impact of Zionists and Zionism, for over seventy-five years, against the entire way of life of both Moslem Palestinians and Israeli Jews of the Torah Faith, has been one long, continuous, nightmare for the world, but infinitely more so for the dispossessed Palestinians; left to endlessly wander as state-less, exiled strangers in their own homelands. While, once again, the proverbial ‘Sins of the Fathers are being re-visited upon their Jewish Sons and Daughters, but the sons and daughters of all those others in the world who are complicit in their crimes against humanity.

From Nazism to the Creation of Israel: from One Exile to Another – YouTube


If one is so irrational to hold Hamas accountable for the many tragedies of Oct 7that occurred as a result of those three-quarters of a century of Zionist nightmares; they then also must be so inclined, if they’re rational, to hold accountable not only the ideologues within the American-Zionist Deep State, but its complicit partnerships with all the other world’s Western Nations, whose politicians and legislatures, along with the international corporate mainstream press, who already have been cleverly, cunningly, insidiously bought out by obscene amounts of American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) monies, have allowed the Zionists to wage, virtually unchallenged, their ideological world war for decades against anything that is remotely pro-Palestine, pro-Palestinian or anti-Zionist. This co-optation should now be, if it already isn’t, utterly frightening to every still independent, free-thinking citizen left in the world.


The diabolical connection between the American-Zionist Deep State, especially since the 1960’s, has continued to become especially more apparent to this writer as he connected all the dots between the parallel timeline-benchmarks of his own life with those worldwide geo-political timeline upheavals that have directly or indirectly been perpetrated by the American-Zionist Deep State and their fascist allies throughout the world.

For instance, there is still the highly suspect, but not yet ever officially-proven, complicity of the American-Zionist Deep State in the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, and his alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, who had American-Zionist Deep State CIA intelligence connections, who, in turn, was assassinated by one Jack Ruby, whose real name was Jacob Rubenstein, who just happened to also have had deep Yiddish connections with the American-Jewish gangster Mickey Cohen, and his connections to the Zionist Irgun Terrorist Movement’s involvement in the 1st Nakba Catastrophe in Palestine,as well as, the Zionist-influenced Dallas Citizens Council, who totally-ruled the city by the same name where JFK’s assassination took place; or his brother Robert Kennedy’s later assassination in 1968, by the highly-suspect alleged murder by Sirhan Bashara Sirhan, a Palestinian activist labelled the lone gunman who was suspected of being used as a ‘patsy’ by the American-Zionist Deep State for the assassination plot; followed by the mysterious plane crash of John F. Kenndy Jr in 1999; both Robert Kennedy and JFK Jr, in his magazine George. Both Kennedy’s avowed intentions to conduct a formal investigation of JFK’s assassination by these same Deep States, connected, as well, to the complicit nature of their knowledge of the involvement of U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson and his own deep political connections with dark American-Zionist Deep State forces.

The truthful accounts of their assassinations brilliantly documented by the French author Laurent Guyenot in his book and documentary JFK-9//: 50 years of Deep State

Israel & The Assassinations of the Kennedy Brothers: A Documentary By Laurent Guyénot – YouTube

Not to exclude mention, as well, of yet other prominent world figures who seriously dared to advocate for the truthful re-opening of the JFK assassination, such as Muammar Gaddafi who, himself, was assassinated by the American-Zionist Deep State before he could force such an investigation from ever happening.

gaddafi calls for investigation into jfk/mlk assassinations – YouTube

Never also to not omit, as well, the never explained, still unsolved, assassination of the well-known, highly-respected, investigative journalist Dorothy Kilgallen who, two years after the assassination, had interviewed Oswald’s assassin Jacob Rubenstein (aka Jack Ruby), who was miffed that he had been betrayed by President Johnson himself, and possessed some earth-shattering material about the JFK-Oswald assassinations that Kilgallen carelessly let slip to some of her own American-Zionist Deep State connections that ended up costing her life before she ever had a chance to release them to the public.

Dorothy Kilgallen, The Journalist Who Died Probing The JFK Assassination (


To add still another sick connection to the insidiousness of the American-Zionist Deep State and its CIA-Mossad connections, is the account of the 9-hour attack by Zionist forces against the American spy ship, USS Liberty during Israel’s Six-Day War in 1967.

It was during that war that the Zionists military forces were intent upon seizing control from Palestine of the: Golan Heights, Jerusalem, and Sinai, as well as, keep the Suez Canal open for American commercial shipping.

The Americans were prepared to look the other way during the war crimes committed, while their CIA-NSA spy ship, the USS Liberty, sailing in international waters, monitored the war’s outrageous actions; like the Zionists executing Egyptian military captives rather than treat them as prisoners under international law.

That is until, Israeli war planes began: strafing with machine gun fire and dropping napalm on the USS Liberty; while Israeli torpedo boats sprayed the Liberty with small arms fire, heavy-caliber machine guns; firing five torpedoes to try to kill all the crew and totally sink the Liberty and hide all the evidence so no trace would be left.

