Ben Tóth goes ballistic in his latest talking point outline, with video clips. Time to lock and load!

I’ve already printed out my copy. Watch the show he co-hosted this week,

Blowback: Exposing Imperial Decline



ENORMOUS LOSSES – of men and glitzy Western equipment being admitted more and more.

DANILOV DARK SANTA – knows who’s naughty and nice, insults Chinese diplomat Li Hui.

STOP BOMBING RUSSIAN OIL – says the US, it’s increasing prices! And they might retaliate ( they did this morning )

PAY FOR CRIMES – After 25 years, Russia asks the UN to hold NATO responsible for Yugoslavia ( also Germany for Leningrad )

MACRON FLEXES – Russia does not flinch, Pyotr Pavel has an epic response, as do the Brits.

US WHAC-A-MOLE – The plan was to extend Russia, now they’re failing at plugging all the holes.

EU DOES NOT MATTER – Sorry, not sorry. Already broke, courting economic disaster by stealing and/or debt.

YEMEN RUSSIA-CHINA – Sign of things to come, I’d say likely BRICS member at summit in Kazan October.


context: 2024 losses: 71,000+ people | 11,000+ armor | 4 Abrams | 5 Leopard | 6 Himars | 5 Patriot – Shoigu

“Putin must lose. This is a life or death situation for the democratic world.” Elensky, official X


“I don’t understand who can take our territories, our lands and throw them away like that.

Because it seemed to some Hui, or whatever his name is, that they should decide this.”

Danilov, head of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine


“If we win, you will be paid back in Russian oil, gas, diamonds and fur.

“If we lose, there will be no issue about money”

“it will become the issue of how the West can survive”

Volodymyr Omelyan, former Ukraine Infrastructure Minister


– 404: Ternopil regional council awards Yaroslav Hunka, who made Speaker of the Parliament of Canada resign ( Suspline UA )

– 404: Elensky’s Servant of the People party in complete disarray as dozens of MPs consider resigning ( NvO Ukraine )

– 404: Russia targets Ukraine‘s energy infrastructure: explosions rock multiple cities in Ukraine ( Euromaidan Press )

– 404: Ukraine closing public access to ‘International War Sponsors’ list – citing ‘negative impact’ ( Kyiv Independent )

– 404: Elensky‘s Servant of the People party close to disorganization due to lack of motivation ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Russian Nuclear Plant near Ukraine border attacked by drones – Kurchatov NPP, Kursk ( Newsweek )

– 404: Russia‘s target in 21 March missile attack on Kiev was Ukraine‘s Defence Intelligence ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: We also purchase satellite imagery from commercial sources – Ukraine’s spy chief ( Kyiv Post )

– 404: This year, Russia dropped more than 3,500 bombs on Ukrainian positions – MoD ( Mil UA )

– 404: Ukraine map shows Russian advances as Moscow claims another village ( Newsweek )

– 404: Kiev hit by more than 30 Russian missiles – 17 people hurt ( Telegraph UK )

– 404: Ukraine updates: Russia launches ‘largest’ attack on energy ( DW DE )


– RUC: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the release of the village of Tonenkoye in the DPR ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Russia says it is pushing Ukrainian forces back, will create two new armies by end of 2024 ( Reuters )

– RUC: Ukraine‘s military losses amount to over 71,000 people since start of 2024 – Shoigu ( Sputnik RU )

– RUC: Russia starts mass-producing three-tonne bomb for use in Ukraine – FAB-3000 ( Sputnik RU )

– RUC: Munition components production soaring by 22 times – Russian Defense Minister ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Ukraine‘s losses of HIMARS, Patriot launchers in 2024, according to Moscow ( Newsweek )

– RUC: Russian forces pound Ukrainian troops, equipment in 121 areas over past day ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Ukrainian officers negligent in their duties and attitude to Personnel – POW ( Sputnik RU )


– RUC: Kremlin, in change of language, says Russia is ‘at war’ due to West‘s role in Ukraine ( Reuters )

– RUC: Special operation being turned into war does not mean state of war de jure – Kremlin ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Kremlin says Russia ‘in a state of war’ in Ukraine for first time ( France 24 )


– 404: Taurus, Storm Shadow, or ATACMS – West competes to see which missile will destroy Crimean bridge ( NVo Ukraine )

– 404: Ukraine takes note of who congratulated Putin on his ‘election’ victory – Danilov, Defense Council ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Don’t overestimate Russia. What Ukraine needs to seize the initiative in 2024 – Michael Kofman ( NVo Ukraine )

– 404: Russia targets Kiev with biggest missile attack in weeks – Ukraine said it had intercepted all 31 missiles ( NYT )

– 404: Ukraine‘s Commander-in-Chief says Ukrainian forces stabilized situation in Ukraine‘s east ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Ukrainska Pravda no longer refers to Putin as ‘president’. Why not, and why it matters? ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Symbolism or Strategy? Ukraine battles to retain small gains – worth cost, Russians pay higher ( NYT )

– 404: Russia fires 31 missiles at Kyiv in the first attack in weeks but Ukraine intercepts them all ( AP )

