Words of wisdom and warning from Belarus. Is the West listening? (10mn video and outtake quotes)

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Thanks to my Canadian friend John Paul La France, who lives in Hebei, China, for sending me this. And at the bottom, I smiled when I saw the name, since Dr. George W. Oprisko and I communicate from time to time. It’s a small world.

This interview lasted 1.5 hours. Someone was nice enough to subtitle the 10mn outtake below.

As reported by Combate Twitter Post….

In a recent interview of Lukashenko by a Ukrainian journalist, the following was said….

LUKASHENKO: “Putin is no longer the person we used to know. His personal traits have been multiplied. Recent times have taught a lot to everyone, including Putin. He is now wiser and more cunning… claims that Putin has been weakened are total nonsense.”

LUKASHENKO: “The war was avoidable… at any point in time. It can be stopped now and it could have been avoided then… The Minsk agreements should have been implemented. We agreed on everything… But they were ignored.”

LUKASHENKO to Ukrainian reporter: “Your counteroffensive cost 45,000 people in dead and maimed. 45,000!.. Your losses are 1 to 8 at the frontline. And [Russia has] 250,000 people in reserve with cutting-edge hardware. You will be crushed… and the Poles rub their hands in glee. Pushed by the Americans, they will cut off the western regions… You have to take your head into your hands and act on the basis of reality. Act in the interests of this huge and beautiful territory.”

You can watch the interview here….

In it he tells the reporter to her face, in answer to her observation that Minsk is a far nicer city than Kiev, why that is…

Lukashenko meets Chinese Defense Minister, strengtheniong bilateral military cooperation

“We have always supported China in all its aspirations for more than 30 years, because we consider the domestic and foreign policy of the People’s Republic of China to be absolutely fair”

Lukashenko has been vilified in the collective west for his maintenance of the Soviet System in Belarus..


Belarus kept its industries……
Belarus skated through the COVID mess with few fatalities due to it’s state run medical system…
Belarus has an educated population due to it’s state run and free education system, which includes free university education for the talented, and free technical education which gives the country a cadre of tradesmen..
Belarus has sufficient electrical power to run its economy due to Lukashenko’s partnering with China for hydro and RosAtom for nuclear …..


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