Silence the mainstream lies with Ben Tóth’s talking point outline! One of his best yet.

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Blowback: Exposing Imperial Decline



“If everything is good, everything is great and everything was done right, why are we in the situation we are in?” – Budanov


– 404: Russian onslaught targets more Ukrainian towns and villages as Ukraine says it shot down 3 warplanes ( ABC )

– 404: Kuleba calls on citizens who fled Ukraine during war to return and help defend our country ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Ukraine sees risk of Russia breaking through defenses by summer – increasingly bleak ( Bloomberg )

– 404: Rada Committee on Freedom of Speech called for finding ways to block Telegram ( )

– 404: Elensky‘s overlooked share in Ukraine‘s failure – bunker mentality, small circle ( Welt DE )

– 404: Ukraine plunders Howitzer graveyard to keep Big Guns firing – concerns rising ( WSJ )

– 404: Ukraine needs $3 bln in financial aid per month in 2024, FM Marchenko ( Reuters )

– 404: Ukraine shoots down two more Russian fighter-bombers – Syrski ( Telegraph UK )

– 404: 73% of Ukrainians ready to endure war ‘for as long as necessary’ ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Even if Ukraine announced mass mobilization, who is left to fight? ( CNN )

– USC: Neither Russia nor the West know how this war will end – might need to compromise ( CNN )

– USC: US estimates Ukraine military shortages could grow catastrophic by late March ( ABC )

– USC: Russia seizes more villages in Ukraine, raising fears of growing momentum ( WaPo )

– USC: Ukraine‘s frontline Is collapsing – weak defenses, no ammo, no F-16s ( Newsweek )

– USC: Companies in Ukraine see problems pile up, but most tough it out ( Reuters )

– USC: Ukraine’s other battle for survival: Keeping companies in business ( WSJ )

– RUC: Kiev loses over 490 troops in Avdeyevka area in past day – Russia’s top brass ( TASS )

– RUC: Ukrainian army lost over 444,000 troops during military operation – Shoigu ( TASS )


– 404: US Congress stalls on aid, Ukrainian soldiers head to the frontlines knowing they don’t have enough ammunition ( CNN )

– 404: Ukraine’s Elensky pleads for more ammunition at Albania summit of southeastern European nations ( AP )

– 404: Ukraine‘s FM asks Europe to ban the export of ammunition to countries other than Ukraine ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Ukraine‘s Elensky calls for defense ‘co-production’ with Balkan countries ( Balkan Insight )

– 404: Elensky in Tirana: Russia will do everything to destabilize the Balkans ( Al Jazeera )

– 404: Ukraine‘s Elensky seeks Balkan arms, support at summit in Albania ( Reuters )

– EUK: History proves that Putin can be defeated – Ben Wallace – is our ‘moral duty’ to step up support ( Telegraph )

– EUK: Germany rebuffs Emmanuel Macron on troops for Ukraine and tells Paris to ‘supply more weapons’ ( FT )

– EUK: Häkkänen: Finnish weapons provided to Ukraine can be used to strike on Russian soil ( YLE )

– EUK: EU‘s Borrell urges member states to find ways to send more ammunition to Ukraine ( Euractiv )

– EUK: Belgium pledges $216 million to Czech ammunition initiative for Ukraine ( Kyiv Independent )

– EUK: EU‘s von der Leyen proposes using frozen Russian profits for Ukraine‘s military ( Reuters )

– EUK: Von der Leyen: Use Russian asset profits to buy ammo for Ukraine ( Politico )

– ASO: Defense chief says North Korean munitions factories at full capacity to supply Russia ( Yonhap SK )

– ASO: North Korea speeds up pace of secretive weapons shipments to Putin ( Bloomberg )

context: 6,700 containers | about 3 million rounds of 152mm shells – SK DM Shin Won-sik

– RUC: Russia has ‘done very well’ at boosting its defense industry – US general Randy George ( RT )

– RUC: Western weapons supplies to Kiev violate international law – top Russian investigator ( TASS )


– 404: Congress reaches deal to avert government shutdown with no plans for Ukraine aid ( Kyiv UND )

