Ben Tóth’s 24 November outline of the global zeitgeist is all you need to lead a discussion: US, EU, West Asia, Ukraine, BRICS, Argentina, economics + video clips!

The hits just keep on coming from Ben Tóth. I’ve already printed out my copy. Watch the show he co-hosted on 24 November,

Blowback: Exposing Imperial Decline Show


COUNTRY 404 | Bad to Worse : US abandons problem for Europe

“Increase your means or lower your goals? It’s only realistic to lower our goals” – Richard Haas, CoFR President

“You’ve heard us say a number of times that there is no silver bullet in a conflict like this” – Austin, US SecDef

Ukraine is now many light years away from the EU” – PM Orbán, Fidesz party congress

State of pilgrim train: Bill Burns ( CIA ) > Lloyd Raytheon Austin ( SecDef ) > Charles Michel ( EU ) >

Maia Sandu ( MOL PM ) > Lachlan Murdoch ( FOX chair ) > Timothy Snyder ( anti-soviet crusader at Yale)

404: Elensky spoke about ‘five or six’ assassination attempts on him ( Sun )

404: Elensky reveals Moscow‘s ‘Maidan 3’ plan for coup in Kiev ( Kyiv Post )

404: Elensky imposes sanctions against 400 companies from UAE, RUS, UZB, CYP, TÜR, CHI, MAL ( U-Pravda )

404: Ukraine Warns Russia ‘ally’ Hungary to stop blocking EU sanctions ( Politico )

404: Ukraine will not make exceptions for Hungarian minority for EU membership – Deputy PM ( U-Pravda )

404: Ukraine ‘concerned’ by Western push for Peace talks – Danilov ( Halifax ISF > RT )

404: Russia is weaponizing time’ Ukraine tells NATO ( Defense One )

404: US sends new but meager army package to Ukraine ( Kyiv Independent )

404: Out of every 100 people mobilized last fall, 10-20 remain – Poltava Governor ( Strana )

404: Ukraine Air Force Su-27 Flight Commander defects to Russia, very hush-hush ( RT ) 

US: Announced $100m military aid package for Ukraine, incl. 1 HIMARS launcher ( DW )

US: As Ukraine war grids on, more troops needed – Not everyone is ready to enlist ( CNN )

US: Redefining Success in Ukraine – A New Strategy Must Balance Means and Ends ( Foreign Affairs )

US: Ukraine war : Selling stalemate and prolonging pain ( National Interest )

US: Ukraine’s struggle for arms and attention gives Putin an Opening ( Bloomberg )

US: AP-NORC Poll – Nearly half of Americans think US spending too much on Ukraine ( AP )


EU: Around 190k military age Ukrainians live in Germany ( Welt )

EU: Eurostat reveals 650,000 military age Ukrainian men have fled to EU ( VOA )

EU: Visegrád4 : Europe must prepare for high-int. conflict with RussiaCzech Pres. Pavel ( video )

EU: Europol sets up an OSINT task force to investigate Russian war crimes’ ( Ukr. Pravda )

EU: ‘Anti-Islam, anti-migrant’ Geert Wilders wins Dutch Election ( BBC )

EU: ‘Nexit’ Geert Wilders is the EU‘s worst nightmare ( Politico )

EU: Mark Rutte is now front-runner for NATO ahead of Sandu and Kallas ( Politico )

EU: Switzerland approves sale of 25 Leopard 2A4 tanks to Germany – cannot  provide them to Kiev ( Swissinfo )

EU: How Ukraine could get another 2 dozen Leopards – cunning circular schemes of Rheinmetall ( Forbes )

UK: Depleted Ukrainian forces fear they cannot win Russian ‘war of exhaustion’ ( Telegraph )

UK: Ukraine : the new fissures in a society under strain – who left, who stayed. fought, didn’t ( FT )

UK: Putin is having his best month since invasion ( Times of London )


EU: Moscow triumphs, the West hesitates ( Gazeta Wyborcza cover )

EU: Ukrainians ar dying en masse on order from the US and EU ( Mysl Polska )

EU: Moldova refuses to hand over Ukrainian draft dodgers – no mechanism ( RT )

EU: Farmers protest in Chisinau ( Moldova ) against wheat and sunflower imports from Ukraine ( video, RIA )

EU: Considers accepting Moldova and Georgia into Union, without dispute territories ( EU FP )

EU: Hungary’s Viktor Orbán threatens to blow up EU’s Ukraine policy ( Politico )

EU: Officials see Ukraine war as Fortnite – Hungarian FM Szijjarto ( Sputnik )

EU: Hungary blocks start of EU accession talks with Kiev ( Tagesspiegel )

EU: Hungary submits bill to create Sovereignty Defence Bureau ( Tuesday, Közlöny )

Context: foreign funded politicians face up to 3 years in prison, organizations face closure! 

