Ben Tóth’s Imperial Blowback outline is a treasure to behold. Be smart! Print it out for talking points. You will be glad you did. With video clips. 28 November edition.

Pictured above: Dream on Western kakocrats. Your 500-year imperialism is collapsing before our very eyes.

The hits just keep on coming from Ben Tóth. I’ve already printed out my copy. Watch the show he co-hosted on 28 November,

Blowback: Exposing Imperial Decline Show


COUNTRY 404 | Big Blame Games, Boris is official, manufactured migration crisis with Baltics / Poland

“NATO FMs intend to agree ‘recommendations’ on Ukraine membership, 28-29 Nov” Stoltenberg

“Next week a new comprehensive mobilization plan will be presented”Zelensky

404: Holodomor day was Saturday, see Appendix A

404: Military Intelligence : Bunov‘s wife Mariana poisoned, heavy metal poisoning ( Kyiv Ind. today )

404: Elensky announces new general mobilization order, details next week ( address )

404: Elensky embroiled in new $75M Yacht Scandal – ‘Lucky me’ and ‘My Legacy’ (, documents )

404: Boris Johnson derailed Ukraine peace deal – Davyd Arakhamia ( 1+1 TV > RT )

404: Elensky MP calls for dismissal of commander-in-chief Zaluzhny, has no plan for 2024 ( Kyiv Ind )

404: Putin tells sleeper spies to trigger chaos in Kyiv – NDSC Danilov ( Times of London )

404: Ukrainian TV reports 1.126 million Ukrainian soldiers dead or missing ( 1+1 TV )

404: Ukraine‘s Victory will send message to all Dictatorships – DM Umerov, Ramstein ( Kyiv Independent )

404: Ukraine got the top tanks it wanted from the West, but they’re not yet changing the game ( Insider )

404: Ukrainian forces tactically withdraw set trap for Russians ( Euromaidan press )

USC: Sec State Blinken arrives in Brussels for NATO FM talks > Skopje ( OSCE ) > Israel ( video, today )

USC: Austin allegedly proposed return of 7 Abrams, for 28 Leopard-2 from 3rd countries ( Strana, unverified )

USC: Senate to consider Ukraine, Israel and Pacific allies aid once more on 4 December – Schumer ( Politico )

USC: Does the US Actually Want Ukraine to Defeat Russia? ( Newsweek )

EUK: Poland to close Medyka border crossing with Ukraine 24/7 ( Rzeczpospolita )

EUK: Polish PM Rafal Mekler organized border blockade appears on Myrotvorets ( Rzeczpospolita )

EUK: Finland to completely close eastern border with Russia – FM Valtonen ( FT ) 

EUK: Estonia to close border following Finland‘s example ( photos )

EUK: Moldova‘s NatSec Strategy names Russia as threat, sent to Parliament ( Eurcativ )

EUK: Why Ukraine Can and Will Win – Anders Aslund ( Kyiv Post )

EUK: Manpower becomes Ukraine‘s latest challenge as it digs in for long war ( FT )

EUK: Huge problems in the Ukraine Army – people feel deceived ( Bild )

EUK: NATO ships practice the blockade of the Gulf of Finland – Freezing Winds exercise ( Defense 1 )

EUK: 80% of Ukrainian refugees in Germany are jobless ( Welt )

EUK: Ukrainian refugees in UK four times as likely to end up homeless ( Guardian )

THE HEGEMON | Divisions, crises, rebrands

Feature: West cannot allow Putin‘s sham elections to go ahead unimpeded ( Sunday Telegraph, digital here )

Context: Two US Kremlinologists write full treatise for destabilizing Russia:

Ivana Stradner, Foundation for Defense of Democracies + Dalibor Rohac, American Enterprise Institute

Fuel ‘russian nationalist sentiments’, ‘provoke unrest’, using ‘ethnic diversity of Russia’.

USC: The polls keep getting worse for BidenTrump highest ever ( Politico )

USC: White house grapples with internal divisions on Israel-Gaza ( WaPo )

USC: US Production of Crude Oil Hits Record High on October – EIA ( MTN )

USC: Americans are pulling cash from Retirement savings to pay bills ( Bloomberg )

USC: US Deputy Treasury Sec. Brian Nelson to visit Türkiye, talk Russia Sanctions, Hamas ( Bloomberg )

USC: After Xi Jinping visit to San Francisco, city falling back into drug use and homelessness ( Fox )

USC: Blackstone hires J.Crew alum Jenna Lyons for new brand agency ( Bloomberg )

USC: Lagging in polls, Trudeu hires marketing / branding specialist Valiquette exec. dir. comms ( Hill Times )

THE HOLY LAND | Four-day truce extended, mixed signals from US / Israel

“Under no circumstances will the United States permit the forced relocation of Palestinians from Gaza or the West Bank, or the besiegement of Gaza, or the redrawing of the borders of Gaza” – Biden / Al-Sisi phone call, US readout

“Israel will hit Hamas ‘with full force’ after truce ends” – Netanyahu

Death Toll : 20,031 dead | 8,176 children | 4,112 Women ( Euro-Med HRM, Monday )

1,000 – 2,000 Hamas soldiers killed, of 30,000 force ( Guardian )