– 404: US aid package needed within a month, says Volodymyr Elensky ( FT )

– EUK: Nearly two dozen European parliament leaders urge Johnson to act on Ukraine aid ( Politico EU )

– USC: Putin ‘gains every day’ Congress fails to send Ukraine aid, top Biden official says – Sullivan ( Guardian )

– USC: BidenHill leaders show optimism on shutdown, but have ‘intense’ talk on Ukraine ( ABC )

– USC: Lawmakers reach deal to avert partial government shutdown this Weekend ( WSJ )

– USC: Pentagon considering tapping last source of Ukraine military funding as Congress stalls on additional aid ( CNN )

– USC: Pentagon weighs new plan to ship $4b of weapons to Ukraine quickly – presidential drawdown ( NYT )


– 404: Ukraine’s FM: Russia must pay for the damage it’s done – fair, legitimate, need political will! ( Politico EU )

– EUK: ‘Immense frustration’ over delays releasing Chelsea FC Ukraine cash, minister ( Independent UK )

– EUK: Use profits from frozen Russian assets to arm Ukraine, says Ursula von der Leyen ( FT )

– EUK: How to put Russia’s frozen assets to work for Ukraine ( Economist )

– EUK: G7 finance meeting marred by divisions over seizing Russian assets ( Reuters )

context : USCanada ‘Yes’GermanyFrance ‘non’.

– USC: Yellen urges world leaders to ‘unlock’ frozen Russian Central bank assets and send them to Ukraine ( ABC )

– USC: Seizing frozen Russian assets over Ukraine war wins endorsement of (10) ‘legal experts’ ( Bloomberg )

– USC: It’s time to seize Russia’s reserves – Ukraine needs the money. What is Biden waiting for? ( WSJ )

– USC: Yellen: Moves to unlock value of frozen Russian assets ‘necessary and urgent’ ( Reuters )

– USC: Yellen urges ‘tapping’ frozen Russian central-bank assets to aid Ukraine ( MarketWatch )

– USC: US and Europe at Odds on Tapping $280 Billion of Russian Assets ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Putin Needs to Feel the Pain – Opinion by two Columbia professors ( Politico US )

– USC: Yellen sees ‘moral case’ to use Russian assets to aid Ukraine ( Bloomberg )

– USC: ‘Urgent’ for G7 to seize Russian profits for UkraineYellen ( AFP )


– RUC: Initiator of the latest Armenian provocation is French intelligence – Russian political analyst Sergei Markov ( APA )

– RUC: Armenia leaving Russia-led military bloc as part of deal with France, says Moscow-based expert ( Andalou )

– EUK: France and Armenia agree to exchange intelligence on four countries – Aze, Ira, Rus, Tür ( Aze Media )

– EUK: In Armenia, the agreement on the exchange of intelligence with France was denied ( RBC )

– EUK: Armenia has ‘no taboo’ on defense cooperation with partners, says defense chief ( Andalou )

– EUK: French defense chief visits Armenia, signs defense deals amid deepening ties ( RFE / CIA )

– EUK: Foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Berlin for peace talks ( Euronews )

– EUK: Azerbaijan and Germany explore new horizons in transport cooperation ( BNN )

– EUK: France plants flag in Russia’s backyard with Armenia arms deals ( Politico EU )

context : wording is about ‘far-reaching’ plans of defense cooperation


– 404: Ukraine will help Moldova in case of escalation in Transnistria – Ukraine ambassador ( NV Ukraine )

– 404: What happens if breakaway Transnistria joins Russia? – hybrid war on Moldova ( Kyiv Post )

– 404: Border with Moldova’s Transnistria is ‘well-fortified’ – UAF South commander ( NV Ukraine )

– 404: Ukraine warns against ‘destructive external interference’ in Transnistria ( Kyiv Post )

– EUK: European defense and foreign ministers to meet in Paris in coming days to discuss Ukraine and Moldova ( Guardian )

– EUK: Pro-Russian separatists in Transnistria, a possible new front for Moldova and Ukraine ( El País )

– EUK: Fears of imminent Russian invasion sparked in European country – Moldova ( Newsweek )

– EUK: Pro-EU Moldova dismisses breakaway region’s request for Russian help ( Reuters )

