China’s global innovation edge and a leviathan-esque 700 000 000 Chinese are under the age of 40

China has at least achieved parity.

In 30 years, 3/4 of Chinese living on farms to 2/3 of Chinese living in cities.

Innovations should be judged by the people’s willingness to use them. And there China has no equal. Ideas that take over marketplaces become a permanent feature of life.

From the Comment section (@gelinrefira) : ” It should be noted that your comment about the younger generation, the millennials and Gen Z of China not knowing what China was like back in the 80s and 90s works not just in how the transition of China shaped them, but also how they are less bounded by the traditions and rules laid down by the older generation especially in foreign policies.

In the past, Deng Xiaoping (1904-1997) said China needs to lie low, bide their time to become strong so they can achieve industrialization in relative peace. This is indisputably accomplished with magnificent results from the central planning of the CPC (Communist Party of China), the Marxist Leninist socialism with Chinese Characteristics. The younger generation has grown up in this hyper paced transformation, this is a generation that is not only hopeful, innovative, highly educated, they are also proud of their country’s achievements and its growing power. They will demand respect and the appropriate attitude confers to a superpower. The US provoking China and that China has not responded decisively in something big to knock the US out is still because of Deng’s era of restraint. I think this culture of restraint is slowly going away and why shouldn’t it go away. But the political environment in China is very vibrant and the people are smart enough to understand Deng’s restraint. But I can tell everyone one thing, if China is going to take a shot at the king, they won’t miss and the US will reap what it sowed. “

Here’s another insightful comment by @jackchiu7560 : ” Below are what the Harvard Business Review said over the years. Harvard Business Review 2014: Why China can’t innovate; Harvard Business Review 2021: China’s new innovation advantage; Harvard Business Review 2024: US needs to work with Europe to slow China’s innovation rate. IN FACT, WESTERN MEDIA ALWAYS LOOK AT THE WIND DIRECTION AND SAY THINGS FROM A WESTERN POINT OF VIEW THAT ONLY BENEFITS THE WEST, NEVER CHINA. Likewise, here are what The New York Times and The New York Post said over the years. NY Times 2021: China is burning more coal, a growing climate challenge. NY Times 2024: Yellen warns China against flood of cheap green energy exports. NY Post July 16, 2023: China’s export slump in the first half of 2023 dragged the World economy down. NY Post March 13, 2024: China’s export hike threatened the World economy. HYPOCRISY & DOUBLE STANDARD ARE LAID BARE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE — SHAMELESS, I SAY. “

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