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Blowback: Exposing Imperial Decline




404 – Military, economic, political collapse

– 404: Elensky – straight from Münich – arrived near Kupyansk, 15h brigade command ( photos )

– 404: Ukraine says local law-enforcers behind Maidan protester deaths – not Russians ( Bloomberg )

– 404: Ukrainian businesses fear new mobilization law could paralyze economy ( Reuters )

– 404: Russia claims full control of Avdiivka after Ukrainian retreat ( Guardian )

– 404: ‘The road to Avdiivka is filled with Ukrainian corpses’ – several troops fell behind retreat ( CNN feature )

– 404: Ukraine withdrawing from Avdiivka, where outnumbered defenders held out for 4 months ( AP )

– 404: Ukraine used US chemical weapons against Russian troops – MOD ( Sputnik )

– 404: The reasons for the war setback – Julian Röpcke – Zalu-Zele conflict – more conquests ahead ( Bild )

– 404: Ukraine‘s military is shifting to a defensive strategy that failed Nazi Germany in WW2 ( Business Insider )

– 404: Elensky in need: Even the British are now warning of Russia‘s victory by 2026 ( Berliner Zeitung )

– 404: Russia raises its flag in Avdiivka, then presses the advantage on a vulnerable Ukraine ( CNN )

– 404: Five places Russia is fighting to break through Ukrainian Lines ( NYT )

– 404: Ukraine’s bloody decade: A visual history of 10 Years at War ( WSJ )

– 404: Regime change is coming – to Kiev, by Stephen Bryen ( Asia Times )

context: Azov defied Syrski’s orders, angry phone calls from München to Kiev

MÜNICH – Doom, gloom and panic

– 404: ‘How long will the world let Russia be like this?’ Elensky asks world leaders in Munich ( Guardian )

– 404: Ukraine‘s FM suggests how Europeans could find money for munitions for Ukraine* ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Ukrainian foreign minister discusses peace prospects with China‘s Wang Yi ( Reuters )

– 404: China‘s Wang says time isn’t right to talk Russia-Ukraine Peace – dismisses idea of summit ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Munich contemplates the ‘end of peaceful times’ ( Euractiv )

– EUK: Russian victories shake global leaders’ faith in Ukraine war prospects ( FT )

– EUK: ‘Wind is blowing against the West we have to win battle of narratives – Borrell ( RT )

– EUK: The free world stands together – Bild’s Freedom Night in Munich ( Bild )

– USC: As Putin threatens, despair and hedging in Europe – US wavers, step up defense ( NYT )

– USC: MSC: Western Officials downplay Russian gains in Ukraine war after Avdiivka loss ( FP )

– USC: ‘There’s only Plan A’: Defense leaders fear failure in Ukraine ( Politico )

– USC: Can Ukraine still win? military experts debate possible outcomes ( New Yorker )

– USC: Putin can still be crushed’: Russia’s invasion two years on – US embassy ( Telegraph )

– USC: Lindsey Graham: Time to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism ( Politico US )

– RUC: Lindsey Graham included on Russian register of terrorists and extremists ( Izvestiya )

MÜNICH – Trump!

– 404: Elensky offers Trump a tour of Ukraine’s front line ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Would Trump really leave NATOEurope is trying not to panic ( Times UK )

– USC: Trump didn’t quit NATO, but a potential second term alarms allies ( WaPo )

– USC: Europe’s security elite braces for Trump, searches for back-up plans ( WaPo )

MÜNICH – Navalnaya

– USC: Navalny’s Widow pledges to carry on Opposition Leader’s Work ( NYT )

– EUK: EU Vows to hold Putin accountable at Navalny widow meeting ( ‘Moscow’ Times )

– EUK: EU human rights sanctions regime to be renamed after Navalny – Borrell ( Brussels Times )

– EUK: Navalny‘s widow to speak to EU foreign ministers Monday ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Putin poisoned Navalny with novichok, claims widow ( Times UK )

– EUK: Navalny’s wife pleads for world to punish Putin at Munich Security Conference ( Telegraph )

– EUK: Yulia Navalnaya: the reluctant politician continuing her late husband’s work ( Guardian )