– EUK: Transnistria begs Putin to ‘protect’ it against Moldova ( Politico EU )

– RUC: West-financed NGOs seeking to destabilize situation in post-Soviet countries – Zakharova ( TASS )

– RUC: The Congress of Deputies of Transnistria decided to turn to Russia for help ( TASS )


– 404: Ukraine Pledges to curb soaring food exports to calm angry Polish farmers ( Bloomberg )

– 404: Ukraine deputy PM says 160 tons of Ukrainian grain destroyed in Poland ( Reuters )

– 404: Poland may temporarily close border for trading with Ukraine ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Ukraine demands compensation from Poland over dumped grain ( RT )

– EUK: Farmers march in Poland’s capital, cut off roads in Spain to protest Ukraine imports and EU policies ( AP )

– EUK: Polish PM considers wider ban on Ukrainian food imports as farmers protest ( Reuters )

– EUK: TuskPoland in talks with Ukraine on temporarily closing border for trade ( Kyiv Ind )


– 404: Elensky arrives in Saudi Arabia for talks with crown prince – to talk ‘peace formula’ ( Kyiv Independent )

– 404: Turkey offers to mediate peace talks between Ukraine and Russia ( Euromaidan Press )

– 404: Elensky hopes Swiss summit on peace blueprint takes place in spring ( Swissinfo )

– 404: Elensky in Saudi Arabia to push for peace, POW deal with Russia ( Al Jazeera )

– LAT: The leader of Argentina plans to hold a summit of support for Ukraine ( FT > Oreanda )


Russia poses a direct and immediate threat to France on all levels” – French PM Gabriel Attal


– EUK : Macron breaks taboo on Western troops in Ukraine ( AFP )

European military source, who asked not to be named, said that European allies had been studying the plan for several weeks and the United States supported the idea.


– EUK: How head of the British armed forces is secretly helping Ukraine with battle plans ( Times UK original )

– EUK: British military chief helped Elensky destroy russian warships – Sir Antony Radakin ( Times UK update )

– EUK: Germany is being ‘completely irresponsible’ saying British troops are helping Ukraine fire missiles ( Mail UK )

– EUK: UK slams Scholz over claims BritainFrance are helping Ukraine target missiles ( Politico EU )

– EUK: British soldiers in Ukraine helping fire missiles, Olaf Scholz reveals ( Telegraph UK )

– USC: Foreign troops in Ukraine? They’re already there – on ‘both sides’ ( WaPo )


– 404: Elensky allows foreigners to serve in Ukraine‘s National guard – desperate for more soldiers ( Politico US )

– 404: FT reports Western forces in Ukraine, GUR says ‘foreigners here, but only voluntarily’ ( Kyiv Post )

– 404: Macron not ruling out troops In Ukraine ‘Good Sign’Kiev says – Podolyak ( AFP )

– EUK: Netherlands doesn’t rule out Western troops in Ukraine ‘All options open’ – Dutch Military chief ( NVo Ukraine )

– EUK: Is NATO really ready for war with Russia? It lacks wherewithal to supply troops – Kenton White ( Asia Times )

– EUK: Macron defends idea of potentially sending troops to Ukraine as allies distance themselves ( LeMonde FR )

– EUK: ‘Everything’ on table to help Ukraine beat PutinEstonian PM says – Kaja Kallas interview ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Don’t rule out sending ground troops to UkraineNATO member says – Kallas again ( Politico EU )


– EUK: ‘Not at war with RussiaEuropeanUS allies taken aback by Macron‘s comments on troops in Ukraine ( France 24 )

context: HungaryPolandCzechiaSlovakiaUSUKGermanyItalySpainSweden, FinlandBulgariaNATO

– EUK: Emmanuel Macron’s gaffe exposes Nato divisions as Putin raises specter of nuclear war ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: EU capitals pour cold water on Macron’s ‘Western troops in Ukraine remarks ( Euractiv )

– EUK: Macron has fired his bazooka again – and Russia isn’t the only target ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: Macron wants to lead Europe on UkraineFrance may not let him ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Macron faces backlash after suggesting sending troops to Ukraine ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: NATO allies reject Emmanuel Macron idea of troops to Ukraine ( BBC )

