Barrett offered us a blazing focus on one of Anthony Blinken’s latest speech. Hyperlink to his video on Youtube at the end of my note.

The neo-cons are certainly capable of using their minds, to a certain extent …

Blinken admitted that “we are at an inflection point”. The inflection point being the US/KFC-AZAEL (Kakistocratic Feudal Conglomerate of the Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment) is no more capable of imposing unilaterally their “rules-based order”.

The 20 minutes during which Barrett analyzed topic by topic Blinken’s speech made clear that the neo-cons, the KFC-AZAEL, the Western kakocrats/kakistocrats, etc., name them as you like, are absolutely capable to see reality, even if they will express that reality from their perspective. Hey, doesn’t everyone see reality and express it from one’s own perspective ? The KFC-AZAEL members are not different from all the other human beings concerning what is called perception or judgment. Blinken was capable to see that the World has changed. He was capable to see that his group is no longer capable of imposing their will on Earth. Of course, he sees it as the results of wicked maneuvers from the people he perceives as the enemies but that is his absolute right to see things from his standpoint and wishing to re-establish the primacy of the KFC-AZAEL in the international landscape.

What made them (the KFC-AZAEL members) achieve that quantum leap in perceptual capability ?

Two very basic inferior emotions : FEAR & PAIN.

I know it’s not the first time that I bother the distinguished members of this group with those musings.

The Western kakocrats not “operating” from the Upper Trigram (from the Timeless Forms of Beauty, Goodness, Truth), their actions are not driven by the superior emotions/desires for Justice, Humanity, Valor, Wisdom which are the corresponding human endeavors matching respectively the Timeless Forms of Beauty, Goodness, Truth.

So the only efficient realistic way to truly move them is by using the inferior emotions, by making them deeply feel FEAR & PAIN.

Here is an article, inter alia, on the distinction between the Lower Trigram (the Time Dimension or the Animal Kingdom) and the Upper Trigram (The Timeless Reality or the Eternal Forms) :

The Quantum Leap of the Soul’s Journey Across Chinese, Greek and Indian Cultures

In the last 2 years, as it did not escape no one in this group, the Western kakocrats felt at many occasions FEAR & PAIN at a high dosage so to speak, which is a good thing because it’s the only way to make them really think, to make them think in a healthier way since they have no real, existential access to the Timeless Forms of Beauty, Goodness, Truth. The Western kakocrats are capable of using the words Beauty, Goodness, Truth, Justice, Valor, Humanity, Wisdom and a lot more high sounding lexical units but there is no existential reality when those words are being uttered or written by them.

One of their mouthpieces, to be precise the mouthpiece of the “reasonable” faction of the KFC-AZAEL, Jeffrey Sachs, offered cuter and cuter speeches about international collaboration. Yet another indirect clue to the facts that the AZAEL (Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment) kakocrats felt enough FEAR & PAIN lately.

At the risk of appearing being flippant, I was never impressed by their veiled (and not so veiled) threats of using nukes because the KFC-AZAEL being fundamentally cowards bullying weaker people for the last 2 centuries, I’m unwaveringly convinced that they will never dare escalate to that level because this time they are dealing with competitors having the same weapons of mass destruction and not with the usual downtrodden nations falsely accused of having them.

And once again, the last 3 Sovereign Civilizational States on Earth capable of making the KFC-AZAEL members significantly feel FEAR & PAIN are named : China, Russia, Iran.

Speaking of FEAR & PAIN undergone by the KFC-AZAEL, on September 15, 2023 a Quasi Suez Moment (a QSM) happened in the Yellow Sea.

The US & South Korean navies were having joint naval maneuvers in the Yellow Sea scheduled for 5 days (September 15 to September 19, 2023) but they precipitously quit the Yellow Sea after 4 to 5 hours on September 15, 2023. They kept on their joint maneuvers farther away from China, in the Sea of Japan.

The US & South Korean warships were too close to the Chinese shores. They could have easily attacked the major industrial cities on the Chinese eastern coast. The PLAAF (People’s Liberation Army Air Force) and the PLAN (People’s Liberation Army Navy) coordinated their moves to chase away the intruders. Many Chinese aircrafts were scrambled over Taiwan. During the same time period, the Chinese Navy sent numerous warships surrounding Guam for many hours. No obvious response from the American sailors because they were completely clueless …

It’s not big enough for me to call the event THE SUEZ MOMENT when “the Emperor” is really seen as completely naked by everyone on Earth but I call this historical watershed a QUASI SUEZ MOMENT aka THE GUAM EVENT because it was not completely overwhelming for the KFC-AZAEL even if it was clearly a defeat. And the corporate Western media (aka the BLPM, the Big Lie Propaganda Machine) will most probably be capable to hide the event to most people living on Earth.

Don’t expect that kind of utterly humiliating event for the KFC-AZAEL (Kakistocratic Feudal Conglomerate of the Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment) to be reported in a Western language soon or it might never materialize in any Western language.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi !

Here is the hyperlink concerning that QUASI SUEZ MOMENT from a Taiwanese channel (in Chinese only of course) :

To those naive, absent-minded or hypocrite enough people for asking the following question : ” Is war with China inevitable ?”


Open your eyes, your hearts and your minds !!!

Technological war, cultural war, infos war, economic war, industrial war, financial war, kinetic war.

What happened on September 15, 2023 in the Yellow Sea when China chased away the US warships and their hapless vassals the South Koreans is a limited episode of a kinetic war. When the Chinese rulers sent numerous warships surrounding Guam for many hours, it’s also a limited episode of a kinetic war.