The 9-hour attack eventually killed or wounded over 200 U.S. sailors and marines before any U.S. military could come to the Liberty’s rescue. But the military assistance never came because it was called back in the midst of rushing to assist, under the specific orders of, none other than, President Johnson and Secretary Robert McNamara.

Listing at a near sinking degree, her hull blown open by the torpedo that hit; 200 hundred U.S. servicemen, either lying dead or wounded, their body parts scattered over the Liberty’s decks, its huge American Flag still waving in the breeze, which the attacking Israel forces could clearly see was a U.S. ship; were instead given orders to continue the attack. When U.S. rescue helicopters finally did arrive after the act, the pilot asked the Liberty’s surviving crew what he already could clearly see, “Do you have any casualties?”

The surviving U.S. sailors were all given commendations, but in secrecy out of the public’s eye in private ceremonies; while the USS Liberty eventually was sent to the scrap yard and sold for $100,000 dollars, the surviving crew sworn to strictest silence under pain of hefty prison terms or worse.

USS Liberty incident – Wikipedia  USS Liberty – When Israel attacked the U.S.A. – Forgotten History – YouTube         The Day Israel Attacked America | Special Series – YouTube

But to this day, the U.S. American government, disgracefully, has censored any and all official accounts of this heinous act of war that was committed on that day by American-Zionist Deep State forces against U.S. Americans. The Deep State also keeping secret from the American public, Israel’s secret plans for its Dimona Nuclear Project, that Israel, in the 1960’s, was developing to create nuclear bomb capabilities so that Israel, as a proxy to American interests, would eventually be able to threaten and subdue the entire Middle East. Most of this is still a closely kept secret


When the United Nations, in its ignorance, gave the approval of the flawed, ill thought out, Balfour Declaration, the world, collectively, in essence, issued a death sentence to Palestine and all its peoples and, it still remains to be seen, a death sentence to the world.

In short, the United Nations approval of the Balfour Declaration, at that critical moment at the end of WWII, collectively, acted like a group of Pontius Pilates, who washed their hands of the whole dirty, complex business of what to do with all the Jewish refugees from the Nazi death camps, and, rather than find places for the displaced Jewish refugees in Europe or elsewhere, instead allowed the Zionists to take away the right of existence from Palestine and the Palestinians; turned it into what would become the apartheid ’State of Zionism’.

Yet, ever since, the world’s political, religious leaders and their citizenry have chosen to raise not so much as a serious objection or raise so much as a finger to not only stop Zionist Israel’s methodical takeover of the whole of Palestine, as well as, the slaughter of the whole culture, heritage and peoples of Palestine; but to enable Israel to become the most divisive arms manufacturers and distributors of arms, to endless kill more and more innocents in the Middle East and around the world. As a result, the blood that is on all the hands of the world will never wash off.


So, here we now have the war in Gaza, where it all began back in the ancient time of the Old Testament, when the nation of Amalek was commanded to slay all Amalekites, regardless of status, or age or sex. Ever since, this Biblical commandment has been the subject of much historical debate among Jewish and Christian scholars. In some rabbinical interpretations, Amalek or am lak are known as “a people who lick blood.”

The Amalekites were considered to be Amalek’s descendants through the descendants of Essau. In the oracle of Baleem, Amalek was biblically called the “first of the nations”. The Amalekites, were those who lived a nomadic or semi-nomadic lifestyle, inhabiting the Negev desert regions.

As a people, the Amalekites were said to be a reoccurring enemy against Israel in the wilderness. Joshua is said to have been ordered by Moses to lead Israel in battle while Moses looked on. While in Deuteronomy (25:17-19) it states the Israelites were specifically commanded to “blot out any remembrances of Amalek from under heaven”, once they have taken possession of the promised land in retribution for what Amalek did to the Israelites as they were coming out of Egypt.”

Some Muslim historians claim the Amalekites who fought Joshua were the descendants of the inhabitants of North Africa, said to be “the first ones of the nation to manifest hostility towards the Israelites”.

This is an important historical biblical footnote that begins to clarify why the Palestinians have come to represent an “eternally irreconcilable enemy” to the fascist Zionist Jewry, who believe violent pre-emptive strikes against such enemies are totally acceptable in liturgical terms, as well as against all their modern-day Palestinian descendants.

This biblical background also helps one better understand what some of the religious motivations that are behind Zionist Israel’s motivation of its almost demonic declarations to express their absolute intent to “exterminate” the Palestinians.

Even with the recently declared cease fire, Benjamin Netanyahu has made it abundantly clear that any cease fire will not deter him one iota from his rabid Old Testament biblical underpinnings; intent with the same vitriol as his ancestors to utterly destroy Hamas and its Palestinian supporters, cease fire or no cease fire.