– EUK: Macron‘s Ukraine troop talk shakes up NATO allies ( Reuters )

– USC: France: Troops in UkraineUSNo – citing Ryder, Kirby, Watson, Jean-Pierre ( Politico US )

– USC: US says won’t send troops to Ukraine after Macron comments ( AFP )

– USC: Seeking to unsettle Russia, Macron Provokes Allies ( NYT )

– RUC: Putin allies tell Macron: Any French troops you send to Ukraine will suffer fate of Napoleon‘s army ( Reuters )

– RUC: Sending troops to Ukraine would risk provoking nuclear war, Putin tells Nato ( Guardian )

– RUC: Don’t be NapoleonRussia tells Emmanuel Macron – Volodyn ( Politico EU )


“To just offer a Palestinian state is to give a platform for the repeated attempts to annihilate the Jewish state.” – Netanyahu


– ISR: Hamas warns it could end hostage talks after more than 100 Palestinians killed near aid trucks ( Guardian UK )

– ISR: More than 100 killed in Gaza City, officials say; Israel cites stampede at aid drop ( WaPo )

– ISR: 100 dead ‘after Israeli forces fire on Gaza crowd chasing aid trucks’ ( Times UK )

– ISR: Israel appropriates 650 acres of West Bank land near big settlement ( Reuters )

– ISR: At least 100 killed and 700 injured in chaotic incident in Gaza – officials ( CNN )

– ISR: Israel presses on with settlement plans despite US criticism ( Reuters )

– ISR: More than 30,000 killed in Gaza, health ministry says ( CNN )


– ISR: Israeli tourism hits rock bottom as travelers refuse to pay for Gaza genocide ( Israeli CBS > PressTV )

– ISR: War cabinet sidelines Ben Gvir, rejects Ramadan Al-Aqsa limits on Arab Israelis ( TO Israel )

– ISR: Ultra-Orthodox Israelis’ refusal to fight is a growing problem for Netanyahu ( Economist )

– ISR: Back from war, Israeli reserve soldiers are organizing for political change ( NYT )

– ISR: Israel Is Counting on Middle East neighbors to help Rebuild Gaza ( Bloomberg )

– ISR: Israel plans $60bn debt raising and tax rises to fuel defense spending ( FT )

– ISR: Israel Is losing Its greatest asset: Acceptance – Friedman! ( NYT )


– UN: Israel accuses Moscow of siding with ‘forces of destabilization’ – Gilad Erdan ( RT )

– UN: US attacks Syrian armed forces that fight against IS militants – Nebenzya ( TASS )

– UN: Russia’s UN envoy says US giving Israel ‘license to kill’ Palestinians ( PressTV )

– UN: One quarter of Gaza‘s people one step away from famine, UN says ( Reuters )

– EUK: Unplugging UNRWA deprives Gaza of life support – Jan Egeland ( FT )


– WEA: Israel and Hamas indicate no deal is imminent after Biden signals Gaza cease-fire could be close ( AP )

– WEA: Hamas raises stakes in Gaza truce talks with Ramadan call – march to AlAqsa ( Reuters )

– WEA: Gaza residents fear possible truce would only pause, not stop, the war ( Reuters )

– USC: Biden says Gaza cease-fire may happen later than monday ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Biden comments on ceasefire are premature, says Hamas ( Times UK )


– EUK: Britain‘s cash-strapped Navy ‘may be forced’ to sell off £3.5b aircraft carrier, funding issues ( Mail UK )

– EUK: Hall of shame! German Navy attempts to shoot down ‘Friendly’ MQ-9 Reaper – fails twice ( Eurasian Times )

– EUK: Blame for our Navy in the Red Sea – German warship shoots at US drone – missiles malfunction ( Bild )

– EUK: German navy almost shot down US drone over Red Sea – missiles fall into it ( DW )

– EUK: Norway may ground Sikorsky helicopters after deadly crash ( Reuters )


– EUK: Many in Iran are frustrated by unrest and poor economy – could see a low turnout ( ABC )

