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Blowback: Exposing Imperial Decline





– 404: The situation in Avdiivka is extremely critical ( Ukro Pravda )

– 404: Things are going badly for Ukraine – really badly ( Business Insider )

– 404: Ukraine withdraws units from parts of Avdiivka, sends in crack brigade ( Reuters )

– 404: Ukraine set to lose key Donbass city – White House ( John Kirby > Kyiv Independent )

– 404: Ukraine on verge of losing Avdiivka, strategic city long targeted by Russia ( WaPo )

– 404: Syrsky: Ukraine shifts to defense to drain Russian troops ( Kyiv Ind )

– 404: Kiev to be unable to use NATO airstrips for deployment of F-16 planes – Ignat ( TASS )

– 404: President Zelensky signs bill legalizing medical Cannabis In Ukraine ( Forbes )

– RUC: Russian landing ship Caesar Kunikov sunk off Crimea, says Ukraine ( UAF > BBC )

– RUC: Seven killed in Ukrainian missile strike on Russia’s Belgorod – governor ( Reuters )

– RUC: Adm.Viktor Sokolov removed from command of the Black Sea Fleet ( RU MoD )


– 404: Elensky calls for House vote on Ukraine aid – who? ( Politico )

– 404: Ukrainian President Elensky invokes Judaism to rally support ( ‘Moscow’ Times )

– EUK: Biden must risk his party’s wrath to secure Ukraine’s future ( Telegraph )

– EUK: Ukraine’s war effort already affected by block on $60bn US aid – Stoltenberg ( Guardian )

– EUK: UK Foreign Secretary Cameron urges US congress to vote for Ukraine package ( Bloomberg )

– USC: US House Democratic caucus Chair warns of possible March Government shutdown ( Newsweek )

– USC: Biden urges house to vote immediately on Ukraine aid – failure is ‘What Putin Is Betting On’ ( RFE )

– USC: Lyndsey Graham, a longtime foreign policy hawk, bows to Trump on Ukraine ( WaPo )


– USC: House Intel chairman announces ‘serious national security threat’ related to Russia ( CNN )

– USC: The ‘disturbing’ intel roiling the Hill is about Russian nukes in space ( Politico )

– USC: Russia has obtained a ‘troubling’ emerging anti-satellite weapon, W.H. says ( AP )

– USC: White House confirms knowledge of Russian ‘anti-satellite capability’ ( FT )

– USC: Intelligence about Russia puts focus on new US Satellite push ( NYT )

– EUK: Putin’s nuclear arms race could make space the new battlefield ( Times )

– EUK: Putin‘s deadliest weapon yet has been revealed – and the West has no answer ( Telegraph )


– 404: US House of Representatives goes on recess without considering Ukraine aid bill ( Ukrinform )

– USC: White House hits Johnson for going on recess without passing Ukraine aid ( The Hill )

– USC: Biden team struggles to reassure Europe that US won’t abandon Ukraine ( WaPo )

– USC: Another government shutdown looms in March as the House heads home ( Yahoo )


– 404: Ukraine‘s Zelensky to sign security pacts with Germany and France ( France 24 )

– 404: Ukraine and Germany forge security cooperation agreement ( Ukro Pravda, video )

– 404: Zelensky to sign security agreement in France, address leaders at Munich conference ( Ukrinform )

– USC: Anxious World leaders descend on Munich Ukraine doubters / Trump fears dominate ( Foreign Policy )

– USC: Kamala Harris heads to Munich for high-stakes diplomatic trip – and meet Elensky ( CNN )


Putin Zarubyn interview:

Global fight against Nazi propaganda, regret not starting SMO in 2014, disappointed in Tucker, prefer Biden over Trump

Tucker shorts: 

He fell in love with Moscow Kievskaya ( Stalinitsa ) metro station, Russian McDonalds, Russian Auchan supermarket


– 404: Apparently Zaluzhny has joined Poroshenko’s ( European Solidarity ) party membership card shared.

– 404: Slaughter of Selidovo grouping of 3rd assault brigade ( AZOV ) via cluster munitions, no official confirmation.

– 404: Avdiivka is basically a Bakhmut, Mariupol, even Debaltsevo 2.0


– 404: Elensky blames Putin for Navalny’s death as leaders voice outrage ( Politico, EU )

– EUK: Alexei Navalny’s wife says Putin will ‘bear responsibility’ ( Times of London )

– EUK: David Cameron: Hold Putin accountable for Navalny‘s death ( Telegraph )

– EUK: Western officials and Kremlin critics blame Putin and his government for Navalny’s death in prison ( AP )

– EUK: Navalny laughed and cracked jokes a day before his death ( Reuters )

– EUK: Conspiracy theories, repression and sycophancy define Putin’s Russia ( FT )

– EUK: Alexei Navalny: UK and US hit out at Putin over critic’s death in prison ( Guardian )

– USC: Alexei Navalny, Putin’s Most Ardent Critic, Dies in Prison ( WSJ )