– 404: Ukraine sets sights on ‘Important Target’ in Crimea – new railway connection – GUR ( Newsweek )

– 404: Ukraine says it could make 2m drones a year with financial help from West ( Guardian UK )

– 404: Ukraine races to build weapons at home – lack of funds and gunpowder ( WaPo )

– 404: Russia’s war effort may not be as formidable as it looks ( Kyiv Independent )

– 404: Ukraine downs all missiles in Russian barrage against Kiev( Bloomberg )


– EUK: Polish farmers end protest as government agrees to suspend Ukrainian agricultural product imports ( Andalou TR )

– EUK: Tens of thousands of farmers join blockades around Poland in largest protest so far ( Notes from Poland )

– EUK: With unsold grain piled high, a Polish farmer faces an uncertain future as war in Ukraine grinds on ( AP )

– EUK: Gridlock across Poland as farmers stage general strike – blocking roads all over ( Andalou TR )

– EUK: Russia is winning the global grain war – turing EU against Ukraine in process ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Warsaw blames EU Commissioner Wojciechowski for farmers’ protests ( Euractiv )

– EUK: Top Elensky adviser condemns EU protectionism – Podolyak ( Politico EU )

– EUK: EU ambassadors flinch at Ukraine free-trade compromise ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Polish farmers block roads in new Ukraine imports protest ( France 24 )

– EUK: Polish farmers intensify protests against ‘executioner’ EU ( Reuters )


– 404: Ukraine FM Kuleba to visit India to shore up support – for ‘global peace initiative’ in Switzerland ( Bloomberg )

– 404: India‘s Modi speaks to PutinElensky ahead of top Ukraine minister’s visit ( Reuters )

– 404: China may boycott upcoming peace talks on Ukraine if Russia is not present ( UNN )

– 404: Elensky’s security chief insults senior Chinese diplomat – Danilov + Li Hui ( RT RU )

– 404: Beijing wants Russia at Ukraine’s Peace Summit, Kiev says no ( Kyiv Post )

– EUK: Pope calls on Ukraine to hold peace talks with Russia again after criticized for controversial statements ( Ukro Pravda )

– RUC: China‘s Xi Jinping to visit France in early May – reduce hostility, first EU trip since pandemic ( Politico EU )

– RUC: Exclusive: Putin to visit China in May – first trip of new presidency, details unknown ( Reuters )


– 404: Australia creates ‘Ukraine‘s war: the Other side’ documentary with full access to the Russian front ( ABC )

– 404: Ukraine‘s ambassador blasts ABC for airing ‘bowl of vomit’ documentary on Russian invasion ( ABC )

– 404: ABC releases statement on documentary – challenging but legitimate ( ABC )


– USC: US has urged Ukraine to halt strikes on Russian oil refineries – driving up crude prices !! ( FT UK )



– ISR: Netanyahu assails Schumer, dramatizing partisan split over Israel – remote speech to Republicans ( NYT )

– ISR: IDF chief Herzi Halevi expected to resign before year’s end, per Israeli reports ( Jerusalem Post )

– ISR: The dilemma impeding an IsraelHamas cease-fire – Israel’s goal of destroying the group ( WSJ )

– ISR: Netanyahu tells Republicans Gaza war will continue, days after Schumer speech ( Reuters )

– ISR: Heavy fighting rages around Gaza’s biggest hospital as Israel raids it for a second day ( AP )

– ISR: Israel suspends government spokesperson after dispute with UK foreign secretary ( FT UK )

– ISR: Israel claims 90 Hamas casualties at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza ( Times UK )

– ISR: As Canada halts arms to Israel, who could follow? ( TO Israel )


– USC: Private US firm wants to coordinate aid boats to Gaza – Former military, CIA officials tap foreign donors ( ABC )

– USC: Gaza’s waterfront property could be ‘very valuable’, says Donald Trump’s son-in-law ( Telegraph UK )

– USC: Who’s behind the pro-Palestinian protests that are disrupting Biden‘s campaign events? ( NBC )

– USC: Trump‘s son-in-law praises ‘very valuable’ potential of Gaza property ( Euronews )

– USC: Republican Speaker plans to invite Netanyahu to address Congress ( FT UK )

– USC: Congress seeks to bar funding for UN Agency for Palestinians ( NYT )


– USC: US and UK doctors in Washington to warn of IDF’s ‘appalling atrocities’ in Gaza ( Guardian UK )

– USC: Rafah was Gaza’s last refuge. The overcrowded city is now a target. ( WaPo )

– USC: The Red Sea has become a War Zone full of Vulnerable Ships ( Bloomberg )

– USC: The Houthis are making History in the most dangerous way ( Newsweek )

– EUK: EU leaders to call for immediate Gaza ceasefire as they gather at summit  ( Guardian )

– UN: Documents reveal alleged pattern of Israeli harassment of Unrwa workers on West Bank ( Guardian UK )

– UN: UN says Israeli restrictions on Gaza food aid may constitute a war crime ( Guardian UK )