– EUK: Could the reign of Iran’s mullahs be coming to an end? ( Economist archive )

– EUK: As Iran scares the Middle East, at home its regime rots ( Economist update )

– EUK: Russia may have just carried out its first direct action against the West – Red Sea cable after NS ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Hamas is blackmailing the West into submission – Con Coughlin ( Telegraph )

– USC: Hamas Is losing every battle in Gaza. It still thinks it could win the war. ( WSJ )

– ASO: New Zealand lists Hamas as terrorist group, sanctions ‘extremist’ Israeli settlers ( Reuters )


– AFR: UN hands over 1st military base in Congo to begin its drawdown after decades in the country ( AP )

– AFR: Africa is juggling rival powers like no other continent – vast opportunities dire risks ( Economist )

– AFR: Activists urge Nigeria to delay Shell’s $2.4 billion sale in deeply polluted Niger Delta ( AP )

– AFR: Shell must clean up pollution before it leaves Niger Delta, report says ( Guardian )



– USC: Biden issues executive order to shield Americans’ data from foreign foes – yes China ( AP )

– USC: Chinese Automakers pose US national-security Threat, Biden Says ( WSJ )

– USC: China has thousands of Navalnys, hidden from the public ( NYT )

– USC: China is obsessed with sinking America‘s aircraft carriers ( National Interest )

– EUK: How Trump and Biden have failed to cut ties with China – hard to overcome incentives ( Economist frontpage )

– EUK: BYD storms into Europe as first car transport ship docks in Germany carrying 3K vehicles ( Electrek )

– EUK: German military coming to Hawaii – with two ships, fighter jets ( Stars and Stripes )

– EUK: Germany and Italy torpedo EU supply chain law – Xinjiang “human rights” ( FT )

– EUK: Serbian leader says ‘Taiwan is China‘ as Xi plans Balkan trip ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Can European carmakers stop China’s electric behemoth BYD? ( FT )

– RUC: China rolls over $2 billion loan to Pakistan – cash-strapped from $4b IMF loan ( Reuters )

– RUC: China urges largest nuclear states to negotiate a ‘no-first-use’ treaty ( Reuters )


– We didn’t unleash the war in Donbass but, we will end it and do everything to eradicate nazism in the world.

– Instead of Russia, West needs a dependent, fading, endangered space where they can do whatever they want.

– Russians will together – all peoples, religions – defend their history, right to peaceful life, and determine their own path.

– Real elite of Russia are workers and warriors, not those who lined its pockets in the 1990s, who have no merit in society.

– The US is hypocritical trying to defeat Russia and offering talks on strategic stability at the same time.

– We are prepared for a dialogue with the US, but their ruling circles are taking openly hostile actions against us.

– The West is trying to drag Russia into an arms race repeating tricks from the 1980s,

– So it is necessary to allocate resources in the most rational way and build the economy of the armed forces.

– The West provoked conflicts in Ukraine, the Middle East, other regions and continues to lie.

– Now, without any embarrassment, they declare that Russia allegedly intends to attack Europe.

– Well, our Strategic Nuclear forces are in a state of full readiness for guaranteed use.

– Sarmat missiles have been delivered to the troops, we will demonstrate them soon.

– We clearly need to work to make sure that a new circuit of equal and indivisible security is formed in Eurasia.

– We are ready for a substantive conversation on the issue with all interested countries and organizations.

– Russia together with its friendly states will continue to create efficient and safe transport corridor infrastructure,

– We will continue to build a new global financial architecture free of political interference,

– Amid collapse of former monopolies. Such trends cannot be avoided or reversed.

– The West is deliberately destroying moral norms and family institutions, marching towards national extinction.

– Russia chooses life and remains a stronghold for values on which humanity is built.

– To this end, we will focus on supporting and improving the quality of life of the family for six years.

– Maternity capital to be extended to 2030, offering more benefits to families with multiple children.

– ‘Russian Youth’, and ‘Personnel’ projects will focus on education, employment.

– Increase payments to schools, teachers, particularly in small towns and villages.

– ‘Long and Active Life Project’ will promote sports, health, lengthening lifespan to at least 78 years by 2030.

