Hegemony versus Preeminence : Domination versus Win-Win attitude among unequal partners

John Mearsheimer is the perfect American imperialist. But guess what ? He’s a rock star in Beijing within the Chinese academic circles because he’s utterly candid and a bona fide Realist geopolitical scholar. The Chinese also love to look at reality as it is rather than sugar-coating it. Contrary to the hypocritical sanctimonious so-called Liberal perspective and the morons with college degrees upholding those farcical fantasies not buttressed by facts. It doesn’t mean one should not strive modifying what is unsatisfactory or unfair but such an endeavor needs to start from down-to-earth realities, measurable facts, ROOTED IN The Timeless Principles (Beauty:Goodness:Truth ::: Justice : Valor/Moderation : Wisdom) BUT FIRMLY LINKED to the acknowledged facts.

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