Vietnam war victory helps China too: Mao Zedong

As Vietnam prepares to celebrate the anniversary of its 1968, history-changing Tet Offensive victory over the USA, comrade-in-arms Mao Zedong had a few sage words about China’s southern neighbor. He said,

Not only are the French colonialist aggressors the enemies of the Vietnamese people; they are also our foes. France is the common enemy of the peoples of China and Vietnam. China’s assistance to Vietnam is helping to defeat the French colonialist aggressors. To help restore peace in Vietnam is China’s help to our neighbor. In return, by defeating the French colonialist aggressors and driving them out of Vietnam, Vietnam will help China by freeing our southern border of the threat of France’s colonialist aggression. Thus, we should not one-sidedly refer only to China’s help to Vietnam. We must say that Vietnam is also helping China –– the assistance is mutual.

Quote from Mao Zedong

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