– Data Economy’ project of $7.6b over six years for creating digital platforms, supercomputers, high-speed internet.

– MISC: Fairer distribution of the tax burden, ‘Clean water’ project against water pollution, Tourism promotion and development.


– RUC: Putin sets Russia‘s priorities in science and technologies for 10 years – decree ( TASS )

– RUC: Alexei Navalny’s funeral to be held on Friday in Moscow ( Guardian )

– EUK: Russia prepared for nuclear attack on China, leaked papers reveal ( Times UK )

– EUK: FT Investigations. How Russia war-gamed a Chinese invasion ( FT )

– LAT: Russia to help Latin America protect itself against US interference – Patrushev ( TASS )

– LAT: Development of relations with Latin America Russia’s key priority – Patrushev ( TASS )

– LAT: Brazil‘s Lula spotlights Global South in G20 presidency ( Reuters )


– ASO: South Korean and US troops will begin major exercises next week in response to North Korean threats ( AP )

– ASO: Australia’s spy agency says politician ‘sold out’ country to foreign regime – they mean China ( FT )

– ASO: China’s Wang Yi invited to Australia as Beijing, Canberra ties thaw after prolonged frost ( SCMP )

– ASO: Philippine president tells Australia their strategic partnership is more important than ever ( AP )

– ASO: Births in Japan hit record low as government warns crisis at ‘critical state’ ( Guardian UK )

– ASO: North Korea‘s first spy satellite is ‘alive’, can maneuver, expert says ( Reuters )

– ASO: In South Korea, world’s lowest fertility rate plunges again in 2023 ( Reuters )

– ASO: Japan factory output falls at the fastest pace in nearly 4 years ( Reuters )


“We can’t wait for months, we would lose the war and NATO would fracture at best” – Sen Chuck Schumer


– EUK: Belarusian exiles plot coup against Lukashenko – to defeat Russia, must weaken Minsk ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Macron picks farmer-friendly MEP to lead against far-right in EU election ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Dutch farmers back Wilders as centrist nightmares come true – ‘far-right’ ( Politico EU )

– USC: McConnell’s exit as Senate leader means new uncertainty as GOP falls in line with Trump ( AP )

– USC: Joe Biden Loses to ‘Uncommitted’ in DearbornMichigan by Over 1,000 Votes ( Newsweek )

– USC: What Trump would do to our Economy – business executives should be fearful ( NYT )

– USC: As McConnell steps down, Ukraine loses a powerful GOP mega booster ( Politico EU )

– USC: Trump plans to meet with Hungary’s Orbán at Mar-a-lago next week ( Bloomberg )

– USC: McConnell lasted longer than most. But he couldn’t outlast Trump ( Politico US )

– USC: US Supreme Court will hear Trump presidential immunity appeal ( FT )

– USC: McConnell to step down as US Republican Senate leader ( Times UK )

– USC: Trump is disqualified from Illinois ballot, judge rules ( Reuters )

– WEA: Pakistan swears in new parliament amid chaotic scenes as Imran Khan’s followers protests vote count ( AP )


– EUK: Ensuring Ukraine’s success vs Russia is ‘biggest test of our generation’- UK Foreign Office ( Guardian )

– EUK: If Ukraine loses, the West is next – we have forgotten the risks of Russian triumph ( Independent UK )

– EUK: Europe has more to fear than Trump – decades of complacency > vulnerable and dependent ( WSJ )

– EUK: Lithuania’s ex-foreign minister threatens to ‘neutralize’ Kaliningrad amid NATO expansion ( TASS )

– EUK: Navalny’s widow fears ‘bloody mobster’ Putin will carry out purge at funeral ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Leaked Russian military files reveal criteria for nuclear strike – no quotes, or images ( FT )

– EUK: In 50 years, every town in Russia will have a Navalny Square – Ludmila Ulitskaya ( FT )

– EUK: In NATO’s newest member – Sweden – ‘Total Defense’ includes teens and retirees ( WSJ )

– EUK: Never believe Putin is unstoppable – Masha Alekhina, Pussy Riot ( Guardian feature )

– EUK: Putin does not want peace, he wants to conquer – Annalena Baerbock ( Bild )

