Because of the Western world’s corporate-military-mainstream press and its virtual, almost total, insidious black out, censorship, propaganda spin, call it what one will, of the war in Gaza, the world has now been locked-up in the  same One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest sanitarium and, daily, are being administered the same happy pill. For nearly 80 years, Israel’s Zionist apartheid system of government has refused to tell the unvarnished truth of what continues to drive its worldwide mind meld.

Consequently, the citizenry of the world remembers virtually nothing, or next to nothing, about the long-sanding crises that underlie the current onslaught against the Palestinian people as well as all the rest of us in the world. Hence, the average thinking person, unless they are doggedly determined to search for the truth, knows virtually little of the real truth that underlies the current crisis in Gaza and the world; such as: Israel’s 1st Nakba Catastrophe and what caused it 75 years ago, or; what was the basis of the United Nations  Balfour Declaration at the end of WWI, or why Zionist Israel, in 2023, currently is creating its 2nd Nakba Catastrophe against the Palestinian people, or; why the United Nations has allowed Zionist Israel’s apartheid  system of government to flourish, ore; why any talk about Israel’s Zionism is immediately dubbed by the corporate press to be anti

*Original version of titled work first appeared on News on 05/11/23

-semitism hatred. Beyond this reality, the public’s conscious awareness, knowledge and depth of understanding is devoid of any depth of what all is going on.”

Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, a 98 year-old Malaysia politician, author and physician, who served as the fourth and seventh Prime Minister does know, and is crystal-clear about what is going on in Palestine and world at large, like no other world leader today

Jeff Brown, of the Seeks Truth From Facts Foundation, says of Dr. Mahathir, “OMG! Yowzer! He is definitely not cut from the same bolt of cloth as his generational colleague, Dr. Henry Kissinger. Kissinger supports the elite Golden Billions, whereas Dr. Mahathir speaks  for Humanity’s Global Majority”

Dr. Mahathir simple 8 minute speech he gave a speech at the recent Global Solidarity and Free Palestine Rally in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 7th wasn’t just another demonstration, but one of the largest and resounding pro-Palestine shows of solidarity to date since the 2nd Nakba Catastrophe began on October 7th.

Dr. Mahathir clearly and concisely explains the Western World’s on-going imperialism, ala Zionist Israel as a classic colonial power. His words are a real tour-de-force that will leave the listener here speechless. Long Live Dr. Mahathir Mohammad! Long Live Palestine! Encore!

OMG, 98-year-old Dr. Mahathir speaks truth to Western/Israeli colonial power like no other world leader! 8-min video will leave you speechless. – SEEK TRUTH FROM FACTS FOUNDATION

Well, that’s it folks! You don’t have to read any further the remaining 4000 some odd words that follow, unless, of course, you want to try to better understand all the gory details of Zionist Israel’s unique brand of Western imperialism.


Israel’s Shock of Horrors revengeful onslaught and brutal, relentless, indiscriminate crimes-against-humanity it has waged, non-stop, for eight decades against the Palestinian people, continues to mount in its intensity, scope and sheer mendacity of what actually is happening.

The Zionist’s attack isn’t just against the Palestinians, it’s against human beings everywhere in the world. What is happening in Gaza has gone far beyond what a so-called cease fire, stand down or humanitarian pause can ever resolve. The intent of the wholesale slaughter of Palestinian peoples by the Zionist Jewry’ and their worldwide corporate and Western Neo-Con fascist allies is to, once-and-for-all, ethnically-cleanse Israel of its entire Arab population, so the Zionist dream of a single religious,  and ethnically pure apartheid state, finally, can be realized; in preparation of the predicted coming biblical Apocalypse, that will be followed by all those who have properly prepared themselves to become raptured up, forever more to sit beside God in His heavenly paradise.


With each passing day, since their concentration camp  break out on October 7th, Hamas and its fellow Palestinian prisoners continue to undergo mind-bogging, inconsolable grief caused by Israel, America, Canada and the rest of the world’s brainless, heartless lawmakers and citizenry, who continue to contribute, with monies, weapons and moral support, to either aggressively or passively tolerate, Israel’s perpetration of ever grosser acts of depravity, genocide and the virtual extermination of whole Palestinian families, neighborhoods and villages. It’s too much for the human conscience to bear.