– EUK: Wife, Protector and Now Political Heir: Yulia Navalnaya Rallies Russians ( NYT )

– EUK: EU demands ‘international investigation’ into Navalny’s death ( RT )

– USC: X social network suspends Yuliya Navalaya‘s account ( X )

MÜNICH – Weapons

– 404: Ukrainian troops withdraw from Avdiivka as ammunition shortage bites ( Reuters )

– 404: Ukraine gets long term German and French security guarantees ( Bloomberg )

– 404: Ukraine doesn’t have enough artillery to battle Russia. A key withdrawal shows that ( WaPo )

– EUK: Armament scandal shatters Pistorius‘ ministry – Germany paid 3x market prices ( Bild )

– EUK: Sweden: Military support for Ukraine: Will cost more than first calculated ( SVT SE )

– EUK: Denmark to donate its ‘entire artillery’ to Ukraine: Prime minister Frederiksen ( Andalou )

– EUK: Denmark urges Europe not to hide behind production problems, supply weapons to Ukraine ( Ukro Pravda )

– EUK: Czech Republic ready to send 800,000 artillery shells to Ukraine if ‘funding is found’ ( Euromaidan Press )

– EUK: Fear and loathing in Munich – GR-FR-CY veto ammo purchase from outside of EU ( Politico EU )

– EUK: EU Commission wants anti-drone defenses at Brussels HQ ( Politico EU )

– USC: Biden administration is leaning toward supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles ( NBC )

– USC: The United States plans to train 12 Ukrainian F-16 pilots this fiscal year ( mil.ua )

MÜNICH – Money, thievery

– 404: Ukraine PM calls for fresh sanctions on Russia after Navalny‘s death ( Reuters )

– EUK: EU extends sanctions against Russia over occupation of Ukrainian regions until February 2025 ( Kyiv Ind )

– EUK: Europe seeks to sway Trump camp on NATO, Ukraine aid ( Reuters )

– EUK: Germany says failure to back Ukraine Aid could hurt US Economy – Pistorius ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: As the Ukraine war enters a third year, Putin waits for Western support for Kyiv to wither ( AP )

– EUK: Lithuanian president Nauseda said that sanctions against Russia are ineffective ( RT )

– EUK: EU Needs €100 Billion Joint Bonds to Defend Europe, Estonian PM Says ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: EU takes a step closer to using frozen Russian assets profits for Ukraine ( Euractiv )

– EUK: Bulgaria will allocate €60,000 to Ukraine for EU membership reforms ( Bourgas )

– EUK: Time to punish Putin by using Russian assets – after death of Navalny ( Times UK )

– EUK: Seize frozen Russian assets before US election, says Estonian PM ( FT )

– EUK: EU Should sell joint bonds to boost European Defense, Estonian PM Says ( Bloomberg )

– USC: DOJ to give Ukraine $500K worth of forfeited Russian funds ( The Hill )

– USC: ‘Ukraine Has Minerals’– US republicans propose loan instead of Aid – Graham ( Kyiv Post )

– USC: US troops will be on the front lines against Russia without further Ukraine aid – sen. Coons ( CNBC )

– USC: Europe is panicking about Ukraine aid. Biden’s team should tell the truth ( WaPo )

– USC: With American aid to Ukraine stuck in limbo, others must step up says Canadian DM ( CBC )

– USC: Despite Navalny, it will be weeks before US House considers Ukraine aid ( Reuters )

– USC: Biden urges Republicans to pass Ukraine aid package after Alexei Navalny’s death ( Telegraph )


– EUK: Julian Assange: court considers last-ditch bid to fight US extradition ( Guardian )

– ASO: Julian AssangeAustralian politicians call for release of WikiLeaks founder ( BBC )


– 404: Main Directorate of Intelligence confirms death of Russian pilot Kuzminov ( RBC Ukraine )

– EUK: A Russian pilot who hitched a helicopter to Ukraine was found dead ( ABC Spain )

– EUK: The man murdered in Villajoyosa is the Russian pilot who defected in 2023 ( EFE )

– EUK: Exclusive : “Traitors don’t live long” ( Il Corrispondente ITA )