– UN: US submits draft UN resolution calling for ‘immediate ceasefire’ in Gaza ( Le Monde FR )

– UN: US calls for immediate Gaza ceasefire in draft UN resolution ( Times UK )

– UN: In Gaza, starving children fill hospital wards as famine looms ( Reuters )


– WEA: Yemen‘s Houthis vow ‘more impactful strikes’ on USUKIsraeli ships ( Andalou TR )

– WEA: Iraqi Resistance forced US back to negotiating table: Al-Nujabaa ( Al Mayadeen LE )

– WEA: Iraqi resistance urges Baghdad to accelerate withdrawal of US forces ( PressTV )

– WEA: Yemen’s Houthis tell China, Russia their ships won’t be targeted ( Bloomberg )

– WEA: Lebanon busts ‘extensive, dangerous’ Israeli spy network in Beirut ( Cradle )


– AFR: EU legal adviser backs cancellation of EUMorocco fishing agreement over disputed Western Sahara ( AP )

– AFR: Sudan is on course to become the world’s worst hunger crisis, with children already dying, UN says ( AP )

– AFR: US seeks to keep troops in Niger after key ally calls their presence illegal ( WaPo )

– AFR: Putin extends Africa reach with Niger ready to boot out US forces ( Times UK )

– AFR: Somali pirates return, adding to global shipping crisis ( Reuters )


context: US Sent Sullivan and Bauer to Kiev, Austin to Ramstein to reassure / pressure Ukraine

context: US also sent Blinken to: Vienna > Seoul > Manila > Jeddah > Cairo, and soon > Tel Aviv

        “ATACMS, I am going to disappoint you, I have nothing to announce here publicly today on that issue” – Sullivan

        “Not just grenades, you need people to replace the dead and wounded. And this means mobilization” – Bauer

        “Today, Ukraine’s survival is in danger and America’s security is at risk” – Austin


– 404: Biden’s adviser did not mention regaining territories when talking about conditions for Ukraine‘s victory ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: What Ukraine thinks of Republicans’ loan plan – ‘somewhat offensive to people here’ ( Politico NatSec newsletter )

– 404: Ukrainian FM calls on US Congress to finally unblock aid to Ukraine after Russian attack on Kiev ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Biden‘s point man visits Ukraine with bundle of promises on getting Aid ‘out the door’ – Sullivan ( Sputnik RU )

– 404: Missile attack on Kiev: Foreign Minister Kuleba urges on US Congress to unblock aid ( Ukrinform )

– 404: On visit to KievSullivan confident US House will pass additional Ukraine aid, eventually ( CNN )

– 404: US National Security Advisor says can’t predict release of Ukraine aid ( Barron’s | WSJ )

– 404: Ukrainian premier sees US aid coming as early as this month – Shmyhal ( Bloomberg )

– 404: Biden’s man vows more help coming for Ukraine despite US gridlock ( Politico US )

– 404: Top White House aide makes secret trip to Ukraine amid US aid impasse ( WaPo )

– 404: White house warns Kiev it cannot say when Ukraine aid will come ( Kyiv Post )

– 404: Congress will pass $60B Ukraine aid: Biden official in Kiev ( Bloomberg )


– 404: ​​Ukrainian FMr calls on NATO top leadership to return to training Ukraine‘s military in their home country ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Ukraine can still win the war, one should not be pessimistic – Chairman of NATO Military Committee Bauer ( Censor Net )

– 404: NATO Military Committee chair warns against excessive pessimism about Ukraine‘s chances to win war ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Chairman of NATO Military Committee in Kiev: Visit shows that NATO, Ukraine are closer than ever ( Interfax Ukraine )

– 404: Ukraine needs new draft to army to replace dead and wounded – Chairman of NATO Mil-Com Bauer ( Censor Net )

– 404: NATO admiral calls for mobilization in Ukraine to replace fallen and wounded servicemen ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Syrskyi met with NATO delegation led by Bauer: Ammunition and air defense key priorities ( Censor Net )

– 404: Admiral BauerNATO military head, makes first Ukraine visit since Russian invasion ( Euromaidan Press )

– 404: NATO military delegation visits Kyiv for first time since start of full-scale invasion ( Kyiv Independent )

– 404: NATO military Committee chief, in Kiev, calls for strong allied support ( Reuters )

– 404: NATO calls on Ukraine to launch a new wave of mobilization ( Strana UA )


– EUK: US Defense Secretary Austin: We ‘won’t let Ukraine fail’ – while bulk of US aid stuck in Congress ( Politico EU )

– EUK: US defense chief vows continued aid to Ukraine, even as Congress is stalled on funding bill ( AP )

– EUK: US to UkraineHeed our words, not our actions – Austin didn’t have much to offer ( Politico EU )

– EUK: ‘Free world will not let Ukraine fail’ says US defense Chief ( Euronews )

– EUK: Deadlock on US aid for Ukraine clouds Germany talks ( WaPo )

– EUK: Ukraine‘s survival in danger, Pentagon chief warns ( Reuters )