Short of Israel reverting to the actual use of gas chambers against the Palestinian peoples in Gaza, the West Bank and greater Palestine; Israel’s long-standing criminal apartheid actions, well-documented by the likes of Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the Jerusalem-based B’Tselem Human Rights Organization, now threatens to rival anything the Nazi ever did to those they equally hated during WWII – Jews, Catholics, Negroid Race, Communists, Gypsies, Writers, Intellectuals, Mentally and Physically Handicapped, and countless others.

The mind-boggling, nightmarish travesty of Zionist Jewry’s inhumanity waged against innocent, vulnerable, unarmed Palestinian men, women, children and infants was first witnessed, but likewise similarly mostly denied or utterly ignored by the entire world during the First Nakba Catastrophe in 1948. But that human catastrophe is once more being revisited with an ever-greater vengeance and vehemence by rageful, murderous-minded Zionist settler-colonists who seemingly know no equal in their efforts to create yet a Second Nakba Catastrophe against the entire, mass-imprisoned, nation of Palestinians.


This writer never thought he would ever have to think it, let alone admit it to himself or profess it in public, but, at 84 years of age, he now must resign himself to the fact that when he first came into this world, Nazi and fascist humans were busy massacring wholesale innocent millions of their fellow humans, with no real thought or resolution, in the end, to humanity’s many major unresolved problems.

But then came the New Age and Human Potential Movements with all the hope and idealism they embodied and infused within we youth at the time. Only to discover, in retrospect, years later, as a senior citizen, that that moment in time was only a fleeting blip on the 21st century’s Human Richter Scale, before it fell back to its normal, abysmal “one step forward, two steps backwards” way it always has been with human beings.

In a veritable blink of the eye, and still without any real resolution to humanity’s major unresolved problems, 2023 now seems, if anything, a worsening of the human condition, with Nazi’s and fascists once again back on the scene with a vengeance, massacring and brutalizing millions more fellow humans and a possible nuclear WWIII just around the corner. “How much can a Kaola bear?’, as the old Aussie joke goes.

While not too far off in the future of this writer’s short life, because time is always relative, he realizes he sooner or later must accept the simple fact that he, too, will have to go off and quietly recycle[JI1]  himself somewhere else in the universe, in search of whatever other more idealistic, elusive truths of existence, higher awareness and purpose exists in the universe..

But this time, he won’t be leaving the earth as he first found this magical planetary orb, in as pristine a condition as when he first came upon it; instead leaving it in a great deal less beautiful and pristine state than it was; inhabited by far too many nasty humans who still mostly only know how to endlessly massacre their fellow humans, as well as all other living things, for whatever their own meaningless carnal desires or prurient ends.

This has become even more apparent since October 7th, when Hamas and virtually the entire captive nation of Palestinians, in utter desperation, decided this was the only way out for them that they seemingly had and, for better or for worse, the time had simply come when Enough Was Enough, and Hamas brilliantly master-minded yet another historic Third Palestine Uprising.


Israel’s and Netanyahu IDF forces were totally humiliated and infuriated when the Palestinians once-and-for-all boldly sought to break out, as captives of their nightmarishly-oppressive apartheid Gaza Ghetto Open-Air Concentration Camp, and seized the initiative and responsibility to determine their own destiny, regardless of the consequences and final outcome. This third act of desperation, yet fierce determination, has already since simply come to be known in some circles as The Awakening.


October 7th, in truth, was a colossally-massive successful prison break by virtually an entire race and nation of oppressed, captive human beings; the calamitous effects of which already have clearly begun to call out from the darkness into the light, the actual extent and degree of Israel’s and Benjamin Netanyahu’s vile fascist government and those black-hearted, racist, Israeli’s, and Zionist colonial-settlers in their kibbutzim’s, who rabidly support him and his arrogant apartheid state. It exposed the real extent of Israel’s deep-seated, unprecedented savagery that, when push comes to shove, exists among all of Israel’s fascists and their Western Neo-Con allies in the world towards Palestinian peoples and yet other unfortunate ones like them.

It calls to mind how difficult is to ever resolve the long-standing historical state of hatred in the twisted, sordid political and human affairs of nations like America’s own centuries-old troubles with its First Nation peoples, Black, Brown and White Americans who originally found themselves, as many still do, locked out of ‘The American Dream’ for any number of similar political, social, cultural, ideological reasons.