RUS: US offers ‘sedative pill’ to collapsing Ukraine – Ambassador to US Antonov ( RT )

WEST ASIA | A Humanitarian pause in Holy Land?

“Many of the people killed were terrorists. The majority were Hamas terrorists” – opposition leader Yair Lapid

“We need to help the Gazans who are suffering from the current events, this is our sacred duty” Putin

“US admin concerned pause would let journos into Gaza > show devastation > turn public opinion on Israel – Politico

Current death toll : 14,800 | 6,150 children ( PHM, Friday )

GAZA: Israel, Hamas agree 4-day truce for hostage release and aid beginning Friday ( Reuters )

Context: Brokered by Qatar and Egypt, US tried to claim laurels. Delayed by Israel. 150 prisoners for 50.

ISR: Israel implemented ‘mass Hannibal directive’ on 10-7 – IAF colonel Nof Erez ( Cradle )

ISR: NatSec leader Giora Eiland makes case for epidemic genocide in Gaza ( Mondoweisss )

ISR: IDF Apache helicopters killed own soldiers, civilians on 7 October ( Haaretz )

ISR: Yemeni forces seize Israeli ship – Galaxy Leader – in Red Sea ( PressTV )

ISR: Netanyahu blames Iran for attack on ‘international vessel’ ( official X )

ISR: Only 4% of Israeli Jews find Netanyahu reliable on Gaza ( Isr. Survey > Al Monitor )

ISR: Intelligence Min. calls for permanent resettlement of Palestinians abroad ( Jerusalem Post )

ISR: Israel reportedly ‘very concerned’ with US recruitment crisis ( Fox )

WA: Many in Middle East blame US for devastation in Gaza ( WaPo )

WA: Saudi crown prince MBS calls on all nations to stop weapons export to Israel ( Saudi Gazette )

WA: We do not want US and NATO in Black SeaTürkish Admiral ( Haberler, video )

WA: Türkish MFA Hakan Fidan received Zhai Jun, China‘s Special envoy to Middle East in Ankara ( Tr MFA )

WA: Erdogan in Germany shames Olaf Scholz – I’m not indebted to anyone, I can speak freely ( video )

GS: South African Parliament passes ( 248-91 ) motion to close Israeli Embassy (  > Cradle )

US: Biden admin officials see proof their strategy is working in hostage deal ( Politico )

US: Congress aims to approve additional aid for both Israel & Ukraine ( NBC News )

US: Biden prepared to impose sanctions on Israelis attacking West Bank ( Axios )

US: US sent Israel data on aid group locations ‘to prevent targeting’ but Israel bombed them ( Politico )

EU: Spanish President dismisses Minister Belarra, who called for Netanyahu arrest ( El Pais )

EU: Spanish PM Sanchez ‘whitewashing war criminal Netanyahu’ by visiting Tel Aviv Belarra ( speech )

BRICS | Peace is made in Beijing and Moscow, India turns towards US

The meeting train: Arab + Wang Yi ( Beijing ) > Arab + Lavrov ( Moscow ) > BRICS virtual > G20 virtual

BRICS: Holds extraordinary video meeting on Gaza – sans Modi  ( South Africa MFA )

BRICS: Modi hosts G20 leaders summit – Xi and Biden skip ( Bloomberg ) 

BRICS: Nigeria is ready to loosen ties with West, attempt to join BRICS ( Insider )

BRICS: Pakistan applies for BRICS membership in 2024 ( TASS )

BRICS: Nicaragua completes process of withdrawing from Organization of American States ( LA Times )

CN: Arab League, OIC meeting welcomed by Wang Yi in Beijing to stop war in Gaza ( videos, photos )

– CN: Vyacheslav Volodin meets Xi Jinping in Beijing ( TASS ) 

CN: DPRK puts first reconnaissance satellite in orbit ( Kyodo )

CN: Gaza cease-fire top priority as China assumes UNSC presidency ( GT )

CN: Ex-Philippine President Duterte says he may return to politics ( Bloomberg )

CN: Heroes Return : 25 Chinese soldiers killed in 1950-53 Korea return home in air ceremony ( GT )

– RUS: Arab representative head to Moscow ( from Beijing ) to continue talks with Lavrov ( TASS )

RUS: Vladimir Putin arrives in Minsk for CSTO summit ( TASS )

RUS: NordStream attack was State Terrorism – Putin ( RT )


“The US debt has entered financial pyramid mode, with only 2 ways out: hyperinflation or default”Sergei Glazyev

CN: China and Saudi Arabia sign 3Y currency-swap deal worth $7B ( Bloomberg )

CN: Singapore “de-swifts” transactions with Indonesia ( Insider )

CN: US team retracts superconductor study after Chinese challenge findings ( SCMP )

CN: Taiwan’s export orders slashed by gloom in US, EU – 14 consecutive months of decline ( SCMP )

CN: Xinjiang foreign trade hits record despite Western sanctions ( Nikkei )

