China’s weapons AND the high principle that *War is the Continuation of Politics by Other Means*

The weapons mentioned below are already known but this channel (RACE TO SPACE) offers good & short summaries about the military gear for the general public with tactical &strategic considerations addressing **the high principle** that WAR IS THE CONTINUATION OF POLITICS BY OTHER MEANS.

Iran demonstrated with brilliance this high principle with the *Truthful Promise Operation* having happened during the night from April 13 to April 14, 2024.

Iran achieved completely her political goals by showing beyond any doubt to the whole World that the so-called Israeli Iron Dome and the combined fire of the West for protecting Israel is not as dazzling as the Western propaganda made almost everyone believe for so long.

And Iran did not escalate further once her political goals thus utterly accomplished and the *true* global community perfectly received the glaring message.

That’s precisely the pristine illustration of the high principle that *** WAR IS THE CONTINUATION OF POLITICS BY OTHER MEANS *** and NOT carpet-bombing defenseless & downtrodden peoples.

Below the hyperlink for China’s weapons :

China’s military is already bigger and better than Uncle Slaughter’s, and it only has to defend Taiwan, not attack Los Angeles and Honolulu. Thanks, Dr. Kwan Lee, for putting this list together!

Below a video featuring 傅 立 民 (Fu4 Li4 Min2) aka Chas Freeman explaining that Iran just destroyed US power in West Asia.

Chas Freeman (81 years old) is a scholar of Chinese Studies. He was the youngest diplomat and translator during the 1972 Nixon Visit to China. He also served in the past as US Ambassador. He is a brilliant geopolitical analyst and a prolific author.


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