Empire is not Imperialism

David Goldman aka Spengler. A man truly knowing how to wield a pen.

From his article “China’s imperial model and the Muslim World”-Asia Times :

(The hyperlink for David Goldman’s piece is at the end)

“The US Defense Department & various think tanks issue dire warnings about China’s military ambitions in Eurasia but so far China has deployed nothing but soft power.”

Please make the essential distinction between *Imperial* & ‘Imperialistic’.

*IMPERIAL* is the epithet for *Empire*, qualifying a Sovereign Civilizational State and its periphery or using a technical Latin word, its ‘limes’. For example : the Chinese Empire, the Russian Empire, the Persian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Great Mughals’ Empire, etc.

So ‘CHINA’S IMPERIAL MODEL’ is about the style of management at home and abroad; also the modes of interaction with different groups of peoples on the international landscape coming from the cultural habits of the Chinese Sovereign Civilizational State or the Chinese Nation-Empire-Civilization.

A SOVEREIGN CIVILIZATIONAL STATE is the organic result coming from the historical adventure of a group of peoples (not necessarily culturally unified at the beginning) inspired, led and directed by a continuous, uninterrupted lineage (having its branches obviously) of timocratic men and aristocratic men sharing the same culture and the same mythology; culture and mythology created by them and rejuvenated, enriched when needed by them with the regular contribution from persons coming from the general population entering at each generation into the open aristocratic oligarchy.

At the center of THE CHINESE POLITICAL MYTHOLOGY, still fully operational so to speak, created by the Ru Jia 儒 家 (Ru2 Jia1) called Confucianism by the Westerners in Confucius’ (551-479 BCE) honor, we have the person of the Sage Sovereign (or his contemporary equivalent) who concentrates in himself THE PARAMOUNT ATTRIBUTE granting the right to rule (Tian Ming 天 命 The Mandate of Heaven) : CHARISMATIC VIRTUE 德 (De2). That charismatic virtue attracts capable men willing to serve because they are positively delighted by the overwhelming presence of 德 in and radiating from the Sage Sovereign (or his contemporary equivalent). The Ru Jia can be translated as the School of the Scholars or the School for Aristocrats. The Kings of the Zhou dynasty (1046 BCE to 256 BCE) created the Ru Jia for their children and the children of their companions, the aristocrats. Confucius did not create it but his immortal contribution has been to offer that Classical Education, privilege of the hereditary nobility, to everyone. From that very moment, Chinese History changed radically and China’s pretensions of being one of the Everlasting Civilizations increased tremendously because the pool from which the potential rulers & State advisors can be chosen expanded dramatically. Hence the expression ‘open aristocratic oligarchy’ I used at the end of the preceding paragraph.

From the epistemological growth perspective, the Sage Sovereign is called Sheng Ren 圣 人 (Sheng4 Ren2). The 2 types of men willing to serve him, and through him the dual Ideas of Empire & Everlasting Civilization, are called respectively Jun Zi 君 子 (Jun1 Zi3), the gentlemen and Xian 贤 (Xian2), the worthies or worthy men.

Plato (427 BCE-347 BCE) called the Sage Sovereign (Sheng Ren) the Philosopher King, the Jun Zi the aristocratic men and the Xian the timocratic men.

The rulers & State advisors of a NATION-EMPIRE-CIVILIZATION are at the fourth layer (timocratic men) and the fifth layer (aristocratic men) of the epistemological development. The timocratic men are motivated by justice & order. The aristocratic men are motivated by playful exploration, inventivity, creativity and discovery. Sometimes, a Philosopher King (sixth layer of epistemological development and motivated by the creation of timocratic men and of aristocratic men) appears but it’s a rare occurrence. Those are the three layers (4-5-6) of BEING SHINING FORTH as the THREE INTEGRATED TIMELESS FORMS of Beauty (justice & order) : Goodness (valor & humanity) : Truth (wisdom) forming the Upper Trigram, the Trinity or the Timeless Reality, 3 other names for BEING.

‘IMPERIALISTIC’ pertains to imperialism.

IMPERIALISM is the most brutal expression coming from the Animal Kingdom not guided by the Timeless Reality shining forth the Eternal Forms of Beauty : Goodness : Truth.

Imperialism is infamously characterized by the 6 Es ::: Expansion : Extraction : Expropriation : Enslavement : Evangelization : Extermination. The archetypical imperialistic entity sadly still in operation nowadays is the KFC-AZAEL (Kakistocratic Feudal Conglomerate of the Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment).

AN IMPERIALISTIC ENTITY has its rulers at the second mind layer out of six layers of the epistemological development. Plato named them the plutocratic men (Confucius called them the scribes or intellectuals in modern parlance) endowed with a working, even brilliant intellect but utterly devoid of soul, whose motivations are profits, wealth & power for their own sake and not as mere TOOLS of power for higher purposes. They DON’T even have the third mind layer (called the psyche and it is the highest epistemological level of the Animal Mind. The Animal Mind is : 1- senses perceptions 2- intellect 3- psyche) granting emotional intelligence to those endowed with it; also an easygoing attitude when interacting with others and the mind openness and plasticity for negotiations and consensus. Plato called those having a psyche (an inchoate soul) the fake timocratic men because they APPEAR to be endowed with a soul. Confucius named them the magicians. Subordinate to the plutocratic men and manipulated by them are the democratic men motivated by hedonism, meaning compulsively seeking for the pleasures (and the inevitable associated pains) of the senses perceptions, tribal affinities and lex talionis. What we are seeing right now in the Gaza Strip is the most heart-wrenching reality we can get when the worst kind of plutocrats rule. The worst of the plutocrats are called kakistocrats/kakocrats.

From the article by David Goldman :

“The Chinese empire, unlike Christian Europe, never attempted to unify its people through religion. It demanded that they become “civilized”, as Sinologist Francesco Sisci observed, which meant learning the characters, wearing Chinese dress, and paying taxes to the Emperor.

Otherwise, they were free to speak any dialect or worship any gods they wish. In return, The EMPIRE provided INFRASTRUCTURE & ORDER.”

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