– USC: Blinken says an Israeli assault on Gaza‘s Rafah would be a mistake and isn’t needed to defeat Hamas ( AP )

– USC: During Cairo visit, Blinken says ‘progress’ made on IsraelSaudi normalization ( TO Israel )

– USC: Blinken meets with Arab officials, calls for ‘enduring end’ to Gaza crisis ( Al Jazeera QT )

– USC: Gaza ceasefire deal still possible but difficult work remainsBlinken says ( Reuters )

– USC: Blinken begins new round of Gaza talks in Saudi Arabia – Egypt, Israel ( WaPo )

– USC: Blinken says he will tell Israelis Rafah invasion would be a ‘mistake’ ( WaPo )

– USC: Gaza‘s Shifa hospital a war zone as Blinken meets Sisi in Cairo ( Reuters )

– USC: Gaza cease-fire talks falter in Doha as Blinken arrives in region ( WaPo )

– USC: Blinken to visit Israel amid tensions over plan to invade Rafah ( WaPo )


– USC: Congressional leaders sell $1.2t spending package to members before shutdown deadline – no Ukraine or Israel ( AP )

– USC: US Congress working to prevent government shutdown, further delays in Ukraine aid likely ( Kyiv Independent )

– USC: Congressional leaders roll out final $1.2T funding package ahead of Saturday shutdown deadline ( Politico US )

– USC: Turning Foreign Aid into a Loan is a winning combination for America ( Lindsey Graham Press release )

– USC: Ukraine loan gains traction in GOP – make aid to Kiev more palatable for House Reps ( Politico US )

– USC: Ukraine aid has stalled in Congress, but a Trump-backed plan is picking up steam ( USA Today )

– USC: Lindsey Graham faces backlash over Ukraine mobilization call – from Ukrainians ( Newsweek )

– USC: Graham calls for interest-free loans to Ukraine: ‘New way of doing business’ ( The Hill )

– USC: Democrats open to loan strategy for Ukraine aid ( The Hill )


context: ‘Military historian’ Vincent Arbaretier on TV : send 20,000 French soldiers to Ukraine | Macron punches boxing bag

context: Broke EU meets in Brussels to discuss debt for remilitarization ( Eurobonds ), theft of ~€3b asset-profits.

context: NATO to build up Romanian Air Force 57th Base near Constanța, 20% larger than Ramstein, $2.5b USD.        

“I believe that Ukraine’s losses should be counted in the millions, not the hundreds of thousands.” – Gen. Andrzejczak

“If the Russian president believes he can wait out this war and our support wii weaken, he has miscalculated” – Scholz

“The closer it is to Russia‘s borders, the more likely it is to be among the first targets for retaliatory strikes” – Klimov


– 404: Macron considers two options for sending troops to Ukraine, says Ukrainian MP – Goncharenko ( NVO Ukraine )

– EUK: Emmanuel Macron is a prancing poseur – Resistance hero General de Gaulle felt no need to show off ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Macron boxing pictures show ‘ultimate virility’ – muscles bulging, teeth clenched, French disagree ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Photos of Macron boxing raise eyebrows in France after he comes out swinging against Putin ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: Take note, Macron: true virility is being able to put up a shelf, not hitting a punch bag ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Russia’s propaganda war on France, the west’s ‘Achilles’ heel’ – about Pyotr Tolstoy ( Times UK )

– EUK: Macron or Rocky? French president is latest politician to put on boxing gloves ( Politico EU )

– EUK: NATO ally could command 60,000 strong force in UkraineFrench General ( Newsweek )

– EUK: France‘s chief of Army Staff: ‘The French army is ready’ – Pierre Schill ( Le Monde FR )

– EUK: Raging GaulMacron punches up his image with De Niro-style photos ( Times UK )

– EUK: Ukraine map shows French troop locations in potential intervention ( Newsweek )

– EUK: Macron says Ukraine may soon ‘fall’ – in conference with Petr Pavel ( Tass RU )

– EUK: French army says prepared for ‘toughest’ engagements – same guy ( AFP FR )


– RUC: Russian servicemen to kill all French soldiers in Ukraine – State Duma Deputy Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Potential deployment of French troops to Ukraine may be of benefit to Russia – Medvedev ( Tass RU )

– RUC: France preparing contingent of 2,000 troops to be sent to Ukraine – Naryshkin ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Macron says Ukraine may soon ‘fall’ – from Politico ( Tass RU )


– USC: US backs $50 billion Ukraine bond using frozen Russian assets – doesn’t this contradict EU plans? ( Bloomberg )

– 404: US proposes $50 billion bond to support Ukraine with frozen Russian assets ( Euromaidan Press )

– 404: US proposes novel $50 billion Ukraine aid plan – report ( NVo Ukraine )


– 404: Elensky urges EU to use profits from Russian assets to arm Ukraine ( Reuters )

– EUK: Austrian chancellor opposes using profits from frozen Russian assets to buy weapons for Ukraine ( Kyiv Independent )

– EUK: European Union pushes ahead with a plan to buy weapons for Ukraine with frozen Russian asset profits ( AP )

