Why is the US losing the tech war with China? It’s called Communism-Socialism vs. Imperialism-Capitalism. 10-min video.

This is so, so hard for Westerners to accept. 500 years of raping and plundering the Global South is rapidly coming to an end.

At September meeting of Fudan University China Institute (Shanghai) on technology development in Africa, its director, Zhang Weiwei gave a 10-minute, foundational overview explaining why humanity is sick and tired of the West’s genocidal, pirate imperialism-capitalism. China’s communism-socialism does not fully work for many countries’ traditions, but it offers a highly successful, bellwether, alternative economic model to adapt from, that which is acceptable.

Zhang’s talk begins and ends with two statements, like bookends, along with a key comment in the middle, all three touching on the benefits of socialism for the humanity’s 99%,

China indeed succeeded in building socialism.

Another important idea from the Chinese model is that we call people’s livelihood first. This is also very much part of the philosophy of the Communist Party of China – whatever you do, political, economic, social policies, you should end up with tangible benefits for the people.

This is why the West is so much afraid of, fearful of the Global South and the expansion of BRICS. I think we have far better conditions than before to change the current international order. As we have discussed in different ways, to defeat hegemony, imperialism and this outdated global order, and replace it with a new order, which is more people friendly, people centered and more socialistic.

Enjoy and learn during this fabulously produced short video,

Why the US is losing the tech war with China?

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