Professor John Mearsheimer provides a strong piece on the utter perversity and criminality of the NATO war in Palestine.

Never forget that Israel is a NATO proxy to destroy the Middle East, just as Ukraine is a NATO proxy to destroy Russia.

Death and Destruction in Gaza

What Israel is doing in Gaza to the Palestinian civilian population – with the support of the Biden administration – is a crime against humanity that serves no meaningful military purpose. As J-Street, an important organization in the Israel lobby, puts it, “The scope of the unfolding humanitarian disaster and civilian casualties is nearly unfathomable.”

Let me elaborate.

First, Israel is purposely massacring huge number of civilians, roughly 70 percent of whom are children and women.

Second, Israel is purposely starving the desperate Palestinian population by greatly limiting the amount of food, fuel, cooking gas, medicine, and water that can be brought into Gaza.

Third, Israeli leaders talk about Palestinians and what they would like to do in Gaza in shocking terms, especially when you consider that some of these leaders also talk incessantly about the horrors of the Holocaust.

Fourth, Israel is not just killing, wounding, and starving huge numbers of Palestinians, it is also systematically destroying their homes as well as critical infrastructure – to include mosques, schools, heritage sites, libraries, key government buildings, and hospitals.

Fifth, Israel is not just terrorizing and killing Palestinians, it is also publicly humiliating many of their men who have been rounded up by the IDF in routine searches.

Sixth, although the Israelis are doing the slaughtering, they could not do it without the Biden administration’s support.

Seventh, while most of the focus is now on Gaza, it is important not to lose sight of what is simultaneously going on in the West Bank. Israeli settlers, working closely with the IDF, continue to kill innocent Palestinians and steal their land.

As I watch this catastrophe for the Palestinians unfold, I am left with one simple question for Israel’s leaders, their American defenders, and the Biden administration: have you no decency?

The piece has copious footnotes which link to original sources of the claims Mearsheimer makes. I highly recommend to read it in full.

4 Responses to “Professor John Mearsheimer provides a strong piece on the utter perversity and criminality of the NATO war in Palestine.

  • subhuti37
    7 months ago

    The Nazis had clearly stated designs, to wipe out both the Jewish and Slavic populations of Europe. The most egregious attempts aside from the death camps, were the attacks on three major Russian cities, Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad (along with Sevastopol, with a smaller population, where only the post office was left standing). Leningrad was totally blockaded, which resulted in 1 million people dying of cold, disease and, notably starvation. Stalingrad was bombed to ground. Only Moscow of those three major cities survived due to it dramatic counteroffensive in December 1941, and excellent anti aircraft defenses. Few civilians survived at all in Stalingrad.

    What does Gaza have? It is totally cut off, and has been blockaded, with only minimal supplies for its 2.3 million population, for years. Now, totally blockaded. It is unlikely that the current death toll of about 20,000 dead is accurate. With vast numbers of homes destroyed, with almost no food and only filthy water to drink, the number must be far higher, even 10X or more higher that what is stated. The Israeli goal is extermination.

    My speculation is that the Zionists (many of whom Einstein and other Jews characterized as racist and fascist) who invaded and took over Palestine internalized the horror that the Jews experienced, making them collectively into murderous psychopaths. The Nazis didn’t lose, they just changed forms, with their former victims now, in their deranged manner, ‘taking revenge’ on new innocents. This is how the Law of Karma works in this case. And there will be consequences for the Zionists, with the manufactured State of Israel experiencing a similar fate the the manufactured state of Ukraine.

  • Warren Monty
    7 months ago

    Zionist Supremacy, along with American Exceptionalism, is the new Nazi ideology.
    ❤️Wage Peace,
    ⭐️Keep the Faith

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