CN: BYD wins contract for California all-electric school bus ( Techgoing )

RUS: Russia and China agree to double gas supplies – 100b cm ( TASS )

RUS: Russia Set for $75 billion surplus despite sanctions ( Bloomberg )

RUS: Russia’s growth shows sanctions ineffective – Amundi fund manager CIO ( Reuters )

GS: Venezuela backs oil embargo on Israel – FM Yvan Gil ( IRNA )

ISR: Financing for Israel‘s tech sector takes nosedive ( Cradle )

ISR: Israel raises $6bn in borrowing bonanza to fund war against Hamas ( FT )

ISR: Former Türkish PM accuses Erdogan of double standards over oil to Israel ( Arab News )

US: Biden‘s Energy Security advisor ( Amos Hochstein ) visits Israel to discuss Gaza gas ( Haaretz )

US: Congress to approve additional Ukraine aid by Christmas ( Upravda > Yahoo )

US: Where have all the foreign buyers gone for US treasury debt? 43%>30% in 10y ( WSJ )

US: Ford to scale back $3.5b Michigan battery plant, demand disappoints, labor costs rise ( CNBC )

US: Sanctions on semiconductors have turned into a China success story ( Bloomberg )

US: IMF is seriously considering increasing loans to Egypt in crisis ( Reuters )

US: Occupation force loots 50 trucks of oil from Syria ( SANA )

– EU: France backtracks on EU-only ammo for Ukraine – will purchase abroad ( Politico )

EU: Germany freezes government spending as Budget Crisis Deepens ( NYT )

EU: The accounting error that could kill Germany‘s coalition – €60B Covid > Climate unconstitutional ( Politico )

EU: German house building is collapsing – could drag economy – 20% GDP, 10% jobs ( CNBC )

EU: Germany to suspend Borrowing Limit again after budget shock ( Bloomberg )

EU: US Tire manufacturers Goodyear & Rubber close factories in Germany ( WSJ )

EU: Germany: The West is in decline – the West believes – US protection, Chinese trade over ( Tagesspiegel ) 

– EU: EU Executive approves €900m in funds to Hungary ( Reuters )

EU: Gas was cheapest for Hungarians in 2023, electricity 2nd after Bulgaria ( Hungary Today )

EU: EV Investment surges in Hungary as Chinese BYD poised to set up factory ( Bloomberg )

THE HEGEMON | Panic across the board, chaos at home

“Whatever the polls say, the world needs Biden as president” – Politico

US: Young Americans are picking up the Qur’an to understand the resilience of the Palestinians ( Guardian )

US: 5 ways Democrats are coping with Biden‘s terrible polls – Polls don’t matter ( Politico )

US: Won’t back down from the challenge of Putin and HamasBiden ( WaPo )

US: Pentagon turns to press flacks and academics to help fight information wars ( Wa Times )

US: The West never had a chance at winning over the World ( Bloomberg )

US: Thwarts plot to kill Sikh separatist in US, issues warning to India ( FT )

US: Two die in explosion on Rainbow Bridge after high speed crash ( Sky )

US: Explosion – terrorist attack – on Rainbow Bridge, US-CA border ( Fox )

US: No sign of terrorism in blast over Niagara Falls – Governor says ( NBC )

US: Former Obama advisor Stuart Seldovitz arrested for hate crimes ( ABC )

EU: Dublin erupts in chaos / rioting after stabbing of 2 adults, 3 children ( Irish Times )

Appendix: Down goes Argentina – Read more here ( spanish ) or here 

Javier Milei wins Presidential run in Argentina ( all MSM )

Milei “anarcho-capitalist” program:

– Full privatization including medicine, healthcare and transportation

– Abolish 2/3rds of government ministries, legalize sextrade, sale of children, organs

– Abandon monetary sovereignty and adopt USD as national currency ( dollarize in 2023 )

– Cancel BRICS entry, align fully with US and Israel, cut off trade with China, Russia

– Believes climate change is a scam, therefore Stocks skyrocket after election.

Milei background: 

‘El Loco’ was crazy as a kid, from a broken family, a broken society. Abused and humiliated.

– As a young man, was isolated, broke off contact with family, called them ‘parent’ or just ‘dead’.

– Without outside contact, formed a public duo with wildcat sister Karina. Mystical, messianic duo.

– He is carrying out a divine mission, dictated to him by his dead dog, Conan.

– After finishing Economist degree, worked for oligarch Eduardo Eurnekian, who promoted him on his TV channels

– His fascination with Judaism ( real or fake ) may be because his patron – said oligarch – is Jewish


Bandera mobiles from UK :

Biden zones out at Gala:

Borrell on war crimes:

Yair Lapid on terrorists:

Milei and Yeltsin Parallel:

Milei screams his head off:

Elensky survives assassination attempts:

Kirby on Genocide Joe: reprimands Israel at UN:

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