Correctly Defining Modern Zionism. By: Brett Redmayne-Titley.

Not so long ago, prior to 1963 Zionism was war for new Israeli territory only. Thereafter, the goals of Zionism became very different: To steal forever the proper conscience of man.

What is to be said of a religion that demands that normal human conscience accept bombing hospitals, medics, women and children merely because that religion believes all other humans to be “animals.” How can any religion excuse away all this barbarity of one nation as the “new normal” and next legislate that we, the civilized, must willingly accept their unconscionable new mind-set…or else!

As encapsulated in a previous article, this is the “War For Your Mind!”

The answer as to why this lapse of mental and moral conscience is expanding daily is found in a Jewish prayer of absolution., one seemingly embraced beyond Judaism worldwide. A prayer reviled for centuries and cast-out repeatedly by the senior theologians of Judaism. A prayer that has maliciously returned to prominence over the past two generations. It is now chanted every year so that the Zionist inflicted mind can rest easy opon one’s past moral sins and thus continue their violations renewed.

There is much that the civilized world does not understand about modern day Zionism. Today, the definition is allocated to being either Jewish or Israeli. To most people Zionism is analogous to only these two very small sub-sets of the world.

They are not!

Slowly, since 1963 to much of the remaining world has been incrementally indoctrinated into submitting their minds also to this incorrect, singular and collective definition. Solely due to Zionism’s false insistence of a direct religious link to Judaism, the objective and critical world that still maintains a proper conscience strangely cowers at Zionism’s incorrect but inevitable charge of “anti-Semitism.” This false association has too often caused the political and journalistic demise of many of proper mind who dare to factually challenge this myth and Israeli atrocity. Thus, the civilized world is scared away from exercising one’s full mental faculties; such faculties of conscience that would normally rise in collective reaction and outrage.

But, not to the anti-social results of Zionism.


It is high time, as Gaza and Gazans alike are exterminated again by Israel, for the outraged world to confidently respond against the erroneous broad brush of Anti-Semitism.

As written previously, this “War for Your Mind’ continues unabated, it is essential to better understand “modern” Zionism as an affliction not peculiar at all to Judaism.As we see this very day, Zionism has indeed afflicted the minds of almost all politicians, media outlets, college educators, sports personalities, and film celebrities. Against this collective worldwide Zionism the fight must begin.

As revealed by the examination of a single Jewish prayer, Zionism is- when applying historical Judaic reality- a Jewish scourge, one deliberately ignored in factual discussions of Zionism and little understood by world Jewry as well.

This “War for Your Mind”, this mandated ignorance of the subject, is what can well be described as the root of the problem.


This Jewish prayer has been debated, reviled, and cast out by the most senior Jewish theologians repeatedly over the past two thousand years. It has been reborn by Zionist design in historic cycles. Many of the problems of our world- past and present- can be summed up and exemplified by the examination of this single prayer which is more exclusively Zionist in its modern worldwide usage that it is Jewish. A prayer that, when considered correctly, is today a metaphor, the personification, the excuse, for all the moral decay that has led to so much suffering and austerity across the world today.

This metaphoric prayer transcends religion and Judaism, for it is the encouragement of a mental malignancy- now endemic- within humankind. Much worse, this prayer facilitates- nay, demands– the individual rotting of one’s mind, one’s conscience… and one’s soul.

It’s name?

The “Kol Nidrei.”


                               Of, Zionism Past: Saying a Prayer for Zionism.

“Zionism” per se and its demands for new Jewish territory is not a recent ideology at all.

Only the name is.

The term “Zionism” was coined by Theodore Herzl as the twentieth-century denotation of the two-millennium goal of a purely Jewish state of “Israel.” Although not defined at the time, Zionism was indeed first cast-out from Judea  by Roman emperor, Titus, in 70 AD due to the Jewish attempted dominance of that small piece of the Roman Empire. The subsequent precursors of Zionism have met a similar fate on multiple occasions and by multitude of other countries ever since.

For centuries Judaism at the behest of these ill-defined Zionists repeatedly fell afoul of their host nations for similar reasons as we see today: the incremental political, financial and social takeover of the territory of welcoming Kings and Queens. These failed take overs led to the innocents of Judaism being collectively and repeatedly cast out and, until 1948,  without a host country.

Unfortunately for the non-Zionist world of Jewry, at many points throughout this sordid history the Jewish quest for a country was attempted solely via the ascension of powerful Jewish interests that progressively gained political and financial control- like Judea- over these nations by afflicting societal crimes that violated the conscience of the leaders of their host nations. As an example, in 1604 AD Catholic Pope Clement VIII proclaimed:

” All the world suffers from the user of the Jews, their monopoly and deceit. They have brought many unfortunate people into a state of poverty…especially working people and the very poor.”

Here, Clement VIII- like many world leaders past – was inaccurate in his statement. He too did not correctly understand the Jewish subset of Zionism. Lacking a separate definition, Clement VIII made the mistake of associating all Jews together, therefore collectively demonizing an entire religion and all its followers instead of the villains hiding behind the Jewish religion.

