Petition to suspend Israel from international sports

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  • Sheila Mahnken
    6 months ago

    I pray the Truth will be revealed/admitted in the depraved Western regime about these ‘so-called’ wars (including Ukraine-Russia situation) and odd ‘phenomena’ going on all over. I’m really tired of “poor Israel” in the propaganda, among other lies/partial truths. I encourage you study and other pages and and to learn what’s REALLY been happening in the world and why. Now to my passion/purpose for restoring our Constitutional Republic to one nation under God and healing the world. Remember U.S. citizens: We the People are governed by OUR consent; divided we fall (along with other world citizens); commUNIcaTE. Be willing and ready to take action—especially tell EVERYONE about salvation in Jesus Christ (whether it’s the End Times or not). Above all–PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! PRAYers and God’s Blessings in Jesus Christ!

    • Thank you, Sheila for reaching out.

      I will start checking these websites and am touched by your concern for humanity’s fate.

      Happy 2024 Year of the Dragon!


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