ISR: Israel to fight across all of Gaza after pause : Yoav Galant ( Andalou, today )

ISR: IDF messaging suggests Gaza truce unlikely to last beyond Tuesday ( Guardian )

ISR: Netanyahu told Biden that Israel will resume campaign after truce ends ( Al Jazeera )

ISR: Yemen navy seizes second Israeli ship : cargo ship belonging to ZIM ( AP )

ISR: Israel-linked tanker ( Central Park ) seized off the coast of Yemen – that makes three ( AFP )

ISR: Released 117 Palestinians during truce, detained 116 new ones in Westbank ( Al Jazeera )

ISR: Hamas announces that it agreed with Qatar & Egypt to extend truce for 2 days ( statement > cradle )

USC: Netanyahu‘s two-front war against Hamas and for his own political survival – Howard Goller ( reuters )

USC: Netanyahu and Hamas depend on each other. Both may be on the way out ( WaPo )

USC: Elon Musk visits Netanyahu in Kibbutz Kfar Aza, wants to rebuild the Gaza Strip ( Bloomberg )

USC: Biden moves to lift every restriction on Israel‘s access to US weapons stockpile ( Intercept )

USC: Gaza Civilians, under Israeli barrage, are being killed at historic pace ( NYT )

USC: America needs to bomb Iran – opinion, Mike Evans ( Jerusalem Post ) 

EUK: Spain recalls its ambassador to Israel, after PM Pedro Sanchez met Netanyahu ( El Pais )

EUK: Barcelona suspends relations with Israel until definitive ceasefire ( Catalan News )

EUK: Hamas cannot rule Gaza, Palestinian Authority must return – Borrell ( Guardian )

EUK: Why a Palestinian state is the best security guarantee for Israel ( FT )

THE HOUSE SLAVES | Crumbling economy, stuck in early 2022

Feature: The world again needs American Leadership – Liz Truss! ( WSJ here )

Context : Russia, China, Iran and ‘radical domestic ideologies’ pose grave threats to ‘our way of life’.

Supply Ukraine, and therefore send message to Russia’s ‘patrons’ China and Iran

EUK: How the West lost the artillery shell race and what it means for Ukraine ( Telegraph )

EUK: 12th round of sanctions on Russia fail, Hungary vetoes energy sanctions ( Euractiv )

EUK: EU sends special envoy for Sanctions David O’Sullivan to Central Asia – Uzb, Kaz – again ( )

EUK: Freezing Weather hits Europe as Snow forecast from Germany to UK ( Bloomberg )

EUK: Germany‘s Volkswagen to cut thousands of jobs – high cost, low productivity ( Telegraph )

EUK: Germany has severe shortages, can fight for 2 days – Wadephul, CDU/CSU ( Spiegel )

EUK: Europe‘s Petrochemical Industry Is Heading for Death Row ( Bloomberg )

EUK: The Fall of the know-it-all – How Scholz led the country into financial Chaos ( Spiegel, cover )

EUK: What Geert Wilders ‘hard-right’ win means for Europe – chain reaction ( Times of London )

EUK: Some EU Nations – anonymously – push to Weaken Russia Sanctions Enforcement Plan ( Bloomberg )

EUK: Europe is looking to fight the flood of Chinese electric vehicles. But Europeans love them ( AP )

EUK: Russia‘s economy growing three times faster than Eurozone ( Guardian )

EUK: Precarious Finances: 38% of Europeans no longer eat three meals a day ( Euractiv business )

EUK: Partheon marbles row: Rishi Sunak cancels meeting with Greek Mitsotakis ( Guardian )

EUK: Europe bought half of Russian LNG exports – Eurostat ( Telegraph )

Context : Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania


GLS: Nepal ( BRI member ) receives Vicky Nuland / Sammy Power ( photos )

GLS: India‘s BRICS quandary deepens – Pakistan formally requests entry ( Indian Punchline here )

GLS: US, India to sign agreement to expedite return of stolen antiques to India ( Indian Express )

GLS: Argentina‘s Havier Milei converts to Judaism in Queens, New York ( Bloomberg, today )

Context : After U-turns on BRICS membership, and on demolishing central bank / switching to USD

RUS: Mother of all storms hits Black Sea, Crimea ( videos )

RUS: Russia woos Africa with free grain – Burkina Faso, Somalia – fertilizer research funding ( Bloomberg )

RUS: Google AI flags moon landing photos as fake, Putin reacts “interesting” ( video )

Appendix A: Holodomor Day ( Saturday ) special:

Grain from Ukraine summit : Bravery feeds the planet 

“Starvation of civilians as a tactic of war is prohibited” 

Participants: Switzerland ( outgoing pres Berset ), Latvia ( pres Rinkēvičs ), Lithuania ( pm Šimonytė )

Elensky’s three big wins needed / money, money, money ( X ):

– Overcome US congress differences, and get aid,

– Get EU to support Ukraine with €50 billion in aid,

– Start dialogue on Ukraine’s EU membership

Appendix B – Some clips

Poland-Ukraine border:

Luxury cars on border:

Moon Landing AI analysis:

Appendix C – Legend

Figuring out easier sorting with categories:

404: Ukraine 

ISR: Israel

CHI: China

RUS: Russia


USC: US+Canada

GLS: Global South

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