Oddly enough, or maybe it shouldn’t be so surprisingly odd, that the United States, among all the nations of the world, yet remains Israel’s staunchest, Tweedledum, Tweedledee, ally and defender of Israel’s long-standing lying declaration of innocence in its perpetration of apartheidism against the Palestinian peoples. Especially when the United States, itself, historically, is equally guilty-as-charged, as the old Indians of yore were spot on when they once made the simple observation, “The White Man Always Lies.”; as was revealed to them by the mass imprisonment of their own Indigenous peoples who survived the massacres, but instead found themselves shoved onto isolated, out-of-the-way reservations, reserves or ghettos where they couldn’t readily be seen or troubled the consciences of America’s and Canada’s white European immigrants.

Not to mention those former black slaves the White Man kept shackled and controlled by their plantation overseers, until finally, before during and finally, after it only took one of the mightiest and bloodiest of civil wars in history to free them. Which, even to this day, America still has never ever fully recovered from all the ill effects of so much travail.


Ultimately, if any real justice still exists in this world, which is doubtful, in order to quickly resolve its war now with Hamas, before it blows up into a major WWIII with the entire Middle East, Israel and Netanyahu must agree in principle to several conditions: immediately cease and desist from its “shock and awe” onslaught against Hamas and the Palestinian people; try to make some kind of meaningful restitution for its heinous, disgraceful behavior, and; begin to institute and implement, before the United Nations entire General Assembly, profuse mea culpa’s along with the formal acceptance of a Palestinian Statehood and Two-State Solution. But “Pigs might fly!”, as the old retort goes.

Without such legal proceedings immediately being undertaken, the long-overdue resolution to its own racial problems can only but end up becoming, for Israeli’s and Palestinians, yet a forever long drawn out, unparalleled, diabolical work-in-progress of ugly race hatred and still more violent crimes against humanity in 2023 and beyond. In the end, unless ultimately resolved, yet another civil war; this time involving the entire Middle East and indeed the world, with inconceivably-ugly, unspeakable consequences.


Scott Ritter, the former UN Nuclear Weapons Inspector in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia has a clear sense of the complicated dynamics that are now in play in the War between Hamas and Israel.

US Marine Corps Officer Scott Ritter Reveals TRUTH About Israel War – YouTube


Meanwhile, the Christo-fascist allies of the Zionist Jews in the UK’s House of Lords, Canada’s House of Commons, America’s U.S. Senate, to name but a few of the world’s equally culpable political bodies and their citizenry; along with the aid of the international corporate mainstream’s mass media, constantly underscored and underwritten by its world-wide heavily-biased newspapers of note and their editorial boards, continues to manufacture endless lies upon lies which the world’s masses comply to by passively sitting on their hands and continue to do next to nothing to address or alleviate the crisis in places like Gaza. They simply tacitly accept all the endless propagandic spin, censored views, muzzled half- truths by Israel and its Western allies accounts as to what actually is occurring on the ground in whatever the latest brutish assault against humanity: (i.e. “Hamas continues to brutally massacre innocent Jews”, “We don’t really know how many Palestinians are actually being murdered by Israel’s IDF military. There exists just too much fake news by Hamas”; “Nothing sinister is going on, Israel’s bombing of places like the Jabiliya Refugee Camp, is just part of on-going normal military operations.”)


What is occurring in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel is nothing more nor less than a thumbnail sketch of what has happened in the Old World and New World for countless centuries. The nightmare in Gaza simply proof-positive that Homo sapiens haven’t yet progressed one iota up to the present moment of the Nuclear Age and home sapiens ability to finally exterminate, in a blink, all life on the Earth. End of story.


At the heart of the current crisis in the so-called joint ‘Holy Lands’ of Palestine and Israel, lies the unanswered 64,000-dollar question, “Who actually has the right to lay claim to the ancient lands and natural resources that exist between them?”

