Israel’s final solution for the Palestinians. A brief history of Zionist genocide. It did not start in 2023.

In the comment section of an online article, cited below. Author unknown.

In the 10 years before Israel was created, from 1937 to 1947, Israel launched at least 50 major terrorist attacks, blowing up 814 civilian aircrafts, two trains, one ship, and razing 385 Arab villages to the ground.

Note that the above are only “major” terrorist attacks.

Between 1947 and 1949, Israel attacked major Palestinian cities, destroying some 530 villages and killing some 15,000 Palestinians in a series of mass atrocities, including dozens of massacres.

On April 9, 1948, Zionist forces carried out one of the most notorious massacres of the war in the village of Deir Yassin, on the western outskirts of Jerusalem, where more than 110 men, women, and children were killed by the Zionist militia of the Irgun and Stern Gang.

During this period, 750.000 Palestinians were driven from their homes and became refugees in their own ancestral land.

Refugees have the right under international law to return to their displaced homes and to recover their property. So Israel’s current occupation of Israel is illegal.

On December 11, 1947, Israeli terrorists threw bombs into a bus full of Arabs from a truck, killing six Arab civilians on the spot and injuring more than 30 people.

This kind of terrorist act was carried out on a daily basis by Israeli terrorists at that time, “insignificant” trivial incidents randomly picked out from historical records.

Bombing Arab buses was quite casual. Only bombing planes, trains and ships can be called “Big Terrorist Attack”. Israel is the father of modern terrorism. Later, all terrorists were inspired by examples set by Israelis.

With this forceful means of expressing “protest”, Israel’s demand for statehood was finally met by the United Nations, and the Israel state was successfully established in 1948. It was assumed that Israelis would stop such terrorist attacks once they are given a state.

Before the founding of the Israel state, 14 passenger planes were bombed, but those were all planes parked at the airport, so not much of a challenge for the Israelis.

The first terrorist attack in human history to hijack a civilian airliner was invented by Israel.

In December 1954, Israeli terrorists hijacked a civilian airliner in Syria and this form of terrorism was born. However due to the systematic suppression of unsavoury terrorist acts carried out by Israel, these acts are now associated with Islamists.

Only after strong condemnation from the international community and having won several Middle East wars with the support of the United States and having gained numerous advantages (US military aid, hundreds of billions of USD worth’s compensation from Germany) did Israel begin to become more “respectable” and endeavored to cultivate its image.

In order to quell the terrorist attacks launched by Israel in the Middle East, the United Nations announced the partition plan for Palestine and Israel, allowing Palestine and Israel to establish separate states.

According to the 1947 United Nations resolution, the Israelis, who constitute the minority, were allocated 57% of the most fertile, the most strategic part (coast etc) of the land in Palestine.

Whereas the Palestinians, who constitute the majority, were allocated 43% of the poorest part of the land of Palestine. One can only say that the Israeli lobby combined with Israeli terrorism was powerful and effective.

This land distribution plan was already very unfair, but the Israelis were not satisfied. Over the years, they have invaded almost the whole Palestine step by step through encroachment.

As you can see on the maps of Israeli expansion between 1946-2000, it’s spreading. Now almost the entire Palestinian area.

How have the Israelis managed to grab more than 90% of Palestinian land in the past half century?

Israel has massacred countless Palestinian civilians over the years. Violent beatings and killings are commonplace, and there have been many cases of openly shooting Palestinian women and children on the streets.

Protected by western governments and media, Israelis gained a moral pass to mass killings with perfect impunity.

This habit of killing Palestinians culminated in the killing orgy of the Beirut Massacre in September 1982.

The Israeli army blocked the Beirut refugee camp and carried out a horrific massacre that lasted 40 hours. A large number of women were raped and executed, and many boys were castrated and executed.

These atrocities triggered strong protests in many countries around the world.

On December 16, 1982, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution, condemning the massacre and characterized it as ethnic cleansing.

Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon claimed responsibility for the massacre and resigned from his post.

Thanks to Israelis’ twisted values, Sharon became a national hero because of this massacre, and was elected as Prime Minister of Israel in 2001.

So Israel had a mass murderer as their prime minister and are proud of it.

Today Israeli settlements are whitewashed and beautified into these pastoral outposts in the desert.

In reality, they are Israeli invasion strongholds, all of which were force taken from the Palestinians by armed troops without spending a penny, and then retired soldiers were allowed to live in them as a reward for their services…

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    6 months ago

    Thanks. A very useful summary of Zionist terrorism, atrocities, theft, War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity and Genocide. All to steal another Nation’s homeland. And to commit these crimes in the name of their God as if justified by divine intervention is an insult to Christianity and religious choirs World-wide. The desecration of Gaza and the West Bank must be stopped before more innocent people are killed, maimed, starved of food and water, denied aid, imprisoned without trial, made homeless and riven to desperation.
    This summary of offences should top the coming International War Crimes/Genocide Tribunal against Netanyahu and his terrorist band of homicidal maniacs.

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