These Old Testament admonitions are what continues to embolden the likes of Netanyahu and his Zionist followers who are so eager to take a page right out of the Old Testament; as when Netanyahu, himself, significantly commented, on the eve of the cease fire, “Remember what Amalek, a rival nation in ancient Israel has done to you, says our Holy Bible, in order to justify killing Palestinians, God’s command to King Saul and the Israelites was to punish the Amalekites by killing every person in Amalek, to punish the Amalekites for what they did to Israel when they waylaid them as they came up from Egypt.”

Netanyahu and his biblical followers are those ones who can be heard repeating, in their own modern vernacular, “Now go! Attack the Amalekites and totally destroy and all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death the men and women, children[JI1]  and infants, cattle, camels and donkeys.” In other words, flatten everything in Gaza and beyond.


The wholesale deathly silence of any meaningful truth being spoken to the powers-that-be, by Western World’s leaders, are joined by the world’s equally silent and vast corporate mainstream news editors, columnists and mass media ‘talking heads’.

The corporate silence about Israel’s extermination and genocide of the Palestinians also continues to be writ large by the absence of also some of the biggest writers and thinkers of the past or present, who remain eerily silent when it comes to speaking out against Biden and all the other rope-a-dope Western leaders.

So, what the world is now facing isn’t just a war in response to what occurred on Nov 7th, but another irrational biblical blood-letting as was Nazi Germany’s blood-letting against the Jews.

With the arrival of subsequent endless waves of Zionist Jewish refugees in 1948 and ever since, that’s simply why the life conditions of Palestinians simply have gone from bad and to worse to unspeakable, with the world’s ideological mis-guided, totally incompetent, completely insensitive and desensitized to, utterly ignorant because of the massive propaganda, unquestionably hostile against Arab Palestinians that, pure and simple, is ideologically racist and fascist in nature.


The centuries-old story of the genocide and ethnic cleansing of indigenous peoples in the New & Old World has returned with a vengeance with Zionist Jewry’s ‘Master Plan’ for the genocidal removal or ethnically-cleansing of the Palestinian peoples from their ancient homelands of Palestine

The only solution left for the human race that the Zionists have yet to come up with is exile or banishment for the indigenous Palestinians somewhere into the Sinai and Negev Deserts and beyond. Yet another classic tale of Old Testament biblical proportions yet underway in these living times.

Sadly, It has taken 500 years of sheer death and horror for the human race for the fallacies of the European ‘Age of Discovery’ in both the New & Old World’s, to finally truly reveal the true genocidal history that has existed towards different peoples, their cultures, and all non-human life on earth, worldwide, since perhaps forever.

It’s a very sad thing for this one to have to say as a member of the Human Race, but homo sapiens don’t deserve to continue to survive on Planet Earth until, or if, they can manage to survive long enough to evolve into a completely different species that might end up being called Homo Illuminous; or until some other more elevated, evolved species from elsewhere in the universe one day will arrive to displace us all, and enjoy the full benefits of our Mother, the Earth’s, many natural wonders as she continues to hurtle all we living organisms through cosmic time and space.

Until then, what is happening to the Palestinian peoples isn’t anything new in the annals of mankind’s brief sordid history on earth. It’s simply the nature of the beast.



The Author’s Bio

Jerome Irwin is a Canadian-American writer who, in previous lives, has been involved in a wide range of diverse and varied worlds, including the Criminology profession with an American police department, and later for a brief-time in the capacity of clandestine communications with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. For decades, in various professional capacities as an educator, researcher, geo-political analyst, and writer. Irwin has sought to call attention to a broad spectrum of world problems pertaining to the degradation and unsustainability caused by a host of environmental-ecological-spiritual-ideological issues that exist between the conflicting world philosophies of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.

Irwin is the author of the book, “The Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle Island Odyssey” (, a spiritual odyssey among the native peoples of North America that over the decades has produced numerous articles pertaining to: Ireland’s Fenian Movement; native peoples Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Movement; AIPAC, Israel & the U.S. Congress anti-BDS Movement; the historic Battle for Palestine & Siege of Gaza, as well as; the many violations constantly being waged by industrial-corporate-military-propaganda interests against the World’s Collective Soul. To examine a portion of the eclectic body of his work goggle: “Jerome Irwin, writer” The author and his wife are long-time residents on the North Shore of British Columbia.

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  • I find your missing of British Imperialism in this disaster a wonder of editing.

    Eisenhower did stand against British, French and Israeli conspuracies in the mid 1950’s.

    Why is that not repeated?
    Oh Zionist control of the major media outlets.

    The presuppositions for nation state status for European Jews was ethnic cleansing of Europe. Get those vermin out of Europe give them a futile but useful state among the Arab states. Israel is nothing but a moral disaster so the MI6 can use Israel as a deep penetration into the Arab world.

    • Why the author uses such long, laboriusly involved sentences ? Each sentence is like a mini paragraph. It is such an off-putting style of writing.

    • Joe, thank you for your comments.

      I will let the author, Jerome Irwin know. Maybe he will reply.

      Jeff J. Brown

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