DE-DOLLARIZATION & Electoral Circus

Argentina’s President Javier Milei decided for total DOLLARIZATION at the very moment the US dollar is on the verge of sinking & the Global Majority (88% of the global population) is DE-DOLLARIZING at high speed.

Fun fact : 🙃 Milei is not his full name. It has been truncated of two syllables. His whole name is Mileikowsky. By the way, Mileikowsky is the true name of Benyamin Netanyahu’s father for those who don’t know it.

Fun fact : 🤣 President Milei(kowsky) received & is still receiving through “channeling” the most insightful advices from his dead dog 🫣

Elect a clown and you will get a circus.


A circus invented by the Western kakistocrats for corralling their proles in opposing factions fighting among themselves uselessly. Well, … uselessly from the perspective of the proles, not from the kakistocrats’ perspective. Worse, among the proles, there has been and there will be utterly naive people sincerely believing that the electoral system can be improved …

Three major things are infinite : the Awareness of a Realized Man, the physical Universe and the people’s stupidity. And for the physical Universe, it’s not 100% sure.

The “democratic” Western electoral system is the quasi perfect transgenerational trap which has been invented for corralling with pristine efficiency the Western proles.

Oww !!! That’s *WHY* the Western smug dotards (aka the Western kakocrats) insist so much for so many decades on spreading ” freedom and democracy” through elections across the World.

Am I absent-minded !!!

And as an obvious and inevitable consequence, the four nations endowed with their respective devoted open aristocratic oligarchies are the smug dotards’ top existential threats. Surprised ? Not me !!!

I name *** RICK ***

*R* for Russia. Her devoted open aristocratic oligarchy is named *the Silovikis* (the Servants of the State).

*I* for Iran. Her devoted open aristocratic oligarchy is named *the Mollahs & the Pasdarans* (the Guides or the Masters & the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution).

*C* for China. Her devoted open aristocratic oligarchy is named the *CPC aka the CCP* (Communist Party of China aka Chinese Civilization Party).

*K* for Korea, the DPRK. Her devoted open aristocratic oligarchy is named *The Party of the Workers*

Concerning the Western proles, they typically and blatantly suffer from the Stockholm syndrome : the victims loving their oppressors and going back to them and to their torture devices again and again notwithstanding all the facts. Better stick with the devil you know than exploring new things with valor & wisdom.

Typical democratic men’s behavior. ‘Democratic men’ in the Platonic meaning and it’s far to be a compliment to be called a ‘democratic man’ by Plato (427-347 BCE). I believe it’s not a coincidence that the smug dotards (aka the Western kakocrats), having received an appearance or an imitation of an aristocratic education, know the Classics superficially and the lexicon associated with them BUT DID NOT REALLY DIGEST THEIR SUBSTANCE, chose the word *democracy* for their trap. The Western kakocrats are mocking & sarcastically abusing, among other things, the hapless and downtrodden Western proles to their faces.

Ceterum censeo KFC-AZAEL-nem esse delendam



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