 Notwithstanding some ancient Biblical proclamation from God, noted by some crusty-old male clerics who originally awarded them their hegemony over the lands because, ostensibly, it’s part of God’s Law, rather than mankind’s primitive, prehistoric might-makes-right rule of law, that forever denies and excludes from the cosmic calculus equation Homo Sapiens wealth of womenkind and their own \ diametrically-different take on life and how humanity can best go about resolving its vast human differences. Womenkind still remains light years apart in consciousness and solutions from their male counterpart adversaries everywhere on earth. These light years of differences between their perceptions suggest that, unless some kind of quantum leap, shock-and-awe leap in awareness somehow, somewhere, magically occurs out-of-the-blue, very quickly, the ultimate fate of Homo Sapiens would seem to be sealed.


Many of the impressions and insights of this writer come from distant conversations he has had over time and space from distance with Adam Keller, a co-founder of the organization Gush Shalom – the Peace Bloc in Israel – that is part of Israel’s peace movement. Keller also the editor of The Other Israel, as well as being a corporal in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Reserves. A long-time peace activist, Keller, in 1968, having also served a jail term for refusing to serve in the occupied Palestinian territories.

See Natasha Roth-Rowland, a feminist writer-researcher at Diaspora Alliance, latest brilliant piece, that fills in all the gaps and missing parts: “When ‘Never Again’ Becomes a War Cry”:


A centuries-old root problem clearly still faces the Human Race and Palestinian peoples unresolved struggle in their own ancient native homelands. Through no fault of their own, one can clearly see how it happened, if one goes back in time and begins counting forward the decades since the United Nations approval, at the end of WWI, three decades before even the Palestinian’s 1st Nakba Catastrophe occurred at the hands of Israel’s invading immigrant terrorists, Yes Terrorists with a Capital ‘T’, Zionist Jews in 1948, when the United Nations then body of members, in utter ignorance and denial, collectively approved what came to be known as the Balfour Declaration.

The Cristo-fascist zealots and Zionist biblical ideologues in the world’s young United Nations at the time took as their lead, the racist, fascist beliefs of the Austro-Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl, referred to as The Father of Political Zionism, and accepted His teachings that advocated a return of the Jews to the Holy Lands of Palestine as part of an ‘End of Times’ ideological, mythic belief of how all the worthy humans on Earth finally one day will gather in this place to be raptured up into Heaven with the fantasized return of God; who, if they’ve properly prepared themselves, will then be counted among those chosen ones by God the Father to return with Him and forever sit by His side in His heavenly paradise. What utter rot!

With the adoption of the Balfour Declaration, the world of nations essentially consciously decided it would be necessary to steal the ancient lands of the Palestinian’s, who were simply deemed at that point to be necessary collateral damage, and; subsequently awarded these Holy Lands to the Israelites who, historically, had previously been scattered to the four directions for their crime of murder against God’s Son – Jesus.

At that point, the neophyte Christian-Jewish dominated United Nations didn’t consciously contemplate any type of Two State Solution for the Palestinian peoples. It was simply a Might-Makes-Right, ‘tough-titty’ for the indigenous, nomadic Bedouins and Palestinians. The intended goal was simply a fervent desire to create for Israel either a solely purest Jewish apartheid state, like South Africa, or enact an ethnic cleansing process Three State Solution; even though such a solution, to divide the Palestinians into three separate groups to be exiled to: Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, would have been a blatant gross violation of international law.

Unaware of the colossal crime against humanity that had unilaterally been decided for them at the end of WWI, the Palestinians, unwittingly, at that point, became the victims of a grandiose religious scheme and ideological fantasy that was utterly irrational in its origins, but had the full backing of messianic Christian and Jewish-dominated states, like the UK, America and Canada, who repeatedly vetoed the suggestion of a Two State Solution every time it was put forth for a vote.

The fate of the Bedouin and Palestinian peoples was sealed, or, as the colloquial saying goes, “They were toast! Israel’s toast!”, as it were.Just as the German Nazi’s once laboriously conducted intensive research about everything to do about the much-hated Jews in their midst, compiling all the data they one day would need once it came time to round them all up and march them off to extermination concentration camps. The Zionist Jews employed the same techniques when it came to the Final Solution for the Palestinians in their own homelands. Before thy knew what hit them they, too, were toast.