– USC: Russia‘s kill order on defected helicopter pilot has ‘No Expiration Date’ ( Newsweek )


– EUK: How China plans to invade Europe – with electric vehicles ( Times )

– EUK: EU launches anti-subsidy probe into Chinese train maker CRRC ( FT )

– EUK: Exclusive: German investment in China rises to record high ( Reuters )

– EUK: China will ‘interfere’ in UK general election, warns Taiwanese diplomat ( Telegraph )

– EUK: The US needs a better strategic narrative or it will cede influence to China ( FT )

HOUSE SLAVES – unsorted

– USC: ExxonMobil warns EU that red tape might push it to invest elsewhere ( FT )

– EUK: Geert WildersNetherlands is Europe’s fool’ for taking in too many Ukrainian refugees ( Telegraph )

– EUK: Lufthansa strike hits air travel for second time this month ( Reuters )

– EUK: Europe Is being forced to reboot its car industry ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Olaf Scholz blocked Ursula VDL as Nato chief ‘because she would be too tough on Russia ( Telegraph )

– EUK: Ursula von der Leyen announces bid for 2nd term ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Hungary‘s government declines offer to meet US senators seeking approval for Sweden-NATO ( WaPo )

– EUK: EU to hit Apple with €500mn penalty in first ever music streaming fine ( FT )

– EUK: UK recession might be over already, says Andrew Bailey ( Times )

– EUK: Britain has raised a generation of anti-Semites. It might be too late to fix ( Telegraph )

– EUK: Nearly 5,000 Brits froze to death last year due to heating costs – EFP study ( RT )

– EUK: ‘It is shameful’: why the return of Victorian-era diseases to the UK alarms health experts ( Guardian )

context : Scabies, measles, rickets and scurvy


– EUK: Russia’s nuclear space weapon a risk for all, says German Space Command chief ( Politico EU )

– USC: Russia is developing nuclear space weapon, destroy satellites with energy wave ( CNN )

NAVALNY – representative sample, there’s literally a flood of these

– EUK: That’s why Navalny really died – was in negotiations to be exchanged!! ( Bild )

– EUK: After Navalny’s death, the West must get tougher on Putin ( Politico EU )

– EUK: The FT View. The extraordinary courage of Alexei Navalny ( FT )

– EUK: After Navalny‘They will arrest the activists..  then everything will die out’ ( FT )

– EUK: Navalny’s death is an expression of Putin’s fear, not strength – Mark Galeotti ( Sunday Times )

– EUK: How did Navalny die? Kremlin spies ‘visited prison’ days earlier ( Sunday Times )

– EUK: Navalny didn’t just show enormous courage and express irrepressible hope – he embodied them ( Guardian )

– EUK: The Navalny I knew – witty, relentless, unbowed to the last ( Times )

– EUK: Bill BrowderPutin ‘wanted Navalny dead’ to send message before election ( Times )

– EUK: Putin must pay for ‘murder’ of Navalny, say world leaders ( Telegraph )

– EUK: Putin foe Alexei Navalny dies in jail, West holds Russia responsible ( Reuters )

– EUK: David Cameron: Hold Putin accountable for Navalny‘s death ( Telegraph )

– EUK: US outrage at Navalny‘s death turns into a rallying cry ( Politico US )

– EUK: What next for Putin? After Navalny’s death, many fear what leader will do next ( Guardian )

– EUK: Putin kills off the Handsome Princes ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Alexei Navalny, Russian opposition leader who galvanized huge protests against Putin ( Telegraph )

– USC: Biden says ‘Putin and his thugs’ caused Navalny‘s death ( Reuters )

– USC: Trump breaks silence on Navalny – but no mention of Putin ( Times UK )

– USC: Trump compares himself to Navalny, death reminds him of ‘unfair courtroom decisions’ ( Telegraph )

– USC: Putin Critics ‘Close to Extinction’ in Post-Navalny Era ( Newsweek )

“Every time the Ukrainian Armed Forces abandon yet another city that they cannot defend due to a lack of ammunition, don’t just think about it in the context of peace and democracy. Think about the fact that it means Russian soldiers are a few kilometers closer to your homes and your children. And if you look at it from that perspective, you will find the money.”

