**************** CHINA & RUSSIA ****************

LENA PETROVA & PASCAL LOTTAZ in convo on the Sino-Russian relation.

I want to underline some opinions I share with those 2 people on this topic :

*** It’s a CLOSE partnership, NOT an alliance.

*** China will only intervene militarily in the case NATO’s forces are at Moscow’s doors. A very unlikely event taking into account Russia’s awesome military might.

*** It’s NOT a love relation. It’s based on ** REASON ** that’s why it’s ROCK-SOLID & RELIABLE.

*** There are mutual grievances but NOT AT ALL endangering the relation.

*** Their dumb & hubristic common enemy, the KFC-AZAEL/USA/NATO, by its continuous clumsy and idiotic maneuvers, strengthened, is strengthening and will most probably keep on strengthening the Sino-Russian relation.

KFC-AZAEL : Kakistocratic Feudal Conglomerate of the Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment

NATO : North Atlantic Terrorist Organization

*** Both the Chinese and the Russian leaderships deeply understand that we are in an unique nexus of Universal History with economic, geopolitical & cultural tectonic shifts having happened, still happening & will keep on happening. The 2 major Sovereign Civilizational States ** CHINA & RUSSIA ** will play as skillfully as possible their respective roles first and foremost for their respective nations BUT this will have major direct consequences and incalculable indirect impacts for all Mankind.

I would like to remind everyone the Global Initiatives offered by the Chinese rulers :

***** The Global Development Initiative

***** The Global Security Initiative

***** The Global Civilization Initiative

***** The Global AI Governance Initiative

***** Last but not least, the BRI : the Belt & Road Initiative

***** The Russian rulers have too their own Global Initiatives, needless to say. And there are many opportunities for close Sino-Russian collaboration in many fields. I just want to mention their partnership in space for the future research station on the Moon.

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