First-time visitors to China are gobsmacked at everything they see and experience. New visa-free policy is changing hearts and minds.

From fellow China Writers’ Group member Wei Ling Chua,

Wow‼️Search on YouTube “Travelling china” to feel the impact of China recent visas free entry policy‼️ and one will noticed the following similar sentiments of all the visitors who visited China for the first time:

1) Almost all blamed the western media for their shocked experiences in China.

2) They all shocked by the modernity of the Chinese cities across the country 

3) shocked by the advanced technology used in daily life such as the futuristic metro stations, the high speed trains, the cashless payment system, the highways, the bridges, the dams, the airports, the quiet streets due to EVs cars, the driverless taxi system and driverless public buses, etc.

4) also shocked by the clean and green streets, and the blue skies 

5) also the friendliness of the people, the quality of parks and recreations across the cities full of lives and activities, the happy faces 

6) also the safety of the cities in the middle of the night, the lack of homeless people on the streets, the unarmed policemen, and the freedom to walk alone anywhere, anytime without fear

7) also, the friendliness of the average Chinese people on the streets, the varieties of foods and the super low cost of living and super low cost of travelling across the cities and country on quality public transportation. As well as social harmony 

8) also, shocked by the differences in ancient architecture from province to province. The vast landscape and beauty across the country unseen elsewhere,

9) also, shocked by the accessibility of roads and rails across the country that includes remote villages, and the lack of poverty stricken areas 

The irony is that many YouTubers begin to compare their China experiences with their own countries.

Apparently, the hundreds and thousands of individuals voluntarily and passionately telling their personal experiences on youtube, TikTok, and other social media already make the free visa policy offered by a confident country worthwhile. These individual’s world citizens personal accounts of China seem to be more effective than the US Congress approved $500m anti China propaganda war chest could achieve.

Remember to capitalise the visa free holidaying China yourself to experience first hand all the above.

At least to search on YouTube “travelling China” and view a few short videos yourself to feel the sentiment.



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