Pristine analysis on the essentials of global geopolitics by Mark Sleboda

An-hour long in-depth explanation of the global situation’s core essentials by Mark Sleboda.

The Pepe Escobar-Alexander Dugin conversation on New Rules Geopolitics plus this analysis by Sleboda is the quasi perfect geopolitical diptych.

The ambitious Central Concept expounded with pristine clarity : NEW INTEGRATED EURASIAN SECURITY ARCHITECTURE WITH RUSSIA, CHINA AS THE DRIVERS.

Sleboda remarked with utter lucidity that the European “elites” are so mentally colonized (the worst kind of slavery) that at this stage, they simply are not capable of sitting at the Eurasian table and talk like adults. Even the infamous “our Garden versus their Jungle” spewed out by the imbecilic Josep Borrell did not come from his own mind but from Robert Kagan, a well-known American neocon and husband of the 2014 Maidan cookies distributor aka Victoria Nuland.

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