At that time, as is the case with modern Zionism today, the vast majority of world Jewry had committed no societal crime whatsoever and deserved no charge, yet due to the actions of the few Jews who willfully worked towards hegemonic sedition from within their host country of the time, Clement VIII cast-out all Jews in reaction. What Clement VIII failed to understand was that there was indeed a difference within this religion to be noted: a difference- a prayer- that was not necessarily inherent to Judaism but was embodied exclusively by Zionism and its advocacy of the societal hypocrisy espoused within the Kol Nidrei.

By extension, the unjustifiable horrors of the alleged Holocaust were a reaction similar to Clement VIII: caused by collective but false demonization of all Jews as a reaction to the practices of the very few Zionists who had hypocritically violated the boundaries of the societal German conscience as well as the correct mandates of the Jewish Torah and Talmud.

Whether the decisions came from Rome,the Vatican,  Berlin, or Tel Av-iv, today, the Jewish perpetrators had each time used an unjustifiable rationale, one that excused their afflicted minds and legitimized turning Evil into Good, Devil into God, and Wrong into Right. This demand for an ongoing lapse of conscience is no longer, today, peculiar to any one religion. It is purely Zionist, however, and embodied in…the Kol Nidrei.


                                        The Most Evil Societal Prayer In the World.

“All [personal] vows we are likely to make, all [personal] oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce. Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established. Let our [personal] vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths.” -The Kol Nidrei.

The Kol Nidrei, often misspelled  Kol Nidre, was not originally a prayer, but a declaration offered during Rosh Hashana, the start of the Jewish new year. Since 1963, in “modern” Judaism the Kol Nidrei is now delivered as a prayer now delivered yearly at the commencement of Judaism’s holiest yearly event of Passover.

Zionism has proportionately grown in prominence during its return.

For centuries there has been an internal philosophical Judaic controversy over whether the Kol Nidrei should be allowed to be included in Jewish services at all. It has been argued about, pro-or-con, by the most preeminent Judaic scholars for centuries, most of whom vehemently opposed its inclusion and banned it outright. The concern of these  fundamental Jewish leaders:

How is it possible for the Jewish religion to flourish if it violates the most fundamental tenet of proper human morality and conscience? The adherence to “Right” vs. the legitimizing of “Wrong.”

This question was succinctly answered over these centuries as the Kol Nidrei rightly fell from grace or was subsequently reinstated by new Zionist elements within a new  host society. Historical examination of the Kol Nidrei shows the polarity between the demand for the proper benevolence offered in the formal Judaism of the Torah and the post-Torah books of the Talmud. Over time, these books contained fewer and fewer moral rationales supported by this one single all-excusing prayer.

As noted by Benedict XIII in 1450 the deviance within Judaism was a result of the books of the Talmud. “The heresies, vanities and errors of the TALMUD prevent their [Jews] from knowing the truth.” This was also firmly noted by Michael Rodkinson, in the preface of the Babylonian Talmud, page XI, who commented, “The modern Jew is the product of the Talmud.”

The Kol Nidrei is as old as Judaism itself since its original text was in the ancient Aramaic language from before the time of Christ. Much of modern Jewry has falsely claimed that the prayer, used as an absolution, was created in modern times as a reaction to 20th-century Jewish persecution. This is not true since fervent discussions about the divisive use of the Kol Nidrei were in controversy for many centuries prior.

As long ago as the times of medieval Babylonian Jewry, five Geonim, the senior rabbinic leaders, were against its use while only one was in favor. Early Judaic scholar, Saadia Gaon, also wished to restrict the Kol Nidrei and declared that it gave “no absolution” from the oaths an individual took during the year. Continuing this argument against the Kol Nidrei, Rabbi Yehudai Gaon of Sura (760 AD), forbade the study of the Nedarim, the Talmudic treatise on oaths which includes the Kol Nidrei.

Of course, it was the most famous theologian of all time, the one who publicly cast out the Kol Nidrei and its demand for religious ignorance, who first correctly defined modern Zionism so long ago.

This man correctly identified this fundamental scourge of what again today is the root cause of the barbaric mental state now denoted as Zionism. Known then as the Pharisees these included in their minds that ultimate justification for crimes against society, religion and morality: the Kol Nidrei.

Too long ago, that man, as a similar reaction to what the civilized world is being forced- day after day for the past two murderous months,-to witness in hand ringing anguish, that man correctly, presciently and all too correctly in one sentence defined modern Zionism. Said he:

“Ye [the Pharisees] are of your father the devil….and abode, not in the truth because there is not truth in him.”

That man, in providing this historically accurate and  sage advice fought a historic and ultimately successful battle against the Zionists of his time. A battle that must be rekindled, for the sake of retaining the proper conscience of man…Now!

He, like the Palestinians slaughtered hourly, was Martyred for this cause. For, he knew all too well of the societal evil to which he spoke (John VIII:44), and he too, was himself, Jewish.

The champion’s name?

Jesus Christ.

                                                                -THE END-

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