Dymitro Kuleba, Foreign Minister of Ukraine



– ISR: Israeli warplanes bomb targets deep inside Lebanon ( videos, NNA Lebanon )

– ISR: Israel to restrict Palestinian nation’s access to al-Aqsa Mosque during holy month of Ramadan ( PressTV )

– ISR: Israel to expand gas exports to Egypt ( Reuters > Cradle )

– ISR: Israel’s Economy Contracts Nearly 20% After Outbreak of War ( Bloomberg )

– ISR: Rebuffing Biden, full cabinet rejects Palestinian state recognition as ‘prize for terror’ ( TO Israel )

– ISR: Nearly 75% of journalists killed in 2023 dies in Israel‘s war on Gaza: CPJ ( Al Jazeera )

– ISR: Fighting, fuel shortages knock out Gaza‘s second-largest hospital ( Reuters )

– ISR: Qassam Brigades hits Zionist Hermes 900 recon drone over Gaza ( PressTV )

– ISR: As Ramadan approaches, Israel threatens war on Lebanon ( Cradle )

– ISR: Israeli public prioritizes ‘Defeating Hamas over ensuring hostages return – Poll ( Haaretz )

– ISR: IDF chief in message to troops: ‘Unlike our enemy, we maintain our humanity’ ( TO Israel )

context: please don’t take souvenirs, or film revenge videos, LOL


– EUK: 26 EU countries warn Israel against ‘catastrophic’ Rafah offensive ( Reuters )

– WEA: Iran to US: Stop hypocrisy on Israel’s offensive against Rafah ( PressTV )

– WEA: Indian workers refuse to handle weapons cargoes for Israel ( PressTV )

– WEA: Israel was behind attacks on major gas pipelines in Iran, officials say ( WSJ )

– WEA: Arab League designates 60 Israeli organizations as terror entities ( PressTV )

– USC: Blinken hints at ‘extraordinary’ opportunity for Israel-Saudi peace ( Jpost )

– USC: US envoy says Israel has not presented evidence that Hamas diverted UN deliveries ( AP )

– USC: US to increase aid to Armenia to reduce its energy dependence on Russia and Iran ( AzerNews )

– USC: USAID Invests $5m in Armenia‘s Energy Independence: A Strategic Shift Towards Renewables ( Bloomberg )

– UN: The UN Security Council is voting on a Gaza cease-fire, with the US certain to veto ( AP )

– UN: US pushes for UN to support temporary Gaza ceasefire, oppose Rafah assault ( Reuters )

– UN: US moves to stop Israel’s invasion of Rafah at UN ( Telegraph )

– UN: UN court to weight consequences of Israel occupation: 52 countries to give evidence ( Arab News )

– UN: Top UN court to hold hearings on legality of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian-claimed lands ( AP )

– AFR: South Africa to prosecute any citizens fighting in Israeli Army ( MintPress )

– AFR: African Union condemns Israel‘s offensive in Gaza, calls for immediate ceasefire ( PressTV )

– AFR: African Union says Israel‘s observer status suspended ( Al Jazeera )


– LAT: Brazil‘s Lula compares Israel to NazisGaza war to Holocaust ( Jpost )

– LAT: Brazil’s president declared persona non grata – Israeli foreign minister ( TASS )

– LAT: Brazil Pulls Ambassador in Israel in Escalating Diplomatic Row ( Bloomberg )


– EUK: EU launches Red Sea naval mission – Aspides – to protect shipping from Houthi attacks ( Al Jazeera )

– EUK: British ship Rubimar sunk after being attacked by Houthis in the Arabian Gulf of Aden ( Sky )

– USC: Houthis say they shot down a US MQ-9 Reaper Drone Off coast of Yemen ( NYT )

– USC: US conducts strikes against Houthi underwater vessel for the first time since Red Sea attacks began ( CNN )

– USC: Pentagon acknowledges Yemeni forces deploy underwater drones in Red Sea for first time ( PressTV )

– USC: US navy’s battle against Yemen ‘largest since WWII’ ( US admiral > Cradle )