– EUK: EU will have to seize Russian assets eventually if it wants a Ukraine win, ECB official says ( Politico EU )

– EUK: EU suggests using 90% of frozen Russian asset revenues for Ukraine arms ( Ukro World Congress )

– EUK: EU considers using Russian frozen asset revenues for military aid to Kiev ( Le Monde FR )

– EUK: ‘With that, the Russians will not be very happy’  Borrell Interview ( Sudouest FR )

– EUK: EU drafts law to send Russian central bank profits to Ukraine ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: EU offers plan to use profits of frozen Russia cash for Kiev ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: EU finds a way to make Russia pay for weapons for Ukraine ( NYT )


– EUK: Von der Leyen wants to be a wartime president. Now she has to convince EU leaders – defense boost ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Germany needs more debt to meet NATO Goal, Scholz’s party says – loosen borrowing restrictions ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Emmanuel Macron to revive demands for European defense bonds – fresh push at summit ( FT UK )

– EUK: As Germany’s coalition squabbles, Scholz vows EU will ‘stand together’ on Ukraine ( Politico EU )

– EUK: EU leaders urged to put economies ‘on war footing’ at Ukraine negotiations ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: Russian threat forces europe to choose: Bolster defense or protect social spending ( WSJ )

– EUK: Macron forms ‘New Europeans’ club to unite fragmented EU liberals ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Bond investors flag ESG dilemma in Europe‘s plan to fund Defense ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: France pitches radical joint EU borrowing plan to pay for defense ( Politico EU )

– EUK: EU leaders to discuss breaking the defense bond taboo at summit ( Euronews )

– EUK: GermanyFrance lead call for EIB to step up defense spending ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: EU grapples with transitioning its economy to a ‘war footing’ ( NVo Ukraine )

– EUK: EU seeks to boost aid to Ukraine via bonds and frozen assets ( Semafor )

– RUC: Kremlin calls attempts to take Russian assets step to ruining European law ( Tass RU )


– EUK: Russia warns Romania over building “largest NATO military base” in Europe – Andrei Klimov ( Romania Insider )

– EUK: Romania: work begins on the largest NATO base in Europe ( Agenzia Nova IT )

– USC: NATO builds largest Europe base near Black Sea – bolster capabilities there ( Newsweek )

– RUC: How NATO‘s new Romanian base motivates Russia to win in Ukraine ( Sputnik RU )


– USC: Canada allocates $1.5 billion to Ukraine to finance budget deficit ( Kyiv Independent )

– EUK: Britain‘s military aid to Ukraine dwarfed by Germany as UK‘s reputation plummets, defense sources claim ( Mail UK )

– EUK: European Commission has disbursed €4.5 billion macro-financial aid tranche to Ukraine – Borrell ( Ukro Pravda )

– EUK: Poland joins Czech initiative to boost ammunition supplies to Ukraine – Sikorski ( NVo Ukraine )

– EUK: The Czech army has now donated its last Mi-35 combat helicopters to Ukraine ( ČT24 CZ )

– EUK: Netherlands to procure $164 million in F-16 munitions for Ukraine ( Kyiv Independent )

– EUK: Australia joins ‘drone coalition’ agreement to aid in Ukraine war effort ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: Ukraine‘s Leopard 2A4 brigade could double tts tanks, thanks to Spain ( Forbes )

– EUK: Lithuania approves €35m for Czech initiative to buy ammo for Ukraine ( Lrt LT )

– EUK: Spain prepares to transfer 19 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine ( Ukro Pravda )


– 404: Hungary‘s PM sends Putin letter congratulating him on his “election victory” ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Hungary to block European Commission’s offer to give Ukraine profits off frozen Russian assets ( Ukrinform )

– EUK: Russia-friendly leader may get huge power boost in Slovak presidential vote – Peter Pellegrini ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Back to the Future: Presidential poll threatens to rewind Slovakia‘s ‘Democratic Clock’ ( Balkan Insight )

– EUK: Hungary, Slovakia remain opposed to sending any arms to Ukraine to fight Russia’s invasion ( AP )

– EUK: V4 Group to hold diplomatic talks despite diverging views on RussiaUkraine – in Prague ( Euractiv )

– EUK: How the war in Ukraine has split the Czechs and Slovaks – more internal than Ukraine ( WaPo )

– EUK: Slovakia’s opposition sounds alarm over Russia tilt as election looms ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: Hungary blocks decision on Russian asset revenues at EU Summit ( Novinite BG )

– EUK: Orbán breaks EU ranks and congratulates Putin on ‘his re-election’ ( Euronews )

– EUK: Hungary‘s Orbán rails against the EU and ‘the Western world’ ( Euronews )

– EUK: Hungary‘s Orbán congratulates Russia‘s Putin on re-election ( Reuters )

– EUK: Slovakia decides: Democracy’s future at stake in election ( DW DE )

– EUK: Orbán congratulates Putin on his rigged election win ( Politico EU )

– EUK: The worrying Chinese projects in Orbán‘s Hungary ( EUObserver )

