Unbecoming American: Years of living deniably

Years of living deniably

The summer of discontent is upon us. Whether we will find ourselves witness to direct exchange of fire or targets of another global counter-insurgency sweep is anyone’s guess. This time in 2020 the most massive abrogation of human and civil rights (temporary privileges granted to selective populations at different levels) in recorded history was accelerating on the highway to Hell, paved by the psychopathic oligarchy and the pharmaments industry. In the first half of 2024, distorted, partial, and self-serving disclosures and omissions have animated what remains of critical faculty in the West.

Predictably, at least for those few who learned no later than 2001 to trust nothing governments and corporations say or do, the schedule of lies—both by commission and omission—has been released for public assessment. Almost without exception, the assertions made by those who opposed both the state of siege and the subsequent mass poisoning of approximately a billion people have been verified in fragmentary form. The arbitrary nature and futility of the measures even for their ostensible purpose have been admitted. The genetic engineering origins of the alleged pathogen have also been licensed for public chatter. A recent report attributed to Establishment mouthpiece, Reuters, claims that covert US military operations included an Internet campaign to discredit China’s Sinovac injections, presumably to protect Pfizer market share. An “anti-vax” attack on the Philippine government was supposedly launched to discourage Filipinos from taking the Chinese prophylaxis. Such an “anti-vax” operation in the former US colony persisted while in the rest of the West those critical of the de facto mandatory injections were actively suppressed. Perhaps one should not rush to attribute so much value to this revelation.

The concern about the competition in the injection market, also known as vaccines or biologics (a term used to evade certain legacy regulatory conditions that survived the gutting of public institutions for assuring safe food and drugs) belies a confidence in the underlying official myth upon which the so-called COVID-19 pandemic is based. Hence one can see how these disclosures trigger gossip habits among critics, diverting their attention from the core issues.

Starting with the basic deception at the end of November 2019, there were early analysts like Larry Romanoff in Shanghai (aka Moon of Alabama I believe) who provided a clear breakdown of the alleged spread of whatever pathogen(s) were attributed to the first December days in Wuhan, Hubei province. Numerous other, meanwhile forgotten or ignored observers pointed to the coincidence of the World Military Games and a strangely ill US contingent. The suppression of reports by a medical practitioner in Washington State, early in the run-up to the all out war, has also been forgotten for all intents and purposes. Other observers pointed to the peculiar and not entirely explained role of a US agent, ostensibly on behalf of the paramilitary Centers for Disease Control, who had been seconded to China until shortly after the alleged outbreak when she suddenly returned to the US. Here it should be noted that the general ignorance of the standard literature on covert action became apparent. Aside from a few early commentators, there were hardly any reactions to these reports. All focus turned to pseudo-medical debates about transmissibility of animal viruses to humans and security conditions in biological experimentation laboratories. The obvious signals of covert action were scrupulously ignored or merely overlooked. David Martin remained one of the diligent open source researchers who refused to ignore the accumulated twenty years of overt-covert action. None of the mainstream and much of the conformist alternative media perpetuated the navel contemplation by which every event in the world is measured.

For example, while attention was focussed on the Japanese cruise ship in quarantine almost no questions were raised as to how a Wuhan “infection” became lethal for several high-ranking Iranian officials. Despite the well-known assassination campaign by the settler-colonial regime in Palestine and its principal patron on the Potomac, virtually no one discussed the possibility of a complex synchronisation of belligerence. The repeated occurrence of extraordinary livestock infections in China have yet to reach common consciousness in the overall story. Meanwhile the role of the Italian NATO Gladio squads in bombing the Bologna railway station (2 August 1980, killing 85 and wounding over 200) is public record. Aside from the fact that the OSS/CIA and Italian organised crime (aka the Mafia) have been running Italian politics since 1944, one needs no imagination to contemplate a scheme by which the Bergamo “covid” deaths in old-age facilities could have been perpetrated. The COVID-19 “pandemic” is entirely consistent with the NATO “strategy of tension” executed by Gladio units throughout Europe in the 1970s and early 1980s.

In short before launching a dilettante debate about healthcare policy and pandemic preparedness, the facts on the ground already discredit any such starting point. On the contrary, while there continues to be speculation about “lab leaks” and “blow back”, there is little consistent discussion about the actual events in sequence and their political context.

What can be called the COVID counter-insurgency is really a sequel to the 2001 Global War on Terror triggered by relatively minor state terrorism using US military grade anthrax and followed by the highly profitable demolition of the World Trade Center towers in New York City. As has been argued elsewhere we are in the midst of a world war and it is against us. The euphemism “hybrid warfare” actually designates the systems approach to global counter-insurgency. The so-called “Great Reset” is better named “Phoenix 8.0”—the “infrastructure” to be neutralized is the bulk of humanity itself. While the weblogs surge with daily fear reports and reminders of what our psychopathic 1% “could do” little attention is directed to what they have done and are doing.

Admittedly there has to be some reason to wake every morning and not reach for some means of self-destruction. Yet in the midst of a crusade, the “infidels” have to know that they are dealing with religion and religious fanaticism and not misguided or mistaken neighbours whose only vice is too much money or power. That said, the ultimately political nature of the present struggle should not be forgotten. A political struggle is always collective even if not uniform. The hybrid quality of the offensive can be seen in the way overt military action, e.g. the war in Ukraine (as well as a hundred others with no exposure) and the mass murder of indigenous inhabitants in the reservations established by European settler-colonialists in Palestine are part of the same action that was launched in 2020—although demonstrably in the active planning and rehearsal phase since 2001!