The major difference, compared to what happened most of the time in the last two centuries, is that THE WEST IS LOSING, LOSING, LOSING, LOSING, LOSING, LOSING, LOSING, LOSING, LOSING, LOSING …

I wish for the war to increase tremendously in intensity because there is no possible redemption for the Western “elite”. Only annihilation.

And now is a historic opportunity not to be missed at any cost. The Beast has to be beaten up to death without pity and without any hesitation.

It’s not revenge, it is justice and maybe even more important, it’s for the protection of the birth of a new World.

I would like to adumbrate the remarkable study by Alastair Crooke on the intrinsic totalitarian nature of the Western civilization as expressed in his stellar trilogy made by the 3 following articles :

1- The Masque of Pandora

The Masque of Pandora

2- A Birth of Tragedy

A Birth of Tragedy

3- Descent into Madness.

Descent Into Madness

First, Western civilization did not start with Greece or Rome. Certainly not with Sumer or Egypt. These are part of the fantasies and the cultural appropriations the little Westerners were brainwashed into believing because of the self-aggrandizement produced by their grown-ups. It doesn’t mean that there was not a veneer coming from those older cultures but it was not part and is not part as a LIVING flame of the West per se.

Alastair Crooke, with blazing lucidity and utter intellectual honesty, started the Western civilization with the Frankish tribes and he’s absolutely right.

The fish rots first from its head.

I always look at the nature of “the elites” of a given region because, and I will not necessarily make friends here, it’s not the plebeians but the members of the ruling class who define the Real : the mythology, the narratives, the role models, the values, the ideals, the aspirations, what is valuable and what is not valuable, etc.

Most of the general population absorbs subconsciously what the ruling class has defined as The Real. The princes and the leaders from the past centuries didn’t need Walter Lippmann or Edward Bernays, they understood those stuff quite naturally by themselves.

For Alastair Crooke, there is “a Bolshevik seed” that Rousseau sowed into the fertile soil of an extant Frankish European cultural disposition towards totalitarianism. This major idea has been developed in the first article : the Mask of Pandora.

And here, Alastair Crooke explained how, on the ruins of the Western Roman Empire, the Frankish tribes have been more organized, more capable of exerting their domination over others, let’s say less capable in that game. From there, the theology coming from the Catholic Church gave the justifications to their God-Ordained superiority. Their “natural” hubris, still well alive nowadays, has been the legacy received by the Western “elites” and ruling class.

With their maritime expansion from 1492/1498, they met 5 opponents or forces strong enough to say no.

1- The Ottoman Empire (Turkic) before the XIXth century.

2- The Great Mughals (Turkic & Mongol) Empire in India to 1757.

3- The different Turkic dynasties having ruled Iran (Safavids, Afsharids, Qadjars) to ~1800

4- The Ming Chinese Empire (1368-1644) & the Qing Chinese Empire (1644-1912) to 1839.

5- Last but not least : the Russian Empire. The long-lasting opponent.

Contrary to what many think, I don’t see the 250 years of Mongol suzerainty over Russia as been so deleterious. Russia inherited the glory of 2 Empires : The Eastern Roman Empire and The Mongol Empire. Both having universal pretensions. That glory defines Russia. The Russian Imperator (or his contemporary equivalent) is the homologue of Christ as inherited from The Eastern Roman Empire, the Basileus was the homologue of Christ. The only other civilization having something of that nature is China. The Chinese Emperor (or his contemporary equivalent) is the Son of Heaven. Maybe the Iranian Ayatollah has that kind of identity too but I know less Iranian culture.

What was common about the 5 Empires above — except for the glorious fact that all of them postponed as long as possible THE 2 CENTURIES OF DARKNESS, meaning the global domination of the Kakistocratic Feudal Conglomerate of the Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment/ KFC-AZAEL (1839-2022) —– is their non totalitarian nature.

There were a natural hierarchy and differences but each culture was authorized to express itself freely within the Imperial framework.

I want to remind everyone that the 2 World Wars (1914-1918 & 1939-1945) happened during the 2 Centuries of Darkness.

It is not a surprise for me that Russia, China, Iran and to a lesser degree, India and Turkey, are at the forefront for the creation of a World not controlled by the KFC-AZAEL. It’s an old combat not yet finished and this time the trends seem more in the right direction of Universal History.

The second idea by Alastair Crooke as developed in the next article (The Birth of Tragedy) is that “the Bolshevik seed” sowed by Rousseau budded into “Bobo groupthink” and became the Woke movement. I add : maybe helped a little bit by the concepts from the School of Frankfürt.

The third article (Descent into Madness) deals with “the psychological steps which lead towards totalitarianism : governments, mass media, and other mechanized forces using fear, loneliness, and isolation to demoralize the populations for exerting control, persuading large groups of people to act against their own interests — with destructive results.”

GROUP THINK/GROUPTHINK (as understood within the concept of “mass psychosis formation” explained by Professor Mathias Desmett) : a deterioration of mental efficiency (freezing both imagination & intellect) and moral judgment that results in the formation of a pseudo-reality, severed from the World, drifting away further and further from any connection with reality, AND THEN TO TRANSIT INTO DELUSION.

The Western kakocrats are right now equipped with their centuries-old hubris + a lot of delusions.

At the end is the hyperlink to Barrett’s comments on Blinken’s musings. Do the PAIN & FEAR felt lately by the Western kakocrats/kakistocrats powerful enough for bringing them back to the shores of reality or do they need more vigorous slaps in their faces ?

In case you have difficulties to reach Barrett’s video on youtube using this link, the title is : You won’t believe what Anthony Blinken said !!. And his channel is simply called “Barrett”.

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