Nury Vittachi

Nury Vittachi is a Sri Lanka born and Hong-Kong based journalist and public intellectual. His extraordinary wit is an obvious asset for conveying a lot of priceless insights about the international landscape and China.

He created on Youtube a channel known as “Fridayeveryday”.

I will select some of his vids for your entertainment and edification.

Here is the first video from Nury Vittachi I chose for you :

It concerns some interesting recent results concerning academic performances by ethnic group or dare I write by RACIAL groups ?

And surprise ! Surprise ! … No, I was ironical because it’s something highly expected for me.

Academic performances are positively correlated with social skills and emotional intelligence.

Exactly what I experienced personally ALL my life with A LOT of people.

SMART people have an uncanny proclivity to be also NICE, CARING, RESPECTFUL to other people’s needs, desires and feelings. Smart people are also capable to take care of their own feelings, needs and desires and not let other people trample on them. It’s called emotional intelligence, as all of you know.

So IQ (Intellectual Quotient), as a Natural Law, correlates with EQ (Emotional Quotient).

The word ETHNIC has an overtone of ethno-cultural belonging with the cultural dimension playing as important a role if not more than the biological component.

The word RACIAL has the immense advantage to heavily indicate straight to the biological, hereditary component. The gene pool, to be crystal clear.

The Canadian John Philippe Rushton (1943-2012) made some of the most interesting researches on mental performances correlated with RACE.

Mental performances include the intellectual capacities and the emotional intelligence.

In this Dark Age, Rushton’s contribution has been wholesale labeled as “scientific racism”. Surprised ?

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