This is BIG. The West’s holocaust in Palestine is going to have global consequences for decades to come. 500 years of Western imperialism-colonialism are OVER!

Pictured above: a haunting memorial to the British people’s Great Potato Famine in 19th century Ireland, one of thousands of Western genocides and holocausts committed across the globe in the last 500 years, Palestine ongoing.

In my WeChat forum, I saw an Israeli poll, only 2.8% of the surveyed think the country’s attack on Gaza is “excessive”. Zionists are a minority in Israel. Yet, the overwhelming majority of (Jewish) Israelis are for the genocide.

The writing is on the wall. More and more people are seeing the line between Zionism and Judaism blur, calling Zionism “political Judaism”. The Jewish tribe around the world is going to regret the West’s genocidal project in Palestine, ongoing since 1917.

I also see Christians saying that the ongoing genocide is a biblical sign of the fall of Israel.

The fallout is going to be huge across the globe. The end of Western empire is nigh…

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