A year ago, on Feb 22, 2023; the late GONZALO LIRA published on Youtube a 10 minutes long video in which he rightly explained that the document published 2 days earlier on the website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is *** China’s Declaration of War on the US *** : US HEGEMONY AND ITS PERILS.

Since High Antiquity and keeping on, the Chinese Sovereigns always promulgated a detailed act of accusation or prosecution case if you will, against the targeted bandit before going to war. It’s precisely the nature and role of the text called : US HEGEMONY AND ITS PERILS.

The US is guilty of :


II- WANTON USE OF FORCE (militarily)

III- LOOTING & EXPLOITATION (agriculturally, commercially & financially)

IV- TECHNOLOGICAL MONOPOLY & SUPPRESSION (technologically & industrially)


The so-called rules-based order is right now utterly obsolete *** THE NEW INTERNATIONAL ORDER *** has begun because of the 3 following events :

A- RUSSIA’s UKRAINE SPECIAL MILITARY OPERATION (SMO) having started on February 24, 2022.

B- CHINA’s DECLARATION OF WAR ON THE US by the document called US HEGEMONY AND ITS PERILS published on February 20, 2023.

C- CHINA’s STATEMENT ON THE GAZA GENOCIDE at the ICJ (International Court of Justice) enunciated by Ma Xinmin, representative & legal advisor of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, published on Youtube on February 22, 2024. The essential point is that the Palestinians have the legal right to uphold their national sovereignty against an occupying power (Israel) by using force.

Here’s the hyperlink to Gonzalo Lira’s video. (He included in his video’s description a link to the English version of the Chinese document ‘US HEGEMONY AND ITS PERILS’) :

The video is at Gonzalo Lira – Again & its title is : 2023.02.22 China Declares War On The United States

Below is the hyperlink to China’s Statement on Gaza Genocide published by DawnNews English under the title : China counters US point by point at ICJ | Israel’s occupation of Palestine | Dawn News English

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