I was hoping that the man creating * Jerry’s take on China * would address this highly important topic with his usual bonhomie, integrity & common sense rather than using abstruse philosophical speeches from others including myself.

And here is his LONG AWAITED VIDEO (11 minutes long) on **DIVINITY IN CHINA**

First, the choice of *Divinity* rather than *God* or even worse, *Deity*, shows the THE DEPTH OF THE MAN & HIS TRUE RESPECT FOR THE OTHERS *God* is blatantly inappropriate in the context of the Chinese culture and *Deity* is a word having the undertone that we are speaking about the beliefs of some tribal people or of a mythological entity and not about the experience of the Absolute, of the Transcendent, of the One. So *Divinity* is just perfect.

Second, he said : Almost 100% of the Chinese will do the right thing BECAUSE it is the right thing to do.


My take : Because the Chinese people are uplifted to the Divinity, to the One, to the experience of the Absolute, of the Transcendent, to the Sacred, to the Holiness of the Totality, to the Divine Reality, to Infinite Awareness since times immemorial by the presence in flesh of *MANY* SONS OF HEAVEN 天 子 LIVING AMONG THEM. In their appearances, those Sons of Heaven (Tian Zi) can manifest with a Buddhist garb, a Daoist accoutrement, a Confucianist robe, a peasant outfit, a worker overalls, a doctor white coat, a businessman suit, a T-shirt, a Court embroidered uniform or whatever.

The paramount Son of Heaven 天 子 (Tian1 Zi3) that is the focus of all the Chinese society is of course the Emperor or his contemporary equivalent bearing another official title but *** THE SUBSTANTIAL REALITY *** IS ABSOLUTELY THE SAME. In 2024, his name is 习 近 平 Xi Jinping.

Jerry said : Almost 100% of the Chinese will do the right thing BECAUSE it is the right thing to do rather than because of a law or a religious edict.

I always peruse the Comments section of videos addressing important topics because it’s quite common to find deep and brilliant opinions. This one, for example. The person wrote to Jerry : YOU ARE HITTING ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT DIFFERENCES * RESPECT versus FEAR * And I say that the difference is coming from the multi-secular teachings of Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism as imparted by the numerous Sons of Heaven having lived, are still living and will live among the Chinese people.

I dare write down that I know enough Western culture and history for boldly asserting that in general because there are always exceptions, the institutional religions of the so-called Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) are mostly politics by other means, not the high politics of statesmen/aristocratic men (S.A.G.E : Statecraft, Administration, Generalized Justice, Education) but the politics of politicking men, meaning mostly if not integrally M.O.B. (Money, Overbearing control, Blatant lust for power). Of course, historically and still nowadays, Buddhism and Daoism also had & still have politicking men disguised as religious/spiritual teachers but the type of societies within which those religions developed & are still developing (especially the sects having ambitious “gurus”, indigenously grown or the products of foreign subversion like Li Hongzhi having made the Falun Gong) never allowed them to be above the Law & the State except in the cases of the Tibetan and the Bhutanese theocracies in the past according to what I know.

Jerry kept on : If you come to China and you want to go to Church, you can … But if you want to come to China & YOU WANT TO PREACH YOUR OWN RELIGION OR ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO JOIN YOU, THEN YOU WON’T LAST LONG.

I want to add the following : As required by the Chinese laws, all religious groups are & will always be under the supervision of the NATIONAL RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS ADMINISTRATION (NRAA; the NRAA was formerly known as the SARA, the State Administration of Religious Affairs) aka the United Front Work Department (UFWD) having its main offices at 135, Fuyou street, Xicheng, Beijing. Moreover, if the bishop of Rome fantasizes that he might have one day the authority for naming the Chinese bishops and archbishops, I say to him : keep on dreaming. Same for the Western alphabet soup agencies and their convoluted subversion plans often using religious screens : Christian, Buddhist, Muslim screens, etc.

All religious groups must, as demanded by the Chinese laws, register with the NATIONAL RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS ADMINISTRATION (NRAA). They cannot start any activity without the authorization granted by the NRAA.

The images coming from China of churches, mosques or temples razed to the ground by bulldozers have their cause in the religious associations not having obeyed to the law prescribing them to register with the NATIONAL RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS ADMINISTRATION (NRAA). It was the consequence of not having respected the laws of the Chinese Nation and not a sign of religious persecution in China.

No religious group is above the Law & the State in China.

As His Majesty the Kangxi Emperor (born in 1654/ruled from 1661 to his death in 1722) said to some Jesuit missionaries in the past : No need for preaching to me about the Son of God because * I am the Son of Heaven*

Below is the hyperlink to *Jerry’s take on China*

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