Five Reasons Why Hezbollah will end Israel

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  • drbopperthp
    4 weeks ago

    Trumpian level delusional nutcase. Anyone that believes this crap is part and parcel of why Israel can get away with its criminal Zionism. The world wants to stop the Israelis but then the world looks at insanity like this and hesitates.

    • Hi, drbopperthp,

      I’ll let Dr. Kwan know about your comment.

      Cheers, Jeff

    • Thanks for your comment, drbopperthp. I see *perth* in your moniker, perhaps you’re from Australia.

      I would like to offer my perspective on the subject :

      1- Lebanon & Hezbollah (part of the Lebanese government) simply exercise their inalienable rights by fighting for protecting their land in case Israel decides to attack again. Israel lost 18 years ago in 2006 when Hezbollah was much less combat-ready.

      2- Please remember that justice on your side and determination play an immense role in war. Watch again the Lebanese guy from 5’15” : Hit them, hit them , hit them, hit them, … one of us dies and 50 more will fight Israel …

      What might appear to us, living comfortably in developed and polite societies as madness or as utterly rabid behaviors has to be understood within the context of constant agression for decades by the Israeli government. Those local Lebanese people, in my eyes, show to the World perfect humanity, dignity, valor and wisdom. Diplomacy and discussion are of paramount importance needless to say but when you deal with an aggressor seeing you as no better than an animal to be culled, the right kind of answer has to be given swiftly to the invader. That’s for me a truly human attitude. Respect works in both directions.

      3- Don’t forget that Lebanon is a fragmented society. Their political bodies are institutionally divided along religious fractures thanks to the former French colonialists (Divide & Impera). And Hezbollah managed to be respected by everyone and has been invited to be part of the government many years ago in Lebanon because it is rightly perceived locally as a major factor for peace & stability. And their 2006 victory against Israel obviously gave them a dazzling prestige in the eyes of the Lebanese.

      4- When the great powers (the UNO P5) are doing nothing truly tangible and really efficient for protecting the weak and the downtrodden people on this Earth, are you surprised that those people decided to deal with the aggressors by themselves ? Once again, it is for me the perfect embodiment of human dignity.

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