South China Sea Chinese victory in a recent electronic warfare involving the US

Chinese victory at the Huangyan Island known in English as the Scarborough Shoal, 198 km West of Subic Bay (Luzon Island, Philippines).中 美 在 南 海 爆 发 电 子 战 美 军 败 退/

The title of the article from Heping Ribao (above) is read in pin-yin : Zhong1 Mei3 Zai4 Nan2 Hai3 Bao4 Fa1 Dian3 Zi Zhan4 Mei3 Jun1 Bai4 Tui4.

The meaning in English is : South China Sea electronic warfare involving China & the US. The US military was defeated and retreated.

Below is a video from a Taiwanese TV channel reporting the same event.

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