– USC: Alexey Navalny, Jailed Activist Who Defied Putin, Dies at 47 ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Kamala Harris decries Putin‘s brutality’ after Navalny‘s death ( Newsweek )

– VIDEO: Navalny’s wife already speaking to Munich Security Conference ( video )

“Russia must answer serious questions regarding Navalny’s death”Stoltenberg

“The fiercest advocate for Russian democracy, Navalny demonstrated incredible courage”- Sunak

“Navalny is a victim of Russian fascism, will be remembered as the best president Russia ever had” Sikorski

“Putin fears nothing more than dissent from his own people – a grim reminder of what his regime is all about”Ursula

“The fear of one man underscores the weakness and rot at the heart of the system that Putin has built” Blinken

“Let’s be clear: Putin killed Navalny bc. he was the opposition leader in Russia that Putin feared the most”McFaul

“The instant reaction of NATO leaders to Navalny’s demise, direct accusations of Russia are self-exposing”Maria Z



– RUC: Russian forces destroy over 15,000 tanks in Ukraine operation, top brass reports ( TASS )

– RUC: Putin visits Uralvagonzavod factory, in Nizhny Tagil ( TASS, videos )

– EUK: Can Europe defend itself? It may have three years to find out ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: US and Europe are desperate to sign weapons deals for Ukraine. They just can’t get started. ( Politico )

– EUK: Russia can withstand years of equipment losses at current levels – report ( IISS > Business Insider )

– EUK: ‘A lot higher than we expected’: Russian arms production worries Europe’s war planners ( Guardian )

– EUK: Yes, Donald Trump’s Putin comments were unhinged – but he’s right to question NATO’s future ( Guardian )

– EUK: The west has not gone far enough in sanctioning Russia – can’t help Ukraine outproduce it ( FT )

– EUK: France and Germany can’t agree on how to fight Europe’s wars ( Politico )

– EUK: Europe wants to stand on Its own, militarily. Is it too little, too late? ( NYT )

– USC: A self-absorbed America means disorder for the World – Edward Allen ( Foreign Policy )

– USC: Trump’s awful truth: the US can go it alone – Europe cannot ( FT )


– EUK: How Britain is rehearsing a NATO war with Russia – completely open about it! ( Times )

– EUK: NATO chief rebukes Donald Trump and announces record defense spending ( Guardian )

– EUK: Germany will spend nearly €72b on defense this year, highest in history ( FT )

– EUK: NATO’s frontline nations are digging 1,000 bunkers. Will it deter Putin? ( Times )

– EUK: Russia to double military presence along NATO border, Estonia warns ( FT )

– EUK: Moscow laying groundwork for Moldova invasion, warn ‘experts’ – ISW ( Telegraph )

– USC: US secretary of state assures Western Balkans of support for path toward EU integration ( AP )


– EUK: UK economy fell into recession at the end of 2023 ( BBC )

– EUK: Britain suffers longest hit to living standards since records began ( Telegraph )

– EUK: Inflation has sent German pay back to 2016 levels, study shows ( Bloomberg )

– ASO: Japan slips into recession allowing Germany to overtake as world’s third largest economy ( CNN )

context: Recession list = UK, Germany, Luxembourg, Ireland, Moldova, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Japan


– EUK: EU sees no need to extend deal on Russian gas transit via Ukraine ( Reuters )

– EUK: Von der Leyen calls on EU to subsidize defense production ( FT )

– EUK: UK Post-Brexit watchdog ‘ready’ to investigate flood of cheaper Chinese EVs ( Guardian )

– EUK: EU proposes sanctioning North Korea for sending Russia missiles ( Bloomberg )

– USC: The plan to make Russia pay for Ukraine‘s weapons – from fucking Bill Bowder ( ABC )


– EUK: Debt, migration, green deal – why von der Leyen‘s time is up ( Focus DE )

– EUK: Euroclear warns against G7 plan to backstop Ukraine debt with Russian assets ( FT )

– EUK: Why Hungary is again blocking the latest round of Russia sanctions – because China!! ( FT ) 

– EUK: Elections threaten to upset Europe’s centrist apple cart – far-left, far-right, ‘eurosceptics’ ( FT )

– EUK: Piotr Zgorzelski warns the mayor of Lviv. “I suggest you drink a glass of water” ( Polsatnews )

– EUK: How the US broke Kosovo and what that means for Ukraine – not good at finishing wars ( Politico )

– EUK: Three pro-Palestine protesters found guilty of terror offense over paraglider images ( Independent )

– USC: Seizing Russian assets: A feel good bill that will absolutely boomerang – Rand Paul ( Resp. Statecraft )

– USC: Did the West ‘crush’ Russia’s economy for invading Ukraine? No ( Responsible Statecraft )



– ISR: Israeli forces storm the main hospital in southern Gaza, saying hostages were likely held there ( AP )

– ISR: IDF rehab center forecasting another 16,000 wounded this year ( TO Israel )