 Ever since, they’ve become the world’s accepted designated victim and sacrificial lamb of a grandiose, preposterous Judeo-Christian mythic religious idea; forever to be victimized and kept firmly pinned by the neck beneath the jackboots of their violent Zionist Jewry colonial settler oppressor-guards. While, to this day, with the United Nations of the world tacit nod, if not their actual approval, they continue to rape, murder, brutalize and pillage, at will, the Palestinian peoples and their homelands, with ever more arrogant impunity and abandonment that now is culminating in 2023.

Which is why it has been so difficult for the United Nations, to bring an end to Israel’s current regime as the only way forward to the future in which human rights, democracy, liberty and equality can ever be assured for both Palestine and Israel. It’s why Israel’s current regime in power remains forever indifferent to the pronouncements of World organization’s like: Human Rights Watch; Amnesty International; and; B’Tselem, who have repeatedly branded Israel a flagrant Apartheid State, with no more effect than the concerted worldwide attempts of ever sustaining a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement against Israel, likewise blocked, at every turn, by the world’s ruling class of corporatists and politicians.

At this point in time, all one can say, unfortunately, as humanity attempts again to pass through the eye of a needle, ‘Everyone! Especially you Palestinians! It’s your turn to just grin and bear, bend over, grab your ankles, and take what’s coming to you, like a man or woman, as the saying goes, because neither Heaven nor Hell or the United Nations can seemingly ever help you in Israel. There simply still exists far too few humans and nations who really don’t care enough to do so.”


Indigenous peoples the world over will at once readily understand the thankless, heartless predicament Palestinian peoples face because, as the University of Chicago’s John Mearsheimer, the R. Wendall Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science, clearly points out, ”There’s no way Zionist Israel will ever accept a fair-minded Two State Solution. That train has already long since left the station. I have no other solution to give. But this crisis definitely isn’t going away; and if it continues to spin out of control, and the likes of Saudia Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Hezbollah, even the West Bank, get into this war, the U.S. is in serious trouble.” Mearsheimer might add, “So is the world”.

Israel-Hamas, Ukraine-Russia and China: John Mearsheimer on why the US is in serious trouble! – YouTube

Perhaps, one could say at this point, all this simply reflects the same sad reality no less than if the Americans, Canadians, Australians and other New World colonial settler invaders would have tolerated, for even a minute, accepting such a Two State Solution with their own indigenous and First Nation peoples. Whether it was in 1492, 1792, 1892, 2092, if ever, it would ended with the same donnybrook as between Israel and Palestine.

Ownership by the conquer always has constituted nine tenths of the law, who never have been prepared to share with whatever indigenous peoples they massacred and deposed in order to steal their lands; such is the still primitive development of the species.

But, as Professor Mearsheimer insightfully goes on to say in a concluding remark, “As my mother always would say, though, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”


Iin closing, it’s important at this point to do a quick overview of what all has occurred in recent history in that contested part of the world between the Indigenous Palestinians and continual infux of invading Zionist colonist settlers.

In 1987, when an “Uprising” by the Palestinian peoples became known as the First Intifada, the State of Israel, and the entire world, were faced, as they are today, with the undeniable fact that millions of indigenous Palestinians are still living side-by-side Israel’s settler-colonist invaders under the harshest, punitive military rule imaginable of fascist Zionism. The awkward uncomfortable question then, as it was in 1948 and still remains in 2023, is how to deal with innocent Palestinian men, women, children and infants, who continue to be brutally murdered and treated by the Zionist Israeli’s exactly how the Jews themselves once were brutally treated throughout human history, and especially by the Nazi during WWII.

For ten years, Israeli public opinion continued to lean towards some kind of peaceful solution, simply sealed with a handshake between Israel’s Prime Minister Rabin and PLO leader Yasser Arafat. This epic period became known as The Peace Process.

But it was short-lived. At the 2000 Camp David Summit, its failure to reach a consensus of opinion, blamed on Palestinian intransigence but really caused by the malevolent, Machiavellian-ness of their American and Jewish Zionist counterparts that ultimately led to yet a Second Intifada, with Palestinian suicide bombers blowing up buses in the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem that completely changed the dynamics between the Palestinians and Israeli’s.

