The Rumsfeld-Cebrowski doctrine

Excellent piece by Thierry Meyssan.

I would like to introduce everyone to the eponymous doctrine from Admiral Arthur Cebrowski (1942-2005).

When Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (1932-2021) asked Cebrowski in 2001 to be the Director of *The Force Transformation Office* the Rumsfeld-Cebrowski doctrine was limited to wreaking havoc to the regions of the Globe NOT included into THE GLOBALIZED ECONOMY. China & Russia were THEN seen as part of the globalized/KFC-AZAEL economy (Kakistocratic Feudal Conglomerate of the Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment).

Now that China & Russia dropped their masks and are being clearly assertive on their sovereign status (not mere cogs for the KFC-AZAEL “rules-based order” as the delusional dotards wildly and WRONGLY imagined) and are in the process of creating their own more inclusive New World Order, the KFC-AZAEL blindly and robotically extended the Cebrowski doctrine to China & Russia.

The Rumsfeld-Cebrowski doctrine can also be called the *Unrelenting Hybrid War* comprehensively producing disorder, chaos, civil unrest thus comprehensively unraveling the targeted states. It was localized hybrid war but spread across the globe before 2014. From 2014, it’s SYSTEMATIC GLOBAL UNRELENTING HYBRID WAR.

The KFC-AZAEL’s smug dotards are perfectly aware it’s their last days. They are absolutely clueless about what to do in order not to be put into the dustbin of History, hence their haphazard, absurd and disorderly reactions in the last few years. They will never acknowledge it publicly but they know their global hegemony is definitely and definitively over.

I predict that the KFC-AZAEL will utterly fail in its desperate attempt for recovering its ALREADY lost hegemony.

Using the new official lexicon coming from the Sovereign Civilizational States, the New World Order is called the Harmonic, Polycentric and Polynodal World Order. In short, the Harmonic World Order or simply THE HARMONIC WORLD.

The hyperlink to Meyssan’s piece below :

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