– EUK: A bridge to nowhere signals Hungary’s patronage politics ( NYT )

– EUK: Slovakia, the EU‘s next rule of law headache ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Slovakia’s Democratic Backslide ( Agenda Pública IT )


– 404: Elensky’s top adviser calls for more attacks on Russian border – Podoliak wants them to ‘live in bomb shelters’ ( RT RU )

– EUK: Germany’s taboo over Ukraine has been broken – speech condemned as ‘appeasement’ puts spotlight Berlin ( FT UK )

– EUK: The Latvian sandwich makers training to push Putin’s army into ‘kill zones’ – Baltics use conscription ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Germany won’t accept Putin-dictated Ukraine peace – Scholz – ‘Russia is not strong’ – elections meddling ( DW DE )

– EUK: The generals are right: Britain needs a New Model Army – to prevent war, be prepared to fight one ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Putin’s going nowhere. The West needs to get a grip – stunts won’t topple him, defeat in Ukraine will ( Politico EU )

– EUK: ‘A strong signal to ChinaTiananmen Square massacre memorial erected outside European Parliament ( CNN )

– EUK: Von der Leyen asks Finland to prepare the EU for war – report on how to enhance ‘civilian defense’ ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Populist parties’ divisions jeopardize chances of setting European agenda – migration, Ukraine ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: NATO must boost its defense of the Baltics – arrest warrant shows where Putin will strike next ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Donald Trump’s betrayal of Ukraine – Martin Wolf – handing Putin ‘unearned undeserved’ Victory ( FT UK )

– EUK: Might Russia run out of big guns? – may be out-shelling Ukraine – but wearing out artillery ( Economist UK )

– EUK: Defence CEO calls for European version of Israel‘s Iron Dome – Rheinmetall’s Armin Papperger ( FT UK )

– EUK: EU President expects opening of negotiations with Ukraine on membership by the end of June ( Tass RU )

– EUK: Top Polish general confirms Russian preparations for conflict with NATO – Wiesław Kukuła ( Euractiv )

– EUK: Estonia‘s prime minister calls on US and NATO allies to be tougher on Russia ( Fox News Interview )

– EUK: Interview with Former UK PM Liz Truss – let Ukraine use ‘all tactics and all US weapons’ ( Kyiv Post )

– EUK: Putin’s election was actually a ‘special nomination operation’ scoffs Estonia’s leader ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Albin KurtiBritain should send more troops to protect us from Serbian invasion ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Polish foreign minister calls presence of Western troops in Ukraine an open secret ( Tass RU )

– EUK: Poland labels Putin‘s election victory as illegitimate amid widespread criticism ( Dagens DM )

– EUK: RussianBelarusian athletes barred from Paris Olympics opening ceremony ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Kallas on tax hikes: I likely am committing political suicide, but I have no choice ( Err ES )

– EUK: Europe must not repeat Interwar mistake and boost defense now: Kallas ( Euronews )

– EUK: Putin is now openly planning for war against NATO – Con Coughlin ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Russian neighbor deals blow to Putin with Western pivot – Armenia ( Newsweek )

– EUK: Poland ‘warns’ Putin – We can do something unexpected – Sikorski ( Dages DM )

– EUK: Ukraine’s European allies are either broke, small or irresolute ( Economist UK )

– EUK: Human rights activists apply to host EuroPride in Vilnius in 2027 ( Lrt LT )

– EUK: KallasRussia‘s defeat crucial to avoid Third World War ( EUObserver )


– 404: Macron pushing Europe down the path of Ukraine, toward poverty, destruction – Viktor Medvedchuk! ( Tass RU )


– USC: Swiss historian Daniele Ganser:  it’s good for Americans when Russian and German blood flows ( Pravda RU )

– USC: What hope does Ukraine have to hold out against Russia if the US keeps struggling to send weapons? ( ABC )

– USC: Differences in Biden administration behind G7 failure to condemn Russian election ( La Repubblica IT )

– USC: The time to end the Ukraine war is now – Ukraine not poised to win back anything ( National Interest )


– EUK: In order to join the EUUkraine must meet criteria of democracy despite the war – dep. EU ambassador ( Censor NET )

– EUK: Donald Trump vows to stay in NATO as long as Europe ‘plays fair’ – Shapps: don’t rely on US on Ukraine ( Times UK )

– EUK: Ukraine’s real losses should be counted in millions ex-Polish army chief Rajmund Andrzejczak ( Tass RU )

– EUK: The attritional Art of war: Lessons from the Russian war on Ukraine – Alex Vershinin ( RUSI UK )

– EUK: Western banks warn of risks in EU plan to grab Russian assets, sources say ( Reuters )

– EUK: Europeans at odds over sanctioning Iran for weapons transfers in Middle East ( WSJ )

– EUK: No direct intervention in Ukraine, risk of escalation says Meloni ( Ansa IT )



– USC: Americans shouldn’t doubt the Nuclear Chain of Command – misinformation again ( National Interest )

– USC: Blinken warns of disinformation threat to democracies – AI can disrupt flow of information ( NYT )

