How many Western countries talk like this and then put their money where their mouths are? The 99% are still waiting, or why so much of the Global Majority wants to work with China.

Westerners are in total denial as to why China is such a popular partner with the Global Majority: they truly believe in win-win, mutually beneficial cooperation.

Baba Beijing is winning hearts and minds around the world with several cooperative platforms, the umbrella concept known as “a global community of shared future for mankind”. They are, 1) the Belt and Road Initiative, 2) the Global Development Initiative, 3) the Global Security Initiative, and 4) the Global Civilization Initiative. The concept of a global community of shared future is deeply rooted in China’s Confucian-Daoist-Buddhist cultural heritage and its Communist-Socialist modernization.

The Global Majority is sick and tired of 3,000 years of Western colonialism, imperialism and its Seven E’s of Racism (

Expansionism, Extermination, Expropriation, Extraction, Enslavement, Evangelism and Epidemics

Here are a couple of resources to see what I mean,

China releases a white paper on its proposals, actions on building ‘a global community of shared future’ – Global Times

Full Text: A Global Community of Shared Future: China’s Proposals and Actions –

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