Most Israeli’s, by this time, had been thoroughly conditioned by Zionist propagandists to believe that peace with the Palestinians wasn’t ever remotely possible. The propagandists among them likewise began to convince the world at large, as well, that there indeed existed no viable Palestinian partner in any kind of peace process, nor stable Palestinian to talk with. But did Israeli’s ever really want a Palestinian partner any more, in the first place, than would a pioneering American colonizer want a Sioux Indian, a Canadian want a Cree Partner, or Australian want an Aboriginal partner? The Labor Party of Rabin and Peres soon emerged and became identified as The Party of Oslo, which gradually shrank to a mere few advocates.

Next came Prime Minister Sharon who proposed yet another solution – a Unified Withdrawl. The Palestinians were to be isolated from the main Israeli population. Canada did the same thing with their indigenous reserves as did Australia with their aboriginal settlements. “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” is always the preferred solution of the conqueror.

 This same still widespread attitude among many Israelis back then as it is now is that, in fact, “no need existed to any longer have a partner among the Israeli Parliament, thus no need to enter into negotiations of any kind.”

So, the Palestinian’s continued to invisibly languish in their hell-hole ghettos, with their multi check points, ruthlessly controlled and ruled by hostile, brutal, Gestapo-like Israeli IDF guards and overseer’s

This led to The Status Quo Solution or The Solution of No Solution. The pervasive attitude of this non-solution was, “Don’t look for any solution. Just leave everything as it is. Continue the oppressively-brutal occupation of the West Bank. Continue the suffocating siege of the Gaza Strip. Just Manage the Conflict, by keeping the Palestinians in some back water place where Israel’s Jewish population could ignore and forget about them in their Bandustan’s” In other words, continue the classic definition of a racist, apartheid system!

This is the reality that Netanyahu offered to Israeli citizens and their society[JI2]  and that of its Zionist colonial settlers in their kibbutzim’s. As a result, Netanyahu and his popular Likud Party won election after election after election, with the plight of Palestinians growing ever more worse over time.

Yet, when it finally came to the point where Netanyahu was voted out, and Israeli voters opted for a Government of Change, headed by the governments of Bennett and Lapid, the same racist apartheid policies existed, with the explicitly-stated same position that neither of them would take any favorable political or diplomatic initiative towards the Palestinians.

Considered by many Israeli citizens as inherently unsound and bound to fail, the growing widespread belief on the streets, scrawled on all the walls, became ever more apparent that the Palestinians would not accept forever living like virtual animals in a brutally unacceptable concentration camp setting under an oppressive occupier with a siege mentality, and no other hope for the future.

Before October 7th, the handwriting on the walls suggested the much-feared ‘Awakening’ would be terribly painful for both the Palestinians and Israeli’s, as it already has proven to be. The obvious solution patently clear then, and even more so now, that the occupation and concentration camp reality of the Palestinian’s confinement in the Gaza Ghetto could not last much longer and now has ended in the only way it could have ended.

And so, this nasty piece of work ends the way it began, with the wise words of Dr. Mahathir Mohammed, the 98 year-old Malaysian politician, author, physician, former Prime Minister of Malaysia using plain simple talk, more forthrightly than any world leader or newspaper editor seems capable of doing, has summarized for us where the world presently is at:

Dr. Mahathir speaks truth to Western/Israeli colonial power like no other world leader!. His 8-min video will leave you speechless. (



The Author’s Bio

Jerome Irwin is a Canadian-American writer who, in previous lives, has been involved in a wide range of diverse and varied worlds, including the Criminology profession with an American police department, and later for a brief-time in the capacity of clandestine communications with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. For decades, in various professional capacities as an educator, researcher, geo-political analyst, and writer. Irwin has sought to call attention to a broad spectrum of world problems pertaining to the degradation and unsustainability caused by a host of environmental-ecological-spiritual-ideological issues that exist between the conflicting world philosophies of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.

Irwin is the author of the book, “The Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle Island Odyssey” (, a spiritual odyssey among the native peoples of North America that over the decades has produced numerous articles pertaining to: Ireland’s Fenian Movement; native peoples Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Movement; AIPAC, Israel & the U.S. Congress anti-BDS Movement; the historic Battle for Palestine & Siege of Gaza, as well as; the many violations constantly being waged by industrial-corporate-military-propaganda interests against the World’s Collective Soul. To examine a portion of the eclectic body of his work goggle: “Jerome Irwin, writer” The author and his wife are long-time residents on the North Shore of British Columbia.

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