Servant of the South 24/01/24

At the behest of the great Jeff J. Brown, I have been asked if I wanted to contribute to this wonderful network of sharing international solidarity, knowledge and inspiration.

I will try to do a weekly little pile of “best photos/screenshots on relevant geopolitical issues”. You can see it as a crossroads between the many images that flow around on the various SoMe apps and chat groups, which in this way enters the sphere of blogging.

Please let me know if anyone has ideas for the layout, or set-up. I often also do short screen recordings from relevant snippets of the interviews i spend all my day listening to, something I am sure we all do, maybe there would also be a way for me to share those clips through here? Not sure if it will allow me to upload video, I tried and it didn’t seem to work.

At any rate!

Here is my first test, see you again next friday!

If you want to check out my Instagram here it is.

And this link will lead you to my personal website where you can read more about me and what I do.

I also work in graphic design. You can see my work on this instagram profile, in case you have some inquiries. Which for example could be posters for events, book cover layout, you mention it.
I also do personalised orders if you want a portrait or have other ideas for gift for friends, what do i know. (PS. Scroll down on the page a bit to see my work, the latest posts are drawings by my daughter, since I have been too busy to draw my self lately, I have decided to keep the page active that way.)


Magnus S. Kjaergaard / Meunis ÿ.Ki

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