Pepe Escobar with Andrew Napolitano on Julian Assange.

Not a surprise at all that Assange had to plead guilty in exchange for his freedom. He was right to accept the deal of course.

Thrasymachus to Glaucon in the first book of Plato’s Republic : Justice is the advantage of the powerful (in a plutocracy/kakistocracy).

Crystal clear message from the kakocrats to everyone : If you cross our *real* red lines, you’ll pay dearly.

For the people capable of thinking in general and of strategic thinking in particular, it means that the making of a true Republic is a multi-generational endeavor starting with the creation and the consolidation of an open devoted aristocratic oligarchy.

La plupart des hommes sont machines qui manipulent les doigts du destin, l’espace d’un jour, puis se brisent …

… Qu’est ce que la vie, si ce n’est qu’un sommeil qui a succombé

Aux rêves de celui qui se conforme aux désirs de l’âme …

Les Processions (traduit de l’arabe) de Khalil Gibran (1883-1931)

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