– ISR: Netanyahu warns Putin that Iran wants to destroy 6 million jews ( Bloomberg )

– ISR: More than half of Israelis suffer from psych. problems – no money or therapists ( Jpost )

– ISR: Palestinian arrests in Westbank exceeds 7,000 since 7 October ( rights groups > Cradle )


– WEA: UAE ( Qatar, Kuwait, Oman ) restrict US ability to launch retaliatory airstrikes against Iran proxies ( Politico )

– WEA: Erdoğan makes rare Egypt visit as talks continue over Gaza ceasefire deal ( Guardian )

– WEA: Egypt ditches US Dollar in trade with the Bloc ( BRICS news )

– WEA: Egypt builds Walled Enclosure as Israeli offensive looms ( WSJ )

– WEA: Azerbaijan planning ‘full-scale war’, Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan warns ( AFP )

– WEA: Indian-made Israeli ‘killer’ drones set to make their way to Gaza ( MEE )

– WEA: Gas pipeline explosion in central Iran caused by sabotage – no loss of life ( Mehr > Cradle )

– WEA: IRGC simulates destroying Israeli F-35 hangars with ballistic missiles ( IRNA )

– USC: US won’t punish Israel for Rafah op that doesn’t protect civilians – Sources ( Politico )

– USC: US probes Israeli strikes that killed civilians in Gaza ( WSJ Exclusive )

– USC: Mike Pompeo dances with IDF soldiers near Gaza border ( video )

– EUK: Pressure mounts on Israel not to attack Palestinians‘ last Gaza refuge ( Reuters )

– RUC: China demands Israel halt military operations in Rafah ( mFA statement > Cradle )


– AFR: South Africa deplores Israel for ignoring ICJ verdict on Gaza ( FM > Cradle )

– AFR: South Africa’s foreign minister seeks extra security due to threats after Israel genocide case ( AA )

– AFR: Nigeria to join BRICS, sell crude Oil in local currency, not USD ( Channels TV )

– RUC: Moscow announces second high level Russia-Africa summit ( Sputnik )



– USC: After fighting Ukraine aid, Trump says Biden will ‘give’ Ukraine to Putin ( NYT )

– USC: Trump eyes NATO makeover, hurried peace in Ukraine if elected ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Democrats unveil new hip hop task force to tackle racial inequity ( The Hill )

– USC: West Virginia AG urges Harris to invoke 25th Amendment to remove Biden ( The Hill )

– RUC: Putin says he prefers Joe Biden over Donald Trump in US election ( FT )


– USC: Boeing employee reveals manufacturer has taken shortcuts ( Simple flying )

– USC: US Porsche, Bentley and Audi imports held up over banned Chinese part ( FT )

– USC: Uber, Lyft drivers strike across US, demanding fairer pay ( Reuters )

– USC: US House to vote on Biden’s LNG pause Friday, White House defends move ( REuters )

– USC: Apple fans are starting to return their Vision Pros ( the Verge )

– USC: To save money, maybe you should skip breakfast ( WSJ )

– RUC: Putin says Russia is close to creating cancer vaccines ( Reuters )


– USC: Canada refuses to extradite wanted Nazi ( RT )

– LAT: Venezuela suspends UN H/C and H/R activities in country, 72 hours to leave ( FM statement )



– RUC: China preparing for ‘protracted’ war – learning from Ukraine – think tank ( Nikkei )

– RUC: Beijing condemns Taiwan after two Chinese fishers die in speedboat crash ( Guardian )

– RUC: Hollywood is out, Chinese movies are in ( GT ) 

– USC: US Air force announces major shakeup to prep for war with China ( Defense One )

– USC: US to deploy 5 aircraft carriers in western Pacific in show of strength to China ( SCMP )

– USC: Blinken, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to meet Friday at Munich Security Conference ( Politico )

– USC: Forced labor still haunts China‘s XinjiangZenz – report finds ( Politico )

– EUK: UK Foreign Secretary Cameron to pressure China over Red Sea attacks ( Telegraph )


– ASO: Palau’s president raises threat of pivot to Beijing if US funds are delayed further ( SCMP )

– ASO: As Japan pledges more aid to Ukraine, is Tokyo turning into an ATM for a war-torn nation? ( SCMP )

– ASO: Mr Xi, only change will help China weather the storm – LOL ( Japan Times editorial )

– ASO: Godzilla minus the United States – a film about anxiety of American abandonment ( The Atlantic )

– ASO: Former general linked to human rights abuses claims victory in Indonesian presidential election ( AP )

– ASO: Ex-army strongman Prabowo Subianto claims victory in Indonesian presidential election ( CNN )

context: Political and military family, son-in-law of Suharto, westernized, ultra-rich


USC = United States + Canada

EUK = Europe + United Kingdom | 404 = Ukraine

WEA = West Asia, formerly Middle East | ISR = Israel

ASO = Asia + Oceania

AFR = Africa

LAT = Latin America

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