– EUK: Possible Russian attack in four phases – German Bundeswehr’s scenario ( Bild )

context : disinformation, border build-up, attack on NATO, war in land, sea and space

– USC: US and UK discuss Russia security risk in back-to-back Elections ( Bloomberg )

– USC: How Germany is learning to love its army ( Politico US )


– ISR: Delete your account: How social media may be metastasizing terror in service of Hamas ( TO Israel )

– USC: The New Antisemitism – essay by Harvard Law’s Naoh Feldman ( TIME cover and main story )

– USC: Antisemitic and Anti-Muslim hate speech surges across the Internet ( NYT )

– USC: Harvard antisemitism official abruptly resigns from new task force ( CNN )

– EUK: Sunak pledges to tackle ‘mob rule’ as £31m package revealed to help protect MPs ( Sky )

– EUK: British lawmakers fear for their safety after threats and abuse over Gaza ( Reuters )

– EUK: Hate content on social media fuels French rise in anti-Semitism reports ( RFI Fr )


– 404: Russia launches massive disinformation campaign against Ukrainian government ( Ukro World Congress )

– 404: Putin has new cyber-tools that threaten democracy, Ukraine warns – AI, meddling – Danilov ( Times UK )

– 404: AI has joined the war on disinformation, says Ukrainian media specialist ( Independent )

– 404: Ukraine says Russia will step up its hybrid attacks in spring – Ukraine Intelligence ( Reuters )

context: will seed disinformation on social media to spark conflict in Ukraine and spread doubt among allies

– EUK: We need to be more aware of the spies in our midst – Russia, China, DPRK, Iran ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Putin himself is engaging in electoral disinfo, warns Italy Defence Staff ( Decode39 )

– USC: Poll: Almost a third of Americans say the First Amendment goes ‘too far’ ( Reason )

– USC: Russia works to undermine voter confidence worldwide, US Says ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Kremlin runs covert disinformation campaign to undermine Elensky ( WaPo )

– USC: Russia‘s online campaign to destroy Yulia Navalnaya ( Wired )

– USC: Russia’s 2024 election interference has already begun ( NBC )

– USC: US leading global alliance to counter foreign government disinformation ( Guardian )

context: US-UK-Canada hopes more countries will join their effort to label and combat disinfo


– EUK: EU working to completely stop Russian gas transit via Ukraine – commission ( RT )

– EUK: Sweden’s GDP unexpectedly shrinks for third consecutive quarter ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: EU tells citizens to further reduce gas consumption – by 15% ( document > RT )

– EUK: IAG and Air France shares drop as airlines brace for turbulence ( Reuters )

– EUK: UK towns are going bankrupt. Here’s what’s gone wrong ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Lufthansa‘s costly labor disputes threaten 2024 profit goals ( Reuters )

– EUK: Swedish property giants write down billions as prices crash ( Reuters )

– USC: US Money supply is shrinking the most since the Great Depression. Economic meltdown on the way? ( Yahoo! Finance )

– USC: Burger chain Wendy’s looking to test surge pricing at restaurants as early as next year ( AP )

– USC: Apple to wind down electric car effort after decadelong odyssey ( Bloomberg )

– USC: US regulator gives Boeing 90 days for plan to fix quality issues ( FT )


– EUK: Joint procurement, ad-hoc commissioner, Office in KievVon der Leyen gives preview of defense strategy ( EUnews )

– EUK: With or without US support, ‘we cannot let Russia win’ – says Ursula von der Leyen ( Euronews )

– EUK: A top EU official calls for a new defense industry strategy with locally made arms at its heart ( AP )

– EUK: EU’s new Defense Plan aims to boost European military purchases ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: European nuclear capability not on Luxembourg‘s agenda ( Luxembourg times )

– EUK: EU plans to create defense-industrial complex ready for war ( Politico EU )

Appendix: Video clips

Schumer‘s telling words:

Navalnaya nothing working:


USC = United States + Canada

EUK = Europe + United Kingdom | 404 = Ukraine

WEA = West Asia, formerly Middle East | ISR = Israel

ASO = Asia + Oceania

AFR = Africa

LAT = Latin America

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