Every Westerner should fear 5G, because they fear what their governments are doing with it to control and harm them. Chinese have no worries, since they trust that Baba Beijing serves the people and takes care of them.

Email from a fan,

Hi Jeff, i just saw a presentation about the danger of 5G and beyond, showing how bees die close to the antennas.

Since China is so much ahead of the West, I wonder how they are doing, since I do not remember having read any negative comments concerning this.  I also wish you a happy Easter Sent from my iPhone.

Hi, Franz. Yeah, 5G. Five G is very controversial in the West because Western governments are, have been inherently evil, aristocratic, anti people, anti democratic, authoritarian, totalitarian, genocidal and democidal for the last 3,000 years. In China, the government is usually good, helps the people and is concerned about the people’s wellbeing. The government trusts the people, and the people trust the government. 

So you should not trust your government in the West. And the Chinese can trust their government to do the right thing with 5G. Any technology can be used to hurt people. But, you have to have someone who wants to use it for evil purposes to do the damage. In China, the people trust the government to not use 5G to hurt them, but only to help them progress.

68 million handsets sold in China during the first 10 weeks of 2024. 80% are 5G,

Graph source: https://twitter.com/Kanthan2030/status/1775904573053419699/photo/1

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