Ben Tóth’s hits just keep on coming. I’ve already printed out this week’s outline to debate using facts and great background info. You should too.

The hits just keep on coming from Ben Tóth. I’ve already printed out my copy. Watch the show he co-hosted on 17 November,

Blowback: Exposing Imperial Decline Show

17 November Outline


– No war over Taiwan, catastrophic for both. World is big enough for both to prosper.

– Renewal of contacts within military orgaisations along common interests.

– Asking Xi to put pressure on Iran so it doesn’t start regional war.

– Raised Human Right concerns about Xinjiang and Tibet

– Xi invited US to Belt and Road initiative to build ( rebuild ) inftrastructure

Biden liked Xi‘s ( Hongqi ) car, compared it to his Cadillac Beast ( video )

– Meeting ends, Biden immediately calls Xi a Dictator, Blinknen‘s heart sinks ( all US MSM )

US: Joe Biden halts plan for Indo-Pacific trade deal during Apec summit ( FT )

US: Is committed to arming Taiwan immediately after Biden-Xi talks – Austin ( Nikkei )

Taiwan: Opposition parties unite – good news for the Communist Party ( Economist )

Russia: Receives signal about US readiness for dialogue at APEC summit ( Izvesiya )

CLIP: Blinken‘s heart sinks:


Israel: takes over Shifa hospital, produces childish PR, deletes it ( IDF, X )

Israel: Bombs Damascus again ( Al Mayedeen )

Israel: IDF claims capture of Gaza port ( IDF > Cradle )

Israel: FM Smotrich supports ‘voluntary migration’ of Gazans as ‘humanitarian solution’ ( Al Jazeera )

Israel: Wants to obliterate Gaza to deter Iran, Hezbollah – secret Dutch memo ( Politico )

UN: China ( President ) calls for Israel’s nuclear sites to be placed under IAEA safeguards ( UN )

UN: Security Council adopts humanitarian pause resolution 12-0 – US, UK, RUS abstain ( Reuters )

ME: Qatar demands international investigation into IDF targeting of hospitals in Gaza ( UN )

ME: South African Pres. Ramaphosa in Qatar seeks ICC to investigate war crimes in Gaza ( RT )

ME: Türkiye files case against Netanyahu at ICC, for genocide in the Gaza Strip ( UN )

ME: Jordan refuses energy and water deal with Israel amid Gaza war ( Al Jazeera )

US: The West Should Welcome Gaza Refugees ( WSJ )

US: Nikki Haley wants everyone on social media verified by name bc antisemitism ( video, Fox )

US: New York governor Hochul announces program to monitor social media ( video )

US: Hamas must go – Hillary Clinton Op-Ed ( Atlantic )

US: America is Losing Control – Guest Essay ( NYT )

US: Osama Bin Laden‘s letter to America goes viral among youth : ‘He was Right’ ( Newsweek )

EU: Greta Thürnberg‘s statements are anti-Semitic – German A-S commissioner  ( Zeit )

EU: Belgian parliament won’t review Israeli video production, Propaganda ( Cradle )

EU: French court issues arrest warrant for Syrian Pres. Assad on 2013 chemical weapons charges ( AFT )

EU: UK Parliament votes against Gaza ceasefire 293:125 ( BBC )  

EU: Guardian removes original Osama bin Laden letter from 2002 ( Guardian )


US: Forbidden Russian oil flows into Pentagon supply chain ( WaPo exclusive )

US: Pentagon again fails annual audit of $3.8 trillion in military assets – sixth year in a row ( Stars & Stripes )

US: Biden signs spending bill, staving off shutdown – no Israel / Ukraine aid ( NYT )

US: Are generic drugs too cheap for their own good? ( Bloomberg )

EU: ‘Forgot to pay’ – Four in ten Belgians steal in supermarkets ( Business Times )

EU: France poverty levels hit new record 9.1m people living under the poverty line, 14.5% ( Insee Study )

EU: Millions ( 2m ) of British households forced to unplug fridge, freezer amid rising bills ( Guardian )

EU: UK PM Rishi Sunak bids to reset China relations to boost trade ( Telegraph )

Israel: Israeli banks block Russian accounts in line with EU sanctions ( Cradle )

China: Launches world’s fastest internet with 1.2 terabit/sec link, years ahead of forecasts ( SCMP )


Ukraine: Russia is preparing another front in the BalkansElensky ( video address )

Ukraine: Charges officials linked to efforts to investigate the Bidens – in 2019 ( NYT )

Ukraine: Elensky opposes “frozen” war: it needs to end ( Ukr Pravda )

Ukraine: Criminal proceedings have opened against Arestovich ( Ukr Pravda )

Türkiye: Stalls Sweden‘s entry into NATO at Parliament ( Andalou )

US: It’s Time to End Magical Thinking About Russia’s Defeat ( WSJ )

US: Why Ukraine‘s stalemate will likely last another year – Ian Bremmer ( Time )

US : Russia switching war strategy as missiles run out – Ben : Again?? ( Newsweek ) 

US: CIA boss Burns heads for Z-day in Kiev as Ukraine falters ( Asia Times )

US: Zelensky vs Zaluzhny : Bookmakers are taking bets on political assassinations ( MSNBC )

US: Mike Pompeo joins Kievstar’s ( Telecom ) Board of Directors to safeguard American investors ( Kyiv Post )

Canada : Is so expensive  that some Ukrainian immigrants are leaving ( Bloomberg )

EU: Sweden could soon block Russian oil tankers without Western insurance ( Berliner Zeitung )

EU: The amazing resilience of the Russians, Sanctions ( Welt )

EU: Hungary should stop relying on ‘war criminal’ Putin for gas – EU energy chief ( Politico )

EU: Estonian PM Kaja Kallas open to being next NATO chief ( Politico, video )

EU: UK Home Sec. David Cameron visits Kiev, on paper “pledges continued UK support” ( Guardian )

EU: Has Putin got the upper hand in Ukraine? – Ben : Yes ( Guardian )

EU: Navalny awarded Bambi media prize in München, Germany Ursula accepts in his name ( photos )

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