Whether or not there was a novel virus and whether or not it leaked (deliberately) or was deployed ought not to be ignored but relegated to the details bin. “The virus” did not do anything—people did. More attention ought to be given to some hundred biological weapons laboratories operated by the US under contract in every country bordering Russia or China where foothold can be obtained. Jeffrey Sachs can be taken at his word when he confirms publicly what the record has long shown– that NIH (and CDC) are the cover for the massive US pharmaments industry, developing weapons against enemies both foreign and domestic. Global health threats are just the next stage in the jargon of hybrid warfare that started in 1913. The purpose of hybrid warfare or counter-insurgency is population control. Territorial control follows naturally. Population control means the exercise of force, physical, psychological, personal and environmental to manipulate the target humans at whatever scale is deemed necessary to achieve strategic objectives, e.g. power over natural resources, space, energy, “elimination of useless eaters”, etc. The crucial innovative success of the past four years has been enhanced scalability. Moreover through years of highly selective hyper-indoctrination, the COVID counter-insurgency could be launched without B-52 bombing strikes. However assassinations were and remain an essential part of mission tactics.

A series of articles posted in Dissident Voice and Global Research in 2020, 2021 and 2022 describe these operations in conceptual detail. Repeating them here would add only length.

The principal barrier to political analysis and after-action deliberation lies in the trauma of mass deaths. That is also part of the overall strategy. The oligarchy that waged saturation bombing against Germany, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, just to name the most egregious cases, learned that this does not break civilian morale. Instead they adopted the lesson of concentration camp management, namely that senseless death from disease, malnutrition, and other quasi-natural phenomena, even though induced by an aggressive external force, is far more traumatic. The trauma is compounded by the psychological torture of incarceration itself, especially irrational and arbitrary discipline imposed in prison-type conditions.

Failure to understand the degree to which the healthcare system has been integrated into the military-industrial (pharmaments) complex over the course of a century, i.e. Rockefeller control over medical education and certification finally established by the end of WW2 (when the WHO was established to internationalise it), prevents many serious critics from distinguishing between healthcare and state-ordered euthanasia. Trust in the Marcus Welby, Ben Casey, or Doctor House versions of in and out patient medicine has sustained a Disneyland view of the hospital and the virtually extinct GP. Here Lars von Trier’s 1994/1997 mini-series The Kingdom would be a far more instructive story.

Morticians and whistleblowing staff along with less naive medical experts repeatedly pointed to systematic malpractice perpetrated by hospital administrations for pay. Physicians in private practice have long been discouraged from practicing proper diagnosis and preventive care by state and private health insurers who only pay for treatments and expensive technology. The amount of money – bribery – paid throughout the North American and European hospital and outpatient “healthcare” apparatus to sustain the illusion of a pandemic—which was only so defined by a deliberate alteration of the international health regulations to accommodate the scheme—has yet to be measured. Add to this the amounts of bribery paid to obtain exclusive, mandatory deployment of the definite biological weapon: the genetic engineering injection euphemistically called a “covid vaccine”.

So far what we have is the fundamental collapse of anything resembling a popularly accountable government at any level and its entire appropriation by financial interests (hedge funds, private equity, banks etc.) armed to the teeth with the world’s most powerful propaganda apparatus and legions of brainwashed terrorists.

This war is far from over. One of the few Germans conspicuous for his attempts to integrate all these levels of hybrid warfare, eschewing distractions but collecting all details that might help explain the incoherent and contradictory aspects of this war, Reiner Füllmich, has been held in German maximum security prison for the past six months after he was kidnapped in Mexico by secret police assets. Having established in open court (Göttingen regional court) that the charges of embezzlement and dereliction of fiduciary duty upon which he has been held were not only fraudulent but baseless on their face, the presiding judge simply amended the charges and insisted that he would be found guilty of something else. Documents disclosed establish that Füllmich was kidnapped, charged and incarcerated by conspiracy of the German secret police. Others have already been silenced, bankrupted or driven into exile. During the active phase of the counter-insurgency fatal “accidents” neutralized several of the more prominent opposition, just in Germany. There has been no tally of the political assassinations in other countries. However, it is reasonable to say that large numbers of those in hospital did not die from a “virus” but from institutional violence, to paraphrase Johan Galtung.

The most well-trained response to the above is to deny that there is sufficient proof. Denial is also derived from the apparent absence of some “plan” that could have produced this result. Was it all just for money? Could these folks really have planned to cull a billion or so people from the herd? Not everybody was injured or died from the injections. It was an unprecedented emergency, hence mistakes could be expected. Certainly all these well-meaning medical professionals did not go to work to kill the old and infirm isolated in their factories. Some of our best friends are doctors.

These objections miss the point of counter-insurgency, covert warfare and hybrid operations. The psychological control which is the ultimate aim of hybrid/ counter-insurgency operations derives from what must be called a “conversion”. Conversion is different from conquest. Conquest seizes the land but leaves the people. Conversion seizes the people, the land follows. Conversion is accomplished through trauma, destruction of the knowledge base of the target, and injection of a new structure to replace the knowledge base destroyed. That is the technology of Christendom, Christian mission.

Moreover the trauma not only destroys the knowledge base it undermines the target’s capacity to distinguish internal and external phenomena. No deception is ever perfect. Therefore it is necessary to create and maintain sufficient doubt and uncertainty in the target so that he or she is unable to stabilise any explanation for events and circumstances to which he or she has been subjected. This is what torture aims to do. Helplessness, although also an illusion, is a powerful means of self-control. Conviction replaces empirical experience and all facts become deniable. William Colby, while Director of Central Intelligence, explained to the US Congress the meaning of plausible deniability. Then he was only referring to the actions of the Agency. Since 2020 Western society has been restructured entirely along those lines. So began the years of living deniably.



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