UNDERSTANDING MONEY. By Christopher Francis McIlrath.

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                                                                                    by Christopher Francis McIlrath  25th January 2024

After 60 years of study and observation I write this to fill the vacuum of comprehension of the existing ‘fiat’ monetary system. For example Larry Anthony, a fine, intelligent and honourable gentleman who at the time was the Australian Federal Cabinet Minister responsible for the distribution of many billions of dollars in ‘Social Services’ said to me in person “I do not understand money”. He came to me and said that after I was invited to speak to his audience and mentioned that “the trading banks can create unlimited credit from nothing”* at a National Party policy meeting in his electorate prior to a federal election.

Senator Jerry Jones, then the 3rd most powerful person in the Australian government admitted to me in his office that “the banks control the government” after I presented him with a one page document ‘No Tax’ showing that if the government restricted the banks ability to create endless money from thin air there would be no need for taxation because the government could create sufficient credit to run itself.

The Senator then showed me how to calculate the amount of money that should be in circulation to achieve prosperity for everyone without inflation. We were either side of the coffee table in his Brisbane office when he pointed to the items on the table and stated that if we regarded those items as representing the total of all goods and services in the marketplace and we issued that amount equally to everyone there would be sufficient currency to enable all those goods and services to be bought ** .

With this new system those producing goods and services would become more prosperous and those not producing immediately become very useful as an increased market for those goods and services.

Because the cartel who control the governments are moving rapidly to remove cash from circulation and replace it with ‘digital’ money that they use as an effective monitor and control device as part of removing all freedom – because we are waking up to their evil – I have created a new paper money system called FUNNY MONEY. We conducted a very successful trial called HAPPY MONEY and will soon do a soft launch of Funny Money to be followed by a global launch. It will work well anywhere.

Funny Money is backed by ten times more value in goods and services than the notes in circulation and will therefore differ from the current ‘fiat’ money in that there will be no inflation. Those of us that are old enough will remember being able to buy a good hamburger everywhere for 15 cents. Now it costs $15 or more because the dollar is worth less and heading for worthless. Those many who recognize this in the current system are enthusiastic participants in the rapidly growing catalog of goods and services exchangeable for Funny Money.

If this interests you and you would like to get the latest catalog of suppliers of goods and services and/or offer your own please email: chris@znews.tv   or chrismcilrath6@gmail.com .  You will also get a list of where you can obtain individually numbered Funny Money. You will be so glad you did something to keep your freedom.

* a verbatim quote from the Official Spokesperson for the Economic Research Branch of the Reserve Bank of Australia

** allowing for the ‘multiplier effect’ of circulation/repeated use of money notes I estimate that issuing about one tenth of the total value of goods and services would be sufficient – to be fine tuned (monitored then reduced or increased to avoid inflation or shortage)

                                                Thank you for your precious time :}

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