Ramin Mazaheri rightly explained Chinese culture

Ramin Mazaheri, chief correspondent of the Iranian Press in Paris, explained with pristine clarity the symbolic meaning of Mao’s swimming across the Yangzi River in 1966.

The Iranian reporter also understood perfectly the 易 經 I Ching/ Yi Jing (Yi4 Jing1) as first and foremost a book of wisdom, as essentially a rational ancient guide for the personal and collective epistemological growths and not as a manual of divination.

He gave a right preliminary and basic exposition of the meaning of the 64 势 (Shi4), the 64 basic energy configurations for clarifying the relations between Earth : Man : Heaven. Each 势 is also called an Hexagram. One of the 64 Hexagrams found in the I Ching. Each Hexagram manifests a positional advantage or disadvantage BUT OFFERING A POSSIBLE EPISTEMOLOGICAL OVERTURE to the Timeless Reality (Beauty:Goodness:Truth) from the perspective of Time (Myths & Facts).

As the Greek etymology of the word ‘Hexagram’ suggests, it is made of 6 (hexa) lines (gram). The first line is at the bottom and the sixth line at the top. The 6 lines are grouped into 2 components : The Lower Trigram (lines 1-2-3) for the Animal Kingdom/Time Dimension (birth, growth & death) & The Upper Trigram for The Timeless Reality (Beauty:Goodness:Truth; never born and never die, timeless or eternal).

HEAVEN : Lines 5 & 6

MAN : Lines 3 & 4

EARTH : Lines 1 & 2

Man is the nexus between Time and Timelessness, between Becoming and Being, between Principles & Phenomena.

A unique Chinese vessel used for infusing and drinking tea called 盖 碗 (Gai4 Wan3) is made of three parts : the saucer represents Earth (Lines 1 & 2), the vessel or cup itself symbolizes Man (Lines 3 & 4). Line 3 is the last Mind development belonging to the Time Dimension and Line 4 is the first Overture to Beauty, the first Timeless Form of the Eternal Reality. Once again, man is the nexus between Time & Timelessness, between Becoming & Being, between Principles & Phenomena. And it is most interesting that the vessel is empty before being filled with tea because that emptiness, THAT MIND OVERTURE, allows precisely for the active receiving of the immortal nectar of Beauty:Goodness:Truth. The 盖 碗 Gai Wan’s cover denotes the Timeless Reality (Heaven) because its physical form evokes the heavenly dome above us.

The Hexagram is also the synthetic graphic representation of the 6 layers of the Mind and of the epistemological Journey (ascending types of learning) from the first layer to the last.

For those interested for more details on this topic, please refer to my article ‘ Of Minds & Men : On Universal History and the Creation of Aristocratic Men’. The first part has been published on this platform on December 9, 2023. The second part on December 14, 2023. The third part on December 21, 2023. The fourth and last part will be published on January 11, 2024.

His understanding enabled Ramin Mazaheri to offer the right interpretation for Mao swimming across the Yangzi River in 1966, during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Mao Zedong, the Great Helmsman (December 26, 1893 to September 9, 1976) received a Chinese Classical Education. One of his mentors was Professor Yang Changji (1871-1920), educator, philosopher and writer. Professor Yang Changji was also his father-in-law. His daughter Yang Kaihui (1901-1930), Mao’s first wife, gave him 3 sons : Mao Anying (1922-1950) who died fighting during the Korean War (1950-1953), Mao Anqing (1923-2007) and Mao Anlong (1927-1931).

Yang Kaihui died on November 14, 1930. She was murdered by the local KMT warlord He Jian (1887-1956) who tried forcing her to publicly renounce Mao Zedong & the CCP (the Chinese Communist Party aka the Chinese Civilization Party). Needless to say that she did not renounce, privately or publicly, Mao or the CCP.

Below is the hyperlink for Ramin Mazaheri’s piece titled ‘Mao’s famous Cultural Revolution swim across the Yangzi River finally explained : Confucianism, the I Ching and socialism all work together – just ask Xi.


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