– GLO: Container lines ‘struggling’ with port congestion and ship shortages ( FT )



– USC: ‘Courage to serve’ : expedited citizenship for immigrants who enroll in military ( Washington Examiner )

– USC: SpaceX forges closer ties with UW Spy and Military Agencies ( WSJ Exclusive )

– USC: Bad property debt exceeds reserves at largest US banks ( FT )

– USC: Largest US banks set to log sharp rise in bad loans ( FT )

– USC: The Economy is booming, Data Show. Wall Street Thinks Otherwise. ( WSJ )

– USC: Goldman, hedge funds step up activity in physical uranium as prices spike ( Reuters )

– USC: The brutal reality of plunging Office Values Is Here ( Bloomberg )

– USC: How War in Europe Boosts the US Economy ( WSJ )


– USC: Out of office: Biden laps it up with weekends in Delaware ( Times UK )

– USC: White House Medical Unit flouted rules for years, reports find ( WaPo )

– USC: Biden’s brother used his name to promote a hospital chain. Then it collapsed. ( Politico US )

– USC: Federal agencies scramble to finish Biden’s rules — and protect his legacy from Trump ( Politico )

– USC: Nancy Pelosi lashes out at ‘grotesque’ Donald Trump – ‘cannot win’ ( Newsweek )

– USC: Trump-supporting truckers vow boycott to ‘shut New York City down’ after $355M fraud ruling ( NYP )

– USC: Antony Blinken‘s family is the latest target of Washington’s ugliest protest trend ( Politico )


– USC: Kremlin runs disinformation campaign to undermine Elensky, documents show ( WaPo )

– USC: Canada, US, UK endorse framework to fight foreign information manipulation ( CBC )

Context: developed by US‘supporting independent media’, go beyond ‘monitor-and report’ aproach


– LAT: Poverty in Argentina hits 20-year high at 57.4%, study says ( Reuters )

– LAT: Ecuador reverses plan to sell Russian weapons to US ( RIA )

– LAT: Russia to resume Ecuador Banana Imports after arms deal row ( AFP )



– RUC: Medvedev arrives in Grozny, Chechnya ( videos ), Lavrov arrives in Havana ( videos )

– RUC: Lavrov arrives in Caracas, Venezuela on 2nd stop of Latin American tour ( MFA )

– RUC: Biden offered prime time Russian TV slot – Dmitry Kiselev sends open letter ( RT )

– RUC: The Kremlin has never been richer – thanks to a US strategic partner – India ( CNN )

– RUC: Putin gifts Kim Jong-un a Russian-made car – Aurus Senat armored limo ( KCNA > Telegraph )


– RUC: Chinese scientists create a plasma stealth device to take military aircraft off the radar ( SCMP )

– RUC: China’s homegrown passenger jet makes international debut ( CNN )

– USC: US bid to loosen China’s grip on key metals for EVs Is stalling ( Bloomberg )

– USC: In quantum tech entanglement with ChinaUS may ‘already be behind’ as it blocks access ( SCMP )

– USC: Navy envisions ‘hundreds of thousands’ of drones in the Pacific to deter China ( Defense One )

– USC: Stellantis CEO says Chinese EVs are ‘possibly the biggest risk’ to him and Elon Musk’s Tesla ( Fortune )

– USC: The Taiwan Catastrophe – what America and the World would lose if China took the Island ( Foreign Affairs )


– ASO: Australia unveils plan for largest navy buildup since World War II ( CNN )

– ASO: India’s Most Powerful Politician in Generations Can’t Win Over its Farmers ( WSJ )

– ASO: Indian farmers reject government offer and say they will carry on marching to New Delhi ( AP )

– ASO: Japan‘s SDF to soften hairstyle rules as recruit shortage worsens ( Japan Times )

– ASO: Support for Japan PM Kishida‘s cabinet hits record low 14% – Mainichi Poll ( Mainichi )


USC = United States + Canada

EUK = Europe + United Kingdom | 404 = Ukraine

WEA = West Asia, formerly Middle East | ISR = Israel

ASO = Asia + Oceania

AFR = Africa

LAT = Latin America

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