– USC: It turns out the ‘Deep State’ is actually kind of awesome – they’re just like us! ( NYT Video essay )

– USC: Blinken warns 3rd Democracy Summit of dangers of disinformation – Seoul ( VOA / CIA )

– EUK: Rise of the strongmen pushes global democracy to 20-year low – KyrgyzstanBeninEl Salvador, Tunisia ( Times UK )

– EUK: Social media empowers disinfo operations. What can the EU do about it? ( Euronews )

– EUK: Europe battles ‘avalanche of disinformation’ from Russia ( FT UK )

– RUC: Washington is the global champion of disinformation – Chen Weihua ( Chinadaily )

– ASO: Joining the battle for the narrative: the case for AUKUS public diplomacy ( ASPI )


– USC: Julian Assange could plead guilty to lesser offense to avoid extradition to US ( Telegraph UK )

– USC: Julian Assange, Justice department exploring guilty plea to end 14-Year legal drama ( WSJ )

– USC: Assange could be freed as US prosecutors ‘consider lesser charges’ ( Times UK )


– USC: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign is racking up big expenses with Gavin de Becker‘s security firm ( Politico US )

– USC: Top former US generals say failures of Biden administration in planning drove chaotic fall of Kabul ( AP )

– USC: Biden has massive campaign cash lead over Trump as General Election begins ( WSJ )

– USC: Biden is trying to buy his way into a second term – purely fundraising ( Telegraph UK )

– USC: Trump lambasts New York verdict that might force him to sell assets ( FT UK )

– USC: How the US Economy is doing depends on your politics ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Trump set to rehire sacked, jailed and disgraced advisers ( Times UK )

– USC: Trump is in a race against time to protect his wealth ( WSJ )


– USC: Houthi Red Sea attacks carry hard lessons for the West – counting warships not best guide to power ( National Interest )

– USC: The US Military’s new defense budget makes no sense – would shrink during grave dangers ( National Interest )

– USC: Pentagon eyes Starship, designed for Mars, for military missions somewhat closer to home ( Defense One )

– USC: Two years after start of Ukraine war, Russian titanium keeps flowing to West – vital for aerospace ( WaPo )

– USC: Hypersonic missile fired from US bomber – after months of delays, similar RUCN tests ( Telegraph UK )

– USC: Why the hypersonic missiles arms race is spooking the West – speed is new stealth ( Telegraph UK )

– USC: America‘s strategic posture is slouching – nuclear force atrophied, no industrial base ( WSJ )

– USC: AC-130 gunship’s Laser weapon canceled, 105mm Howitzer may be removed ( TWZ )

– USC: A-10 demo team announces its final year as the Warthog’s end draws near ( TWZ )

– USC: US Air Force says it conducted successful hypersonic weapon test ( Reuters )


– USC: Secret RCMP report warns Canadians may revolt once they realize how broke they are ( National Post CA )

– USC: Exclusive: Washington pressures Austria‘s Raiffeisen to drop Russian tycoon deal ( Reuters )

– USC: Trump invites Chinese to build US auto plants – sign of possible thaw ( Asia Times )

– USC: Biden boosts Intel with massive CHIPS payout in swing state Arizona ( Politico US )

– USC: Barclays is preparing to cut hundreds of jobs in Investment Bank ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Luxury watch sales at Auctions drop 13% after post-Covid surge ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Boeing warns of first-quarter cash burn after door plug blowout crisis ( FT UK )

– USC: Boeing burns more cash than expected as it limits 737 production ( Reuters )

– USC: Gucci sales to plunge 20% in first quarter on Asia slowdown ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Apple Loses $113 Billion in value after regulators close In ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Apple CEO arrives in China touting its role as iPhone base ( Bloomberg )

– USC: US sues Apple, accusing it of maintaining an iPhone Monopoly ( NYT )

– USC: Amazon’s new focus: Fending off rivals Temu and Shein ( WaPo )

– USC: US no longer ranks among world’s 20 happiest countries ( WSJ )


– EUK: Iberdrola shrugs off potential Trump presidency, shifts billions to US – largest energy company €14b investment ( FT UK )

– EUK: Finnish developers push for Chinese-built tunnel to Estonia despite souring mood towards Beijing ( SCMP )

– EUK: Bulgaria seeks US help to escape Russia’s nuclear grasp – Westinghouse, days after Nuland visit ( Politico EU )

– EUK: EU auditors warn of ‘irregularity or even corruption’ in bloc’s pandemic recovery fund ( Euractiv )

– EUK: World’s population to fall for first time since the Black Death – global fertility rate ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Swarovski heiress no longer wears jewelry in London over mugging fears ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Billions wiped off value of Gucci owner as young shoppers feel the pinch ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Germany likely in recession as recovery delayed, says Bundesbank ( Deccan Herald DE )

– EUK: Credit Suisse fund Lost 22% for investors amid Global Real Estate Shock ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Ryanair boss slams ‘stupid’ French finance minister’s Boeing comments ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Desperate criminals have made luxury watches their new currency ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: How a shoplifting crime wave is forcing the retreat of self-checkout ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Meyer Burger eyes US solar plant after shutting European factory ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Germany Is in recession due to first-quarter slump, survey shows ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: German factory orders slump in new sign of economic slowdown ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Falling birthrate to leave Britain reliant on immigration until 2100 ( Times UK )

– EUK: Germany‘s grid needs $4.8 Billion to hook up LNG terminals ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Declining fertility rates will transform global economy, report says ( FT UK )

– EUK: UK risks critical medicine shortage as EU lures drugmakers ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Train and Tube strikes 2024: all dates and lines affected ( Times UK )

– EUK: Gucci’s slump means the end of the luxury megatrend ( FT UK )

PERIPHERY: Latin America

– LAT: Several probes target Brazil’s Bolsonaro, but his COVID decisions are catching up to him first ( AP )

– LAT: Brazil police accuse Bolsonaro of fraud in vaccine records ( Reuters )

– LAT: Milei takes a chainsaw to Argentina’s state companies ( FT UK )



– EUK: EU says Hong Kong‘s new security law could affect its status as a business hub ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: How China aims to overpower the West’s technology supremacy ( Times UK )

– EUK: China’s bumper steel exports fuel oversupply concerns ( FT UK )

– USC: China keeps on finding way to hurt USA Inc – domestic EVs to use local chips ( Business Insider )

– USC: Hong Kong fast-tracks law that once drew protests, cementing Beijing’s hold ( WaPo )

– USC: China on track to be ready for Taiwan invasion by 2027, US Says ( Bloomberg )

– USC: US weighs sanctioning Huawei’s secretive chinese chip network ( Bloomberg )

– USC: In Hong KongChina’s grip can feel like ‘death by a thousand cuts’ ( NYT )

– USC: US officials warn of new ‘Axis of evil’ with China at the fore ( VOA / CIA )

– USC: Hong Kong adopts sweeping security laws, Bowing to Beijing ( NYT )

– EUK: Doing business in China is growing tougher, more uncertain, European Business Group says ( AP )


– RUC: Russia in talks on visa-free travel with AsianAfricanMiddle Eastern countries – MFA ( Tass RU )

– RUC: ‘Sanctions war’ cheerleader among top buyers of Russian fertilizers – US is third largest ( Ria RU )

– RUC: Russian lawmakers call on UN to hold NATO responsible for bombing of Yugoslavia ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Russia warns United States: use of SpaceX for spying makes its satellites a target ( Reuters )

– RUC: RussiaChina to stand ‘back to back’ supporting each other – ambassador ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Kremlin spokesman sees no need to justify Russian election results ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Russia wants compensation for the Nazi siege of Leningrad ( Times UK )

– RUC: Putin calls on KGB‘s heirs to bust the West‘s sanctions ( Reuters )

– RUC: Russia doubles oil exports to Africa – Lavrov ( RT RU )


– ASO: China military’s inroads make US defense of Guam ‘top priority’ in Pacific, top Pentagon officials say ( SCMP )

context : admiral John Aquilino | $400m for Guam defenses | because of China’s missile capability

– ASO: Australia gets its most senior Chinese leadership visit since 2017 as relations thaw further – Wang Yi ( AP )

– ASO: Citing safety risk, Taiwan recommends president does not visit South China Sea ( Reuters )

– ASO: New Zealand enters recession after economy unexpectedly contracted in Q4 ( Bloomberg )

– ASO: North Korea ‘funding WMD through cyberhacking’ – according to UN experts ( Times UK )

– ASO: Vietnam’s President resigns over Communist Party breaches, State Media says ( NYT )

– ASO: Vietnamese President Vo Van Thuong resigns amid anti-corruption campaign ( AP )

– ASO: Australia and Britain sign defense pact in face of rising Chinese power ( FT UK )

– ASO: New Zealand enters double-dip recession ( Barron’s | WSJ )

– RUC: Blinken’s visit to Manila further disrupts South China Sea’s peace and stability ( GT CN )


APPENDIX: Harebrained Euro Schemes

– A: Switch to ‘war economy’ via debt ( Eurobonds €50-100b )  or direct taxation | centralize procurement and manufacturing standards | create the position EU defense commissioner ( currently Sikorski is frontrunner )

 B: Steal profits from Russian assets ( €3 billion a year ) 90% buy weapons abroad | 10% invest in Ukraine’s defense industry

– CCzech €2b plan to buy 800K Artillery shells from abroad ( S-Africa, S-Korea, Türkiye ) by pay-in. Funds for 300K found so far.

– D: The ‘European Facility’ of €50b over 4 years that they forced Hungary to approve, trickling money out.

– E: The G7 Ukraine Bonds of €50b which is basically a loan backed by Russian asset profits.. At odds with the EU plan?

– F: The ‘European Peace Facility’ – recently topped up with €5b, Hungary abstained.. This is all very confusing.


Kushner on waterfront property :

Pyottr Tolstoy goes savage :

Babushkas warn Macron